Chinese Horoscopes The Earth Dog

2018 The Year of the Earth DOG

By Wilson Sun (with Gigi Oh and Gene Ching)

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The beginning of the Spring Festival (li chun 立春) is February 4, 2018, marking the start of the Year of the Earth Dog.  Chinese New Year is celebrated on February 16.  This will be a year of flourishing wood and thriving fire (mu sheng huo wang木盛火旺).  Fires and volcanic activity are on the rise.  Climates are getting hotter, increasing drought, which means more war, bullets and explosions.  War is hard to avoid this year.  Thriving fire also means fire poisoning, which manifests as fever and infectious disease.
In Five Elements theory, wood fuels fire, implying wildfires.  Wood also represents the east.  Therefore it will be an eventful year for eastern countries.  Political and economic turmoil, or war, will come from the east.  Global events will be dominated and intensified by this region.  Europe and the United States seem to be passive and on standby.  But the potential metal energy will have an inevitable effect upon wood, resulting in surprising and aggressive acts of violence.
The United States will suffer more natural disasters in the western and northern regions.  Fire damage cannot be underestimated.  Asia will also suffer in the west and north; there will be no escape from raging fire.  What’s more, the center cannot be overlooked because there is a fire sign that may manifest as a contagious fever there.  Various disasters and vicious incidents are inseparable from fire, and fire is accompanied by floods.  There will be sharp contrasts of fires and floods, as well as more record-breaking highs and lows in temperature.
In health, cardiovascular and respiratory issues are prevalent.  A new epidemic will cause panic.  Western medicine will produce a shocking innovation.  The Year of the Dog is also a time of heroes.  A wise and ingenious leader will emerge as the time demands.  Many talented people will appear.
Fortune shines on Eastern countries.  Southeast Asia's economy will have a welcome change.  European scientific inventions will capture the world's attention.
The following foods are good for health this year: sweet potatoes, Japanese yams (山藥), almond, white fungus, ginseng, radishes, pears, and appropriately spicy food.
This year is also Wu Xu (5th celestial stem, 11th terrestrial stem 戊戌) making the period between September 7 and October 8 especially troubled with a high incidence of disasters and armed conflicts.  In 2019, January 5 to February 4 will be a period of political conflict and change.
According to Feng Shui, the two lucky cardinal directions are southeast and center.  The southeast favors wealth and career development.  To make a fortune, go southeast.  Homes and businesses with southeastern facing front doors will have the advantage, assisted by heaven and earth.  The eldest daughter can show her talents and change her luck.  Snakes are lucky.  Groups or companies should give elder women full play to their strengths; these women must be innovative and motivated, not stale.  Leaders should look for potential in modest talents.  Keep the southeastern area of the home or business clean, uncontaminated and open.  Dragons and snakes must attend to this direction.  The center favors wealth, communication, emotion, learning and progress.  At home or at work, the center area needs to be widened.  Contrariwise, lack of center space, blockage, or heating devices and stoves placed in the center will destroy resident’s health and result in discord.  A Feng Shui fail here will seriously affect women’s health.
The two fearsome directions are north and west.  The north disfavors health and is prone to disaster.  If your front door faces north, be especially careful and correct the Feng Shui beforehand.  The second son and middle-aged corporate men will suffer from poor health, mood swings, lack of energy and make mistakes easily.  Give them a little more space for calm and rest, and be aware that their mood might result in errors and job loss.  Rats need to be more careful.  The west disfavors health, and is prone to disease and disaster.  Roosters should be extra careful.
The minor lucky cardinal directions are northwest and southwest.  The northwest favors wealth.  Homes and businesses facing northwest will have favorable fortune, particularly with thinking, creating and commanding.  A bright and open orientation here will win with wisdom, cleverness, innovation and creativity.  This direction is most beneficial to the owner and ruler.  With this positive Feng Shui, owners and policy-makers facing this direction will have clear thinking and decisive action.  Northwest is most favorable for dogs and pigs.  The southwest favors profit-making.  An elder female in the company could be a magnet for wealth here, so listening to their advice is valuable.  If the elder women share common advice, it is best for the company’s fortune.  Mothers at home will be somewhat melancholy, so maintain a cheerful mind by keeping yourself entertained.  Mother rams and monkeys will be affected the most.
The minor fearsome directions are east, northeast and south.  If your front door faces east, beware of sharp objects.  Defeat this with Feng Shui and avoid a bloody disaster.  Elder men at work and top-ranking family men should be especially careful.  Hares beware.  Northeastern doors should be used with caution or it may lead to verbal litigation or theft.  The third son must protect their bones, spine and joints.  The youngest male at work is easily distracted and forgetful.  Tigers and oxen should pay special attention.