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Thread: e-Zine update

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    GeneChing Guest e-Zine update

    After a long lag due to our dreaded forum move, we have just posted our new e-Zine. It's always free access, so enjoy!
    Check out Dr. Reid's scathing expose on the summer batch of movies and their attempts to imitate Hong Kong action. Also download our free screen saver of some of our featured masters. And of course, there's a new quiz with your chance to win a free prize.

    Gene Ching
    Asst. Publisher
    Kungfu Qigong Magazine &

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    Kung Lek Guest
    Good stuff Gene.
    The T-shirt quiz offer is real nice too, know what I mean.

    Gotta say though, the red text on the blue background is pretty difficult to read on the opening page.

    Other than that it's all good!


    Kung Lek

    Martial Arts Links

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    I agree with kung lek the opening screen actually hurt my eyes as I tried to read it, so you may want to change the colors a bit. But the rest looks good. keep up the good work gene or should I say Mr.Ching.......

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    GeneChing Guest

    Red eyes

    Thanks for the comments - I'll forward them to DesignSifu (who misspelled Kungfu on the front page!)
    KL: You just get the shirt, mind you...
    ED: Never give me that Mr. crud. I'm as good as you :p

    Gene Ching
    Asst. Publisher
    Kungfu Qigong Magazine &

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