Hey all,

Has anyone else seen this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9kT3RXLbso

Apparently a "new" version of Yin Shou Gun. This is part of the official video series for the Duan Pin syllabus. Something horribly mislabelled? An attempt to impose their will on the world and show who the true and sanctioned shaolin practitioners are by replacing possibly the most famous Shaolin form?

You've got to think that if it was a mislabelling someone would have spotted that, and if it is, why isn't the actual Yin Shou Gun in the syllabus anywhere (there's a whole series of videos on the included forms).

Overall the form selections in the Duan Pin syllabus seem very strange to me. Neither a concentration of one style in an attempt to make a more coherent system, nor a spread of some of the most well recognised Shaolin sub styles.

What are your thoughts?