2016 TCEKFMCThe 2016 Tiger Claw Elite Championships is proud to announce a new special showcase division for the Tiger Claw Elite Championship – the Monkey King Championship!

As 2016 is the Year of the Monkey so the Tiger Claw Elite Championship will hold a Showcase Division, the Monkey King Championship, open to all proponents of Monkey Style Kung Fu.  All competitors will be showcased in Kung Fu Tai Chi media platforms and a special Monkey King trophy will be awarded to the victor.  Competitors may enter with empty hand, weapon or sparring forms, as long as they are Monkey style.  



The Monkey King Champion title is open to anyone competing with a Monkey Style form. There are two Divsions: Monkey King (Adult 18+) and Monkey Kid (17-under). Like the WildAid Tiger Claw Champion, there are no divisions by gender, empty hand versus weapon, or skill level. One winner will be declared 2016 Monkey King Champion. Competitors in this exhibition division are limited to any Monkey Style form, either solo forms or Duilian. In the case of Duilian, a style-versus-style (ie. Monkey versus Mantis) form is permissible as long as one of the styles exhibited is Monkey.  If a potential competitor isn’t sure about the inclusion of their form, email for a ruling.

Monkey King Champion competitors will adhere to the GENERAL CHINESE DIVISION RULES for Advanced Traditional Kung Fu and/or Modern Wushu competitors, with the exception of time limits.  Time Limits: 30 sec minimum, 2 min maximum.

The judging panel will consist of 5-7 judges from mixed styles. The highest and lowest scores will be discarded.

Competitors will be judged on a scale of 1-10.