Bujinkan Goshin Budo Dojo
Two Dragonfly Dojo
Sifu Rich Mooney

Seminar Saturday April 6, 2002

Seminar Topics
Lin Kong Jing (Empty Force) & Southern Shao-lin Tiger, Crane Fist Chin-na. (Standing Grappling)
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Sifu Rich Mooney: Sifu is a legend with his Lin Kong Jing (empty force) techniques able to move and knock down a person with out touch. Sought after by most for a teacher we are proud to have him here for a seminar. The following is some of Sifuís ranks and titles.

8th degree black sash recognized by Dragon Society International

U.S. Fighting Arts Institute, Federation of United Martial Artists

Jujutsu Styles starting in 1977 thru 1995, current rank 5th Dan recognized by the IFOJJ.

Promoted to Renshi 11/27/98 by Soke Jim Horne, of Bradenton, FL.

Recognized as Hanshi by the Hoshin Roshi Ryu

Awarded Master Instructor of the year (2000) by the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame.
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Time: Noon till 4:00pm
Auburn Shuri Ryu Academy
Suite 112 5th St. Auburn IN 46738

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