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Thread: Internal S Mantis? Questions on the style

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    Kong Jianshen Guest

    Internal S Mantis? Questions on the style

    Anyone know if this style has an internal style to it? I hear its called the "machine gun" style of kung fu. Does it train sensitivity? Can anyone give me some info on it? Any simimliar styles to it? I hear kicks are below the waist? Thanks for the info in advance!

    Always seeking to learn,
    Kong Jianshen
    Humble disciple of the ancient Boxing Arts

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    David Guest


    What's your interest in internal styles KJ? Thought you were JKD through and through...

    The powers of Kung Fu never fail!
    -- Hong Kong Phooey

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    Kong Jianshen Guest
    Dave im just a martial arts junkie [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img] I like somethin about everything.. JKD is practical, internal arts work well in old age and are great spiritually, thai boxing has great conditioning, etc.

    I practice JKD right now and I must say its pretty interesting but its not a art I will do later in life. I'm just doing it for a year to familiarize myself with it since Jun Fan JKD has some things in common Wing Chun. And Wing Chun is my true love in the martial arts [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

    I can't stop stressing however, how important it is to find what you like then sticking with it. In my case, I couldn't be happier doing anything else but Wing Chun. Im smaller and thinner then most guys so understanding W/C comes easier. Its concepts apply to smaller people alot better then larger people. Plus, I agree with all its ideas and have naturally fast hands.

    I also don't belive in superior martial arts, only superior people! No art is better then another only the person doing it makes a difference.

    Always seeking to learn,
    Kong Jianshen
    Humble disciple of the ancient Boxing Arts

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    David Guest

    back to the topic

    There are loads of internal workings in spm. At high level I think it matches anything taiji has in an equal but different manner.

    Chi work is done to change the bones into a very strong springy state. Other chi work enhances strength, speed and conditioning. 2 man work also increases sensitivity and allows contact conditioning.

    Short sets focus on filling up on chi, moving it around and then releasing it in strikes or packing it down into the dan tien.
    The longer main forms do the same but it's fill/use cycle is much quicker like real life. I mean that rather than doing half a form filling up and half a form letting loose, it's a matter of going from technique to technique in quick succession using rib power and focussed chi more rapidly.

    The powers in spm (Chow Gar at least) have been described to me as being fourfold.
    First you have muscular power which is power that everyone has and understands.
    Second you have lasting power (ie stamina) which is a development on pure strength.
    Third you have chi power which is more efficient and more powerful still.
    Fourth you have shock power which kicks ass. Shock power is "Ging" in Chinese and is the ultimate power of the art.

    The thing about shock power is that everybody has it and can access it. Examples are if someone touches a lighted cigarette to your hand, your flinch is very fast and strong. Sleeping in bed you jolt awake having leapt into the air whilst horizontal and crashed back to the mattress. Lie down now and try to jump in the air... :-)
    The internals and the progression are designed to give you conscious access to this ability. It just so happens that the stuff is actually positively affecting your health along the way.

    I thought wing chun was called the machine gun style...

    Kicks are lower in spm than many styles though I have seen (and heard about) higher kicks employed when "convenient". Not something I train for.

    Similarities with other southern styles are discussed sometimes including a recent thread on this page.

    Hope this helps.

    The powers of Kung Fu never fail!
    -- Hong Kong Phooey

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