Congratulations to our winners of Legendary Masters of the Martial Arts autographed by Augustus John Roe. Thanks to YMAA for providing the prizes. If you didn't win, click their link to get yours.

Fred B. - Los Angeles, CA
Susie G. - Calumet City, IL
Lucy M. - New York, NY

For more on Legendary Masters of the Martial Arts by Augustus John Roe, see Legendary-Masters-of-the-Martial-Arts-by-Augustus-John-Roe

Note - this was fulfilled months ago but I neglected to post it. It was an oversight in the wake of 2024-Tiger-Claw-Elite-Championships-amp-KUNG-FU-TAI-CHI-DAY-May-4-5-San-Jose-CA. My apologies to the winners. You should've received your prizes already.