Heres what I learned.

1. They sit around all day doing nothing
2. If a bug walks past them and they don't care.
3. Thy climb up to the top of things and stay there.
4. Every so often they grab something and if they bug kicks at them, they eat its foot and continue chewing.
5. I once put a hornet inside my mantis cage. The mantis just waited untill the hornet was under her and then beat it up. I'm not kidding, both hooks went out but folded because it was annoyed. It let the crippled hornet walk a few steps away and die and never ate it.
6. They don't eat ants.
7. They eat their brothers and sisters.
8. They are frighteningly fast, I was scared to hold one, but then I tried to and it circled my arm up to my shoulder and looked into my eyes with its black eyed alien stare, It did this faster than I could blink.
9. Mantis' seak to get fat and don't move too much. Then they lay eggs and die.
10. Vs a cicaida it just grabbed it, spun it around and ate from the back of its head, quick kill.
11. If you poke them they put their guard up and lean with the push, bobbing in their horse stance and then walk where you are pushing them. Somtimes they will hook the stick and poke with the other. If the are really ****ed they get your finger.

They really arent too exiting. How long did wang long stare at those things to learn anything.

If you put egg cases in your back yard, birds will eat them, you can't stop this. If they do succeed, you will never find them in your yard.

What have you guys learned?