2009 V.I.P. Guests

Grandmaster Chen Jian

Master Tony Chen

Grandmaster Lily Lau

Grandmaster Helen Liang

Grandmaster Liang Shouyu

Grandmaster Ming Lum

Master Grace Wu-Monnat

Grandmaster Alexander Tao

Grandmaster Tu Jin-Sheng

Jet Li's coach, Wu Bin

In addition, our Feng Shui Master and the author of our Kung Fu Horoscopes column, Wilson Sun, will be there to do readings.

Welcoming Banquet
If you'd like to join us for a special intimate Welcoming Banquet with our honored guests, we will be hosting this on Friday June 26th at 7:30 at ABC Seafood Restaurant, 768 Barber Lane, Milpitas, CA. Cost is $30 a seat. Drinks not included.

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