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Thread: The Dumb Ox (aka Return of the Panther) Starring Kam Kang/Chin Kang

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    The Dumb Ox (aka Return of the Panther) Starring Kam Kang/Chin Kang


    This movie shows just how hard Kam Kang trained under Master Tan Tao Liang. His bearing in fight choreography is very similar to his Master's. The same could never be said for John Liu (that holding the leg in the air thing never cut it).



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    Hi, mickey. Thanks for posting this!

    If you or anyone is interested:

    Kam Kang (his screen name, not his real name) was a Chinese who was born and grew up in Vietnam (according to a mid-1970s article in a Hong Kong kung fu magazine I read decades ago). He stated in the article that he developed follow-through in his kicks from playing soccer when he was young. He stated that his dream was to do-star in a movie with Charles Bronson (which obviously never happened).

    Ironically, John Liu ended up settling in Vietnam sometime in the 1990s, after he left France (where he lived for many years) amid a scandal (which I won’t elaborate on here). I suspect one reason he chose Vietnam was because a friend of his in France, French Karate champion and kickboxing pioneer Roger Paschy, who was half-Vietnamese, was originally from Vietnam. Roger Paschy appeared in all three of John Liu’s self-directed movies that he filmed in Europe; Zen Kwun Do Strikes in Paris, In the Claws of the CIA, and Dragon Blood (AKA, John Liu in Mexico), all three of which were bad movies.
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    Hi Jimbo!

    I hope all is well with you.

    I was told by a classmate that Kam Kang, like Jimmy Wong Yu, was in the Olympics. I think it was for track and field. I think Jimmy Wong Yu was in the Olympics for swimming.

    Thank you for the info on Kam Kang and John Liu.


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