Chinese Horoscopes The Fire Rooster

2017 The Year of the Fire Rooster

By Wilson Sun (with Gigi Oh and Gene Ching)

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February 3, 2017 23:49 is the beginning of the Lunar New Year (lichun 立春), marking the Year of the Rooster, although conventional calendars celebrate this on January 28.  Southern countries are prone to incidents such as fire and volcanic eruptions.  The southern United States is forecasted to suffer natural disaster; global drought problems cannot be underestimated.  In general health a high incidence of cardiovascular disease is predicted along with tropical epidemics.  The world's economic and political outlook includes unexpected changes.  The world begins to emphasize education and a variety of cultural exchanges are welcome.  Luck shines on Eastern countries.  Southeast Asia's economy will revive.  Energy issues become the focus of research and development.  Europe and Russia will make innovative breakthroughs in science and technology.  Favorable healthy foods include red beans, tomatoes, raspberries, strawberries, grapes, carrots, amaranth, onion, garlic, and black fungus.
2017 is Ding You (丁酉).  The periods between March 5–April 4, June 5–July 6, September 8–October 7 and November 6–December 6 are prone to disease and turmoil.  The second and third of these periods may see political and economic turmoil, so beware.  As serious disasters and unrest grows, heroes will emerge.  This year will see crisis for the heads of countries, particularly male leaders with poor health.  There will be continued political change and upheaval so the world leaders bear a heavy responsibility.
Based on Feng Shui Theory, there are two lucky cardinal directions and two fearsome ones.  The lucky ones are east and southeast.  East favors wealth and career.  To make a fortune, go east.  Homes and businesses with eastern facing doors will have the advantage.  The eldest son will ride high like the spring wind.  Those in their fifties will have more opportunities to show their talent.  They should give full play to their strengths and shape their careers, keeping in mind that they must constantly seek the new, learn more and upgrade.  Old knowledge carries stagnant baggage.  Keep the eastern part of the home or business clean and open, free of dirty things.
Southeast favors wealth, communication, learning and progress.  Home or businesses with southwestern facing doors will have a better turn in the market.  The eldest daughter will be elated and proud.  It's a good time to improve interpersonal relationships, get married or improve a marriage.  Companies with women in their forties will thrive if they let them have good roles.  They must use their brains more, not parrot or go with the flow.  Dragons should go all out at work.  Keep any southeastern doors clean, bright, smooth and beautiful.
South is adverse to health and prone to disaster.  South facing doors beware.  Seek Feng Shui preventative measures.  The second oldest daughter or women in their thirties have unstable moods and health issues.  Young women are prone to errors at work.  Give them more space and rest, and attend to their emotions.  This is worse for Horses.
The northwest is related to health so resolve any Feng Shui issues for all northwest areas.  Fathers and male leaders must focus on their health, especially Dogs and Pigs.  Male bosses must mind their tongues and lawsuits.  Males over fifty must be low key, and learn to forgive and forget.

The other cardinal directions of concern are the center, north, west and southwest.  The center favors wealth.  A bright central hall or aisle brings a strategic win.  Think and analyze – there's no way out if one just stands still.  Northern facing doors are also profitable.  Second sons must dare more responsibility and intensive training.  Companies should focus on males in their thirties and forties.  If they are second sons too, they will be pillars of the company.  Rats are high-spirited.  West and southwest are fearsome.  Do not leave swords, knives or any sharps in western areas.  Eldest sons beware of injuries, lawsuits and disputes.  Beware of theft.  Third daughters and women under twenty should make new friends, but cautiously.  Keep track of items when travelling.  Fresh graduate female hires need more supervision.  Southwest is prone to disaster and injury.  Southwestern facing doors need careful examination.  Mothers be cautious at home or in sports activities.  Correct any bad posture.  Employees over fifty must balance work and rest because absent-mindedness will bring injuries.