Dave Bautista Orders His Own Assassination In The Killer's Game Trailer Revealed At CinemaCon


Dave Bautista looking over his shoulder, shocked, in Army of the Dead.
Dave Bautista orders his own assassination after a mistaken diagnosis creates a ticking clock scenario.
The trailer promises an action-packed film where Bautista must survive numerous assassination attempts.
Director J.J. Perry's history bodes well for combining action with dark comedy.

Dave Bautista orders his own assassination in the trailer for The Killerís Game. The Killerís Game is an upcoming action comedy about a man struggling against his deepest inner fear after a childhood threat comes back to haunt him. The Killerís Game is directed by J. J. Perry and features a leading cast including Sofia Boutella, Bautista, Scott Adkins, Ben Kingsley, Terry Crews, Daniel Bernhardt, George Somner, and Marko Zaror.

Screen Rant was in attendance at CinemaCon, where the first action-packed trailer has been released for The Killerís Game. The trailer begins with the protagonist, played by Bautista, dining with Boutellaís character on a date. After being asked about his employment, he says that he has ďretirement plansĒ while the scene cuts to him murdering people. Later, Bautista is shown at a doctorís office and receives the awful news that he has three months left to live. Distraught, he orders his own assassination, only to find out the doctors made a mistake and has to cancel his self-assassination plan.

What To Expect From The Killerís Game
Bautista Can Balance Action & Comedy

While the action in The Killerís Game will certainly have its degree of brutality, its strength will likely come from the intrinsic comedy of its main conceit.

To make matters worse, the characterís attempt to call off his own assassination fails, as the character, Pom, from whom he asked for the assassination order, says that cancellation does not work that way. Instead, Pom hires practically everyone she knows in Europe to kill Bautistaís character. The Killerís Game trailer promises brutal action in the film, as Bautista must attempt to survive multiple assassination attempts. One of the potential assassins is played by Kingsley, as the actor takes on a villainous role.

The Killerís Game is only the second feature by director Perry. His previous film, Day Shift, received mixed reviews. Perry is, however, well-versed in stunt work, which bodes well for The Killerís Game. Within the murderous plots, the stunt work, including Bautistaís death-escaping maneuvers, will likely be expertly directed. Perryís cast includes a mixture of established talents such as Kingsley and Bautista and newer faces such as Boutella, who is best known for her recent work in Rebel Moon: Part One ó A Child of Fire.

While the action in The Killerís Game will certainly have its degree of brutality, its strength will likely come from the intrinsic comedy of its main conceit. The protagonist has wedged himself in quite the corner with his accidental death wish, which will likely lead to some darkly comedic bits. Bautista is the perfect fit for the role, as he has shown his ability to maintain levity and comedy in action or mystery-based films like Glass Onion or the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise.