We don't really have a Shaolin Fashion thread that I could find, so I'm hijacking the old What-You-Wear and copying it to our Shaolin-Trademark because that has had recent activity.

Xtep and the Shaolin Honor Tradition and Technical Expertise with New Collab

Inspired by the famed Shaolin style of Kung Fu.
13 Mins ago
Presented by Xtep

Sneaker and sports apparel brand Xtep has partnered with The Shaolin, a monastery known for its ancient style of Kung Fu that combines intense mental and physical training, for an unexpected crossover. The collaborative collection is inspired by the sport, creating a lifestyle offering that honors its tradition while ushering the Buddhist icon into a new era.

The Shaolin x Xtep capsule originally debuted during a show at the Shaolin Monastery in the Chinese province of Henan, marking the first event of its kind at the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The collection makes obvious draws from traditional garments and gives them a modern edge courtesy of Xtep’s expertise in technical and sports-focused gear. The result is a series of unisex windbreakers, T-shirts, outerwear and fleece sets that combine ages old silhouettes with a contemporary leaning. Driving home its relevance in present day fashion, the collection was shot against the backdrop of New York to show off its global appeal.

Check out the Shaolin x Xtep collection in the images above and head to Xtep’s website to shop the range.