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Thread: For Jimbo and Like Minded Folk.....

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    For Jimbo and Like Minded Folk.....


    What if..

    I. The increase in global social unrest is the result of people who are susceptible to frequencies that create a stressed mental state, resulting in:
    A. War
    B. Terrorism
    C. Mass Shootings
    D. Unexplained Random Violence (this includes rape)
    E. A Focus on the Development of Chemical and Biological Tools for Population Control and Destruction

    II. These frequencies are implemented to manipulate changes in social policy for the purpose of:
    A. Regime Change
    B. Population Control
    C. Resource Control/Management
    D. Global Domination

    III. These frequencies are broadcast through various media:
    A. Visual
    B. Auditory

    IV. Methods to encourage/prime human susceptibility to frequencies:
    A. Socio/Religious Enculturation
    B. Dietary
    C. Possible future use of Nanotechnology
    D. See III

    V. The beneficiaries of the aforementioned may include the following:
    A. Humanoid
    B. Non Human
    C. Sub Terrestrial
    D. Extraterrestrial
    E. Entrusted pockets of human beings

    Then, how do we fight this?

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    Hi, mickey! Long time, no see! Hope all is going great for you. I don’t visit the forum very often anymore, so what a coincidence that I’d stop by and see this thread title.

    Any or all of those things can be possible. But let me say that it does not take non-human, extraterrestrial, or otherworldly influences for any of these things. Psychopathic human beings and family lines are perfectly capable of engineering all of these evils of the world from behind the scenes. I do believe “other”outside influences from other entities can and does happen, but IMO, saying that humans themselves aren’t capable of such things is kind of a cop-out. I’m NOT saying that YOU are copping out, mickey. I am saying that many people who say that human beings by themselves are incapable of evil at such extremes without being under some kind of possession, or under the direction of “other” beings, are copping out. I accept that we all must be held accountable for our own choices and actions.
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    Greetings Jimbo,

    I did address the people you are talking about when I wrote "people who are susceptible". That includes those from the elite to the "bottom of the barrel" types, since they exist at all levels.

    I do agree about accepting responsibility. That is a definite step in the right direction. Also, being responsible is important. I think parents should be more cognizant of the types of media their children engage with for recreational purposes. We have the right to say no to the propaganda of violence before it even begins to manifest in reality.

    I'm glad you stopped by. I am enjoying a momentary respite at the forum.

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