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Thread: What is your own theory of internal Martial Arts?

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    It's Greek (About Squirrel)To Me...That's O.K. I No_Know, Yet I Recognize The Letters

    It was thunderstorm conditions developing. I was closing my post with the Title last thing. Laptop direct power only so loss of power meant loss of what I was putting-up to post. I Batteried this lap top from a near and other laptop of kind And fat-fingered-the keyboard. Got a duplicate window and Two of the same post-one after the other on the same thread. But I had not finished reading all of the post to which I was responding.[Power did go out...but the glow of my laptop just batteried was lighting the darkerness].

    Fight the Police in Courts is good- Use Opossum Kung-Fu.? YinOrYan mused it, but here-goes. O.K. Opossum-Squirrel to fight Police--YinOrYan is right to not fight police directly. A dog or pet is abused by children and warns them--it shows teeth and growls-Adults are told of the animal by weeping dramatic children considered babies. The animal defending, not hurting others, gets kind, a Negro did not have a recourse once accused even wrongly. No longer property and finally not a Negro. Finally socially acceptable as human over three-hundred years later considerable as people a Large Black man stopped by Police is at risk stereotypically, not by racism so-much as by bias-or prejudging--they are strong; strong is scary; they could beat me I need to put-on a bigger show of force to stand-them-down for this potential attack I am imagining where I lose-I'll show Him we need a united effort that they won't win...

    ...presumption of imminent attack by a Black person facilitates a Be-Strong bias to the engagement. Smart People predisposed to how things will result is a non-listening person just waiting to a predetermined endpoint of resistance. They drive for it. They wait for it.-Ernie Moore Jr.

    It was night and lights came-on I went to pull-over it was oddly a bank parking lot. I did a thing, and when he got close enough, there was pleasant relief with astonishment in his voice. I had stopped the car. And was waiting with the window rolled-down and my driver's license out of the wallet, between my fingers my hands open, visible and out the window, forearm resting on the door. In his pleasantly surprised voice he asked If I was from DC [Washington, the District of Columbia I presume]. [I did not drive around there to where I could understand if that was a protocol in that city or what] But we talked and the point seems to be to address the Law Enforcement Officer's concerns--speeding talk about speed limit signs or intersections or stop lights stop signs. But it should be something warranted-some observable reason besides you look do you directly connect me to the crime or violation you had in mind before you got to the vehicle...What is the warranted reason for this stop...and thank them if they warn you about something, warnings are nice things, Thank you for that. some-such, perhaps.-Ernie Moore Jr.

    But first thing is bear-down on the core of what the LEO stopped you for. Treat the officer like a guest. They might be hostile, but that means trying to look for fairness it weighs on the side of being disagreeable towards you if they want an excuse to harass you. What I say might fail where LEO's wanna press you, but if you get some that are on the fence or genuine think they are addressing a matter of keeping law-a stop is about checking things-out and seeing where things are.-Ernie Moore Jr.

    Try to politely...Yes Officer, What's going on...Not: do not suggest possible enfractions that in psychology might look like you are diverting attention, Are guilty of crime and trying to de-escalate the concerns of the officer...hiding something...Do not try to talk-around a Cop; do not try to think! around a Cop. A Legitimate Police-Sheriff, Cop, LEO is addressing a raised flag seeing if there is anything to see and satisfying observable concerns if not Warranted you both go on about your evening or your day.-Ernie Moore Jr.

    Yes officer?--This allows the LEO opportunity to express the concerns that made the stop happen. When these are addressed there is no more cause for the detention-Ernie Moore Jr. This is in general and there is a matter of handling out of the car...

    Ernie Moore Jr.'s Kung-Fu (attempt) Squirrel's LEO Opossom:Open hands--you are not shooting or potentially stabbing if your hands are visibly empty and not holding.
    ---hold arms out like Christ on a steak or cross--full extension has no quick or slight push-pull move a jittery watcher might mistake for grabbing or going for a weapon (yada, yada, yada--they felt threatened so they shot the big strong Black man, or the man with long hair, or the guy with tattoos, or the person with facial hair, or the person wearing jean pants, baggy clothes, unkempt hair, too light, too brown, looked Native American, might have been Hindu, was barefooted, had messed-up teeth, their eyebrow twitched (there's no helping that...). Different regions might have their specific local prejudgings that they accept as an excuse to shoot under a banner of self Squirrel-limit the obvious excuses by rendering them physically impossible...

