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Thread: The May the Fourth LED Saber Championship

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeneChing View Post
    I keep thinking that if someone was imaginative enough to sort this idea, they could find a gap in contemporary lightsaber fencing to exploit. However, I haven't thought about it hard enough to figure it out.
    There is a lightsaber form that is part of canon - see Jedi-Academies.
    You inspired me to waste $16.43 on one just to find out, and to start with it was DOA so I had to crack it open and replace the switch which should explain all the scotchtape holding it together. The other 3 switches below, that popped of it, were non-functional ones, which was probably a metaphorical sign of non-functionality right there!

    Without even trying to do any forms with it yet, the first gap I would imagine it that it is too bloody thick to get a proper sword grip on, so just whack it out of your opponent's hand in the direction their fingers are pointing. IDK if this one is up to spec or even a knock-off, but if it was packed solid with any sort of energy source, it would be a bit on the heavy side. Perhaps I will do an experiment and fill it with lead.

    That lightsaber form you mentioned was okay with the one hand behind his back, that is, until he turned his back around for all the back-stabbers. Lucky for him she wasn't one of them, haha
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    Quote Originally Posted by YinOrYan View Post
    Without even trying to do any forms with it yet...
    These lightsabers are not digital dilldos, so I will reply to myself here. Okay, now that I cleared enough space to try all my sword forms, I have a few more observations to add for anybody that ever wants to create a traditional style form for lightsaber.

    First of all, most the moves from a traditional jian form could be used with few exceptions, such as moves where the free hand gets too close to the side the of the blade, like archer type moves. In most these cases I think the free hand could easily be moved to a ready position near the center of the chest. What I previously mentioned about counterbalancing with the free arm on the opposite side of the body would actually not seem helpful like I thought it would, at least for a practical form that moves at least 45 degrees in all horizontal directions. Also, if the tip of the sword really did melt through flesh then not as much energy would need be put into thrusting moves.

    Taking moves from the broadsword/dao forms are much more problematic. The inclination to back the blade with the free hand or arm is a very difficult habit to break, especially if you've been doing the forms for decades. Even for people that would not have to unlearn that, it would be very awkward to swap-in other positions for the free limb just to keep it out of danger from yourself. Similar moves that are intended absorb impact cannot be used at all. Worse yet are those moves where you roll the blade close around your back, and in some forms even touching your back with the back of the blade. I don't know if that's really part of traditional forms, but its something that's helpful in drunken forms! A minor issue is just the length of the weapon that has to be adjusted to avoid hitting the ground or your own legs, which in itself would be nearly impossible for most people that have ever played much of the game Beat Saber.

    One more thing I noticed that has nothing to do existing forms, and that would be the noise a cylindrical blade makes through the air, possibly telegraphing moves with sound. The cheap lightsaber I used did not even come with sound-effects but its lower frequency whooshing sound is probably another factor to contend with.

    So much for taking up this discussion until I find too much spare time to fill the lightsaber with lead or batteries and try again!

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