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Thread: Is Cholayfut the best style for practical fighting??

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    josh nyce Guest

    Is Cholayfut the best style for practical fighting??

    Well, it has been my experience that is is. I am an assistant instructor at a Choylayfut kung fu school in ft. Lauderdale, Fl., and out of all my years there, and out of all the countless national and international tournaments I have been to with my school, our style has always dominated. And I'm not necessarily saying just our school, but all Choylayfut schools with reputable teachers. Wing Chung, Wah Lum, and especially Japanese styles have been unsuccesful. I'm not saying anything negative about them, they all have there good points, but when it comes to sparring they can't contend to the fast, powerful long range technique's of this style.

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    8StepStudent Guest

    You Haven't Faced Us Yet!

    You haven't faced any 8 Step Praying Mantis fighters yet! I know our statements both sound egomaniacal, but you're kinda broad because you assume that no other style will do well. Try and mix things up a little!

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    JerryLove Guest
    Definately no match for evil Tai Chi

    Evil TaiChi

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    LongfistMantis Guest

    Best is a very hard thing to find....

    In a recent tournament my Longfist Praying Mantis school competed in an inter-style tournament. Combatants represented our school, another praying mantis school (not longfist like ours), a few Kenpo groups, a few shotokan groups, and numerous TKD schools. Needless to say, the TKD schools did not fare very fact i dont think a single one placed...especially when it came to sparring. The tournament (which was actually held by a TKD organization) was "dominated" by the kara-te, kenpo and kungfu schools.....and this wasnt even us at our best. This, like so many tournaments, put restrictions on excessive force and "illegal" actions suchas joint locks....of which we all know is a large part of kungfu styles. My biased opinion would be that eventually a kungfu man would win out against others, regardless of the style, given enough training. You may be dominating simply because youre students are better trained and more prepared for the contest than those of other schools....and not necesarily because of overwhelmingly better techniques. The martial art is just a group of movements. It is the artist who brings it to life...and it is they who are responsible for victory or defeat.

    Just my two cents,

    LongfistMantis [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]

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    Shaolin Master Guest
    Tournaments ...hahaha

    1. There is no best style/system
    2. There is no adequate method of determining what is best for such a classification if existent.
    3. It depends (in life not tournament) on the individual practitioner not the style.

    I could go on but it seems a futile waste of time.


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    lungyuil Guest
    shaolinmaster is correct.
    When our late si-gung Leung Cheung was alive, Yau Kung Mun won pretty much all the contact sports they entered. they were ruthless.

    when some of the students of LC became sifus and entered their own students they were defeated. there is a sifu under LC whose students did well in the fighting.

    it goes to prove that it is the teacher and the individuals that portray the system. whether you win or lose doesn't mean that your system is best. you could have a student learning Tung Chi Kuen (our first form) and he could win a tournament but a higher level student lose.

    my sifu calls it mindset, you need to be focused on the fight because even the most basic movement can be used to win a fight. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

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    baji-fist Guest

    All styles are good

    I personally believe that all styles are good. I am a big fan of Choy Lay Fut, I have seen some very good players of this style and they really impress me. They have a good reputation and is a style worth learning. But you should not restrict your mind to "this style is the best." Every style has something to offer, and offer insight into what you may be missing in your style. I am not saying that you should learn every style there is known to man, but to look at the strenghth and weakness of other styles to help you strengthen your style. Also to base your decision from tournaments is okay, but remember, there is a big difference between tournaments and actual combat.

    There is one master of the Yin style Bagua, He Jian Bao, a very ruthless fighter. He is very well-known in Mainland China and has came to the states on several occasions. Although he has defeated many fighters, he always tells his students that just because he is an expert fighter doesn't necessarily mean that Yin Bagua is the best. It is the amount of time and work he has put into his training is what helps him fight well, not the style. All styles are good, and all styles have something to offer.

    You must eat bitter before you can taste sweet.

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    Rolling Elbow Guest

    this is great..

    First of all,

    I love choy lay fut, some of the long fist/range principle of striking i really enjoy and try to incorporate in my taijutsu, however, wing chun has the hands and mantis and crane are tremendous too, hell allot of styles are great!

    Sparring is great, but come on, the padding protects as much as it is not an accurate enough basis from which to make a lcaim as you did..getting tapped in teh head by a glove will not knock you out right? Besides, take on a taijtsu practitioner with no pads on and let him work your nerves and bones with limb destruction when you try the long range'll find out why that type of fighting is not always the best strategy..spar a thai fighter with no padding and let him get in the clinch..there are thousands of examples to counter this. CLF is definitely one of the best out there..there is no best though, there cannot be, good movement at all levels is good movement

    Michael Panzerotti
    Taijutsu Nobody from the Great White North..

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    Black Jack Guest
    Its kinda funny how you say your style is the best for practical fighting and yet you go on about tournament fighting.

    Let me just say that practical and tournament do not go hand in hand.

    People should not look at what style they think is the best, they should look at the training far above any generic system.


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    8stepsifu Guest

    8 StepStudent and others

    Choy Li Fut is one of the best systems out there. Its not "the" best, but its up there with other complete systems. I once asked Master Sun if there were any complete systems left besides 8 Step. He said with regret, "not many" I asked him if he knew of any. He said there there are a few inside china and that he heard of a Generation Grandmaster of CLF in Australia and if he exists, then CLF is also one of the last complete systems. 8Stepstudent: Their techniques are gonna be the same as ours and the styles won't look that much different until the very advanced levels, only the strategy and methods will differ. Its all angles and circles so there is only one karate.

    8Step Sifu

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    no 1 Guest

    hellll no

    your talkin about sparring in tournaments and you think your style is best for practical fighting?! gimme a break man.
    go mess with a good hsing yi or pa kua practitioner and get your ass handed to you.

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    Black Jack Guest
    8StepSifu there are a number of complete systems inside and outside of China. I dont want to get into the type of disccussion you had to handle on the Northern Mantis post but you should be carefull when you refer your system to others as if you think you have one of the only "real" deals and this should be doubled when you consider all of the questions one can drum up about the 8 Step Praying Mantis organization.


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    8stepsifu Guest


    Question all you want. During my training I was always curious as to who else trains the way we do. I had never seen any evidence of people training this way. When I asked Master Sun, he said that Choy Li Fut was one of the last complete systems. A system doesn't have to be complete to be good. Master Sun has kung fu master buddies in San Fran and one of them is a Wing Chun master. He also told me that Dr. Yang Jwang Ming is good and legit. I was answering to Choy Li Fut's quality and stated that based on what I know and have heard, its a great system

    8Step Sifu

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    premier Guest


    "He said there there are a few inside china and that he heard of a Generation Grandmaster of CLF in Australia and if he exists, then CLF is also one of the last complete systems."

    Yes, Chen Yong Fa exists. I've seen him in person and been taught by him in a seminar and I must say he's not a fraud.

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    Black Jack Guest
    All I am saying is that the buck does not stop with what your teacher states. To compare the 8 Step organization or the present day Cho Lee Fut groups with a "real deal" closed door group such as Grandmaster Gyi's Bando is absurd and it shows that your Grandmaster does not know everything under the sun no matter how much you wish that were true.

    Its sometimes sounds like you can not see the forest past the trees.


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