    ***Not holding if open-handed--can't shoot

    ***Arms out like Christ on the Crucifix--arms not by body; hands Not together. Tired arms; lower them stiff-arm below your hips--palm-out or palm up
    open hand.

    ***kneel if you cannot lie-down stretched out.

    if face-down (turned to side for more comfort-so to rest on ground and answer questions--answer concerns more than bring-up your own.-EMJ)
    Hands-palms to the sky.

    if face-up Hands-palms down??? perhaps again to the sky so visible you are not holding-greatest potential for no threat-Ernie Moore Jr.

    if being beaten, unlike YinOrYan's example of opossum to curl to take it, stay open, take some damage for winning in court[cough] if it gets there that far...They can use any moment you cover to claim belief of imminent threat-you were going for something to potentially do harm [cough] (even if justified as they were beating you).

    If it gets to court and asked what did the defendant say that was offensive?...Yes officer, Thank you officer... Kind words and courtesy "heaps coals on the forehead" of anyone trying to say you are a wrongdoer or malicious in the ears of the objective hearer or Judge. If you Squirreled--left yourself exposed--positioned yourself for transparency and took hits without retaliation, used only polite words, it gets to be blaringly obvious any wrong act or behavior situationally on behalf of the LEOs.-Ernie Moore Jr.

    If writing was talking I speak with conviction, not with certainty. I am none of these people. I assess situations conceptually. That is the only authority I could claim for this. Whatever is truth and real is that which it has been, until it changes.-Ernie Moore Jr.

    As Far as a Style...
    Opossum-Squirrel,,,I would not have thought of that but I did take a request and made one. It was for Hamster or Dog--either name same techniques--it is an exercise of one legged fighting. I am thinking of One incorporating Opossum under Squirrel principles Like to Hear It? Here It Go-a show In Living Color Note: Cute and not exactly pertinent.

    Squirrel has something Body Armor Squirrel--it is moving the bone, to wind-up the muscle-this makes a slight plate. I am a cripple and use crutches to stand long or locomote in a semblance to support for what approaches walking. None-the-less... If I was being attacked and trying to get away I could use Squirrel's Opossum Kung-Fu, It would go like this...

    Hop Gar has Four Guardian Stances I only recall the one as Ape or Gorilla it is Tibetan or a Lama Kung Fu. Not using that but showing the concept of an anchor stance... Also, Hua Tuo Five Animal Frolick Tiger, Deer, Monkey, Bird, Bear. Where Hung gar has five stances that can incorporate to every step of a Hung Family form, The Lama Guardian Stances and Five Animals Frolick of Hua Tuo address specific situations and combine arms or hands with legs--that makes these nine things techniques more than stances although they can be considered postures; stances should be reserved solely for one handset-fists by sides.-Ernie Moore Jr.

    So...Playing-dead in each posture, I should employ a Body Armor Squirrel in a posture I am willing to take a hit as I move from one location to another.-Ernie Moore Jr.

    I am kind-of Just! doing this...But I would like to result something logical and perhaps useful.. I should "Talk"-about it back at The Existance of Squirrel Kung-Fu thread.

    I might need a few days before I could make a basic video of it and that posted to Youtube...Good mention YinOrYan

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    Quote Originally Posted by No_Know View Post
    Also, Hua Tuo Five Animal Frolick Tiger, Deer, Monkey, Bird, Bear. Where Hung gar has five stances that can incorporate to every step of a Hung Family form, The Lama Guardian Stances and Five Animals Frolick of Hua Tuo address specific situations and combine arms or hands with legs--that makes these nine things techniques more than stances although they can be considered postures; stances should be reserved solely for one handset-fists by sides.-Ernie Moore Jr.
    Interesting you should mention the Five Animals Frolick, because I've noticed the Bear is often similar to Squirrel. In some Native languages they are the same word prefixed by big or small, just like horse and dog are. Also, the way that is often recommended to deal with an agressive Grizzly is to lock your hands behind your neck and cover your face with your elbows so it doesn't scratch up your neck and face. The same position would probably keep one alive if a knee was pressed down on your neck.

    In regards to that book, its in English but the author is from Greece. I'm sure I have it on the other side of the border since I now have all my other kung fu books on the shelf here right now. When they reopen the border, I can tell you the name of the book, but the Covid thing is worse over there at the moment and crossing the border is especially one of those zones where your standard kung fu animals do not apply...

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