20 Years of Kung Fu Tai Chi

KUNG FU TAI CHI DAY is free street fair, open to the public. It will be held in Plaza de Cesar Chavez in the heart of downtown San Jose, California from 11 AM to 3 PM. There will be ongoing demonstrations from noted masters and local schools, as well as introductory workshops in basic kung fu, wushu, tai chi and qigong.

Select Masters and Grandmasters from KUNG FU TAI CHI 20 YEARS will demonstrate throughout the day.  See our VIP GUESTS list for details. Confirmed VIP demonstrations: Bai Wenxiang, Jack Xueli Fu, He Tao, Benny Meng, Shi Yanran, Alex Tao, Jack Tu.  More to come!

Two new Chinese lions will be awakened in a special 'dotting the eyes' ceremony. Courtesy of Ben's Shaolin Kung Fu.

Beijing Shaolin Wushu School

Ben's Shaolin Kung Fu

China Tai Chi Kung Fu

Donald Hamby's Hung Gar Boxing

Dynamic Martial Arts

Ohlone College Tai Chi

O-Mei Kung Fu Cupertino

Pure Shaolin Kung Fu

San Jose Chinese Culture Center

Seattle Kung Fu Club & Chi Life Studio Redmond

Shaolin Kung Fu Wellness Center

Shaolin Temple USA

Shenzhen Polytechnic Wushu Team,
(深圳职业技术学院 武术队)

South Coast Martial Arts

U.S. Kung Fu Temple

U.S.A. Jing Quan Dao Academy

USA O-Mei Kung Fu Academy

USA Tai Chi Culture Association

USA Wu Chi Kung Fu Academy

99 Power Academy


Pre-event Warm –up (10:00 AM)
Qigong (8 Pieces of Brocade and Muscle Tendon Change Classic) led by Grandmaster Tu Jin-Sheng (99 Power)

Shaolin Kung Fu led by Master Shi Yanxing (U.S. Kung Fu Temple)

Tai Chi led by Master Jack Xueli Fu (Taichi Acupuncture)

Tai Chi Push Hands led by Master Marilyn Cooper (Pushing for Peace)

Wing Chun led by Grandmaster Benny Meng (Meng's Martial Arts)

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