2020 The Year of the Metal Rat

2020 The Year of the Metal Rat

By Wilson Sun (with Gigi Oh and Gene Ching)

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Chinese New Year is observed on January 25, 2020; however, the beginning in Feng Shui theory is Spring and the Year of the Metal Rat is February 4.  This year is characterized as kuang (mad, wild, crazy or violent 狂) and ao (haughty, refusing to yield 傲).  It is a year of extreme arrogance.  Many dangerous situations face the world, but hopefully the brave and wise will emerge to face the fierce and frantic.  Wise speech can extinguish arrogant acts.

In a field of arrogant energy, vigilance and prevention are the most sensible countermeasures.  Keep cool, avoid following trends, and put extra time into study and self-cultivation of your body.  Violent outbreaks of madness are elusive to predict.  Prevention must be like disinfection of plague.

This is a year of fire and dryness, resulting in drought, a serious crisis of survival.  The wise will present good environmental improvements, but it needs global effort and cooperation.  Fires result from man-made and natural causes, sparking environmental destruction.  Many countries will focus on an agenda of water conservation and society must guard against fire.

Madness causes fighting, fighting causes chaos, and arrogance of war is high.  Extremes will reverse.  Hopefully the intelligent and brave will emerge and implement various methods to stop the turmoil.  This is the beginning of world peace.  War and peace always exist in balance.

In the United States, the East and South will have troubles, especially the South where turmoil and disease will likely occur.  It is also at risk for natural disasters.  At the same time, the South will have the opportunity to revitalize when dealing with crisis and that will be gratifying.

Globally, the East will face instability, uncertainty and great change.  The South will be exciting, triggering worldwide contradictions that attract attention and support; however, it may spiral out of control.  The West has good fortune.  The wise lead the world in a new way.  The U.S. economy will turn around after a short disadvantage.  Confidence will continue to rise.  Europe's economy will also see a new turn.  Optimism eclipses worry.

In regards to personal health, eye, blood circulatory and hepatobiliary maladies rise.  Anyone prone to such illnesses should take care not to blindly rely on drugs.  Instead, correct unhealthy habits, get adequate sleep and supplement with natural therapies.  Favorable healthy foods include leeks, wolfberries, white fungus, shi hu (Herba dendrobii 石斛), red sage (Salvia miltiorrhiza aka danshen 丹參), red beans and jujube.
In Feng Shui theory, there are three auspicious and two ferocious directions in 2020.  The three auspicious directions are Northwest, West and Northeast.  The Northwest is profitable for finance, real estate and business.  To make a fortune, go to the northwest, or a home or company that has a northwest facing front door.  Company leaders must play their talents.  The fathers of generations will operate when they want to borrow money for projects.  Don't neglect financial management when business is booming.  Be decisive about real estate.  The West benefits communication and public relations.  To break through, attend to this direction.  Make a fortune with winning strategies.  If the front door faces West, take advantage.  Young women and middle-child girls are lucky too.  Use them for work.  Female groups with the lowest average age exert great potential, especially with communication and public relations, which is great for marketing.  Choose female students for temp work and interns.  The Northeast is good for wealth, studying for exams and making money.  If the front door faces Northeast, it's good for academics and luck.  Especially for the busy, seize the study time and work hard.  Luck goes to the diligent.  The third boy in the family must work hard this year; he has no time to wait.

The ferocious directions are South and East.  The South is unfavorable to health and prone to disasters.  It is important to improve the Feng Shui here to prevent catastrophe.  Front doors facing this direction will cause annoyance.  Second girls in the family, middle-aged working women and young Horses must attend to their health with regular exercise and rest or unexpected problems will occur.  Don't stay up late or eat too much.  Get ample sleep and maintain proper posture while sitting, standing or lying down.  The East creates disputes, followed by disasters.  Front doors facing East must take extra care.  Defeat it with Feng Shui.  Rabbits and eldest sons must be especially careful.  Do not overwork and avoid fights.  Middle-aged working men will face more pressure and responsibilities.  Be serious and attentive or work will be full of mistakes.  When encountering setbacks, deal with them calmly.