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Thread: RIP Mang Hoi

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    RIP Mang Hoi

    Hong Kong actor Mang Hoi dies at 65 after cancer battle

    Tuesday, 10 Oct 2023

    3:50 PM MYT

    Hong Kong actor Mang Hoi has passed away following his battle with esophageal cancer. Photo: Chinese Film Reports/Weibo

    Hong Kong actor Mang Hoi, known for his role in the 1995 series Vampire Expert, has passed away. He was 65.

    The news was confirmed by Mang Hoi’s niece, TVB actress Ball Mang Hei Lun, in a statement to Hong Kong media on Tuesday (Oct 10).

    According to a report from Dimsum Daily, Mang Hoi was diagnosed with esophageal cancer last year and had been experiencing discomfort.

    The report added that he endured great hardship during his final two months while his wife and 17-year-old daughter provided him with care and companionship.

    Meanwhile, Ball, 32, told reporters that Mang Hoi did his very best to overcome the illness.

    She described the actor’s passing as “peaceful” and shared that their family had gradually come to terms with the possibility of his death over the past six months.

    Although Mang Hoi’s passing was a tough pill to swallow, Ball said that she hoped he finds peace in the afterlife.

    She also added that Bruce Mang – her father and Mang Hoi’s brother – will be assisting with the funeral arrangements.

    Mang Hoi made his film debut as a child actor in the 1968 film The Vagabond Swordsman.

    During his career, he worked with many action stars like Michelle Yeoh, Jackie Chan, Sammo Huang and the legendary Bruce Lee.

    In 1985, Mang Hoi won the Best Supporting Actor trophy at the 5th Hong Kong Film Awards for his performance in Yes, Madam!. He had also been nominated in the Best Action Choreography category seven times.
    I remember mistaking him for Yuan Biao...
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    Mang Hoi was in countless Kung Fu and action movies. The first ones I’d personally seen him in were Enter the Dragon, and later, Fist of Unicorn. In Enter the Dragon, Mang Hoi was the young crew member on the boat to Han’s island that Bruce Lee handed the rope to, that connected to the small boat the New Zealander bully was sitting in.

    My favorite Mang Hoi performance was probably as the lead in The Buddha Assassinator. He also co-starred in The Hell’s Windstaff.

    Mang Hoi also action-directed No Retreat, No Surrender, which was directed by Corey Yuen, and was Jean-Claude Van Damme’s American movie debut.

    The most recent movie I saw him in was Kung Fu Jungle, with Donnie Yen.
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