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Thread: Savate

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    chen zhen Guest

    what do you think of savate?

    is it something worth looking into or are you better of doing muay thai or other kickboxing styles?o

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    rogue Guest
    A lot of JKD people swear by it, but that may be because it's not TKD or kickboxing.

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    MonkeySlap Too Guest


    I don't think I ever met a Savate player.

    I was thinking about all the people and styles I've encountered, yet no savate. darnit. I'd like to check it out...

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    omegapoint Guest

    Cool Style...

    Savate is definitely an awesome art. Their kicking techs are very sharp. I'm pretty sure this style's history traces back to France's interaction with China and other Southeastern Asian nations during the 18th and 19th centuries (I think). Their use of toe kicks is very interesting because many Okinawan MAs also teach this tech. Boxe France's use of this kick may be due to the fact that they spar with Savate shoes on. The Okinawans used it more as a pressure point strike. This kicking technique makes since in a modern street situation, too, as we all wear shoes.

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    chen zhen Guest
    what are the most characteristic techniques of this style?ˇ

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    dunbarj01 Guest

    I thought Savate was much older, somewhere in the vacinity of 400 years. Apparently, it didn't conform to the standardised boxing rules that came out in the mid 1800s (banning kicks) and so kept its tradition more or less unbroken.


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    IcedSamurai Guest
    It's a very cool art, and not to be racist, but I think a lot of whites/Americans should try this, because I've never seen an American teach Savate. I've only seen one in Kiss of the Dragon :D

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    Stranger Guest
    Learning how to use "the boot" in combat is an invaluable lesson. Savate will definitely train you in these tactics.

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    omegapoint Guest


    V the I: You are probably right. I was probably off a hundred years or so. It's an effective and cool style of fighting...Lates!

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    Does anyone here practice Savate? Is it kick boxing? What are the principles behind it?
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    I am a savate's kick boxing in the sense that you have kicks, but there are major differences...first, you never kick with the shin, always with the foot (upper part, sole, side). You practice it with shoes on, and each kick should be cleanly armed (in orthodox savate, after you do what you want heheheheh).
    It relies heavily on precision and speed, it is like fencing with feet. There are plenty kicks (some of them are exclusive to savate) that I cannot describe extensively here (too long!!), but here is a small list of kicks: mawashi style kicks, low press kick in a piston way (crushing the knee) or by slamming the instep on the opponent's shin (savate trademark), front push kick (striking with heel, or hitting with the tip of the toes for a good dim find this kick in bagua too for example), side kick (push or whip, sole of foot), crescent kicks (external) either front or lateral, all of them can be rotative or/jump kicks, and can freely be mixed in any way you want. And all the hand techniques in english boxing.
    The particular way of arming and performing kicks makes it very common for a savate player to deal a couple of kicks from the same leg without resting the leg, at different levels and/or with different techniques.
    In antique savate, you could use head, knees, elbows, but they got ruled out, like the upper whip kick to the nads or jaw (too dangerous). You are not allowed to block by raising the shin, if you raise the leg it has to be to remove the target. Even better, the best thing is to remove the target by chambering a kick, so the counter is very fast. This makes that the combat distance differs from kick boxing, but different stepping exist (shuffle step, cross step, jumping, etc...) to manage the distance.
    It's a very rich, fun and yet vicious art.
    If you have a chance to try a good savate class, go for it, I'm sure you won't regret it!!
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    Savate is awsome

    I think that it was used as street fighting at first? And that people used steel plated shoes. ( a special shoe that had pointy iron at the toe) .. and that this had something to do with the the name Savate??
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    I too am a savate player!!! I also play at la canne and la grand baton.

    Pheonix gave some good info on les chasses. To help kris out...Savate is said to derive from a Basque foot fighting art. Also it is said that it was further developed by french sailors coming back from their voyages to the Far East. Rob W. Smith/ John F. Gibley has a good history of savate in his "Way of the Warrior" book
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    Has anyone ever seen a fight between a Savate player & a Muay Thai fighter? I have a lot of respect for Savate & I'd love to see a fight between the two systems.
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    It's TKD with snails instead of kimchi.
    I quit after getting my first black belt because the school I was a part of was in the process of lowering their standards A painfully honest KC Elbows

    The crap that many schools do is not the crap I was taught or train in or teach.

    Dam nit... it made sense when it was running through my head.


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