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Thread: Tiger and Crane system

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    Pablo Guest

    Tiger and Crane system

    Hung Gar is also known under the name Tiger and Crane System, right? I have read it's history, but I still don't know when have the snake, leopard and dragon been added to the style? Does anyone knows the answer?

    P.S. By the way, anyone here studying in Lum Jo's school?

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    supfujow Guest

    Tiger and Crane System


    The Tiger and Crane System of Kung Fu, more modernly know as the Shaolin Hung Gar Tiger Crane Kung Fu, was originated from a man named Hung Hei Goon based on the southern shaolin kung fu he learned from the abbot Che san. Hung Gar is based on both the five animal and five element systems of that temple. Hung Gar stresses Tiger and Crane techniques but all the animals and elements are used. The form Gung Gee Fook Fu Kuen, the oldest of Hung Gar fist forms, contains primarily tiger techniques but the other animals are present. To answer you question, the tiger , crane, snake , leopard, and dragon were part of Hung Gar from the beginning. Hope this helps

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    Kung Lek Guest
    Hi, I thought Lam Tsai Wing introduced the Fu/Hok set into the Hung Gar system.

    Kung Lek

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    Wah Ren Jie Guest

    Fu / Hok

    The Fu Hok Seong Ying (Tiger and Crane Double Form) Was created by Wong Fei Hung.

    Train hard... Win easy!!!

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    illusionfist Guest
    It is said that Wong Fei Hung consolidated the techniques that eventually became Fu Hok, he did not invent them.


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    Pablo Guest
    Thanks for the help! I understand know that the lepard, snake and dragon where in the style from the beggining, that's where my mistake was. Speaking of Hung Gar, who trains in it here?

    What should we emphasize when training at home? Should we review what we practice in class? Or practice more stances, or forms, or simply developping physical strenght and flexibility?

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    WongFeHung Guest
    Tiger/Crane Style is a misnomer. I believe Chiu Kao dubbed his school Fu Hok P'ai,and since he was a very public person who promoted Hung gar, the name stuck. Fu Hok Seurng Ying Kuen is also one of the most widely demonstrated forms, due to its contrast in power and technique, and the blend of these components, but make no mistake, Hung Gar is a five animal system. The Ng Ying Kuen is more balanced between the animals, with the Dragon actually taking up the bulk of the form. This is in both the Tang Fung and the Lam Sai-Wing families, and in a village Hung Kuen 5-animal set I've learned as well. I can't speak for other Village Hung kuen sets.

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