WildAid Tiger Champion

The WildAid Tiger Champion was a special benefit division for WildAid. KungFuMagazine.comís parent company, Tiger Claw, is one of the only companies with a non-profit branch, the Tiger Claw Foundation. In 2010, for the year of the tiger, the Tiger Claw Foundation is supporting WildAid. Jackie Chan is a lead spokesperson for WildAidís tiger preservation program. The WildAid Tiger Champion was the centerpiece of TCKFMCII, an Ďany style, any formí division, the proceeds of which went to benefit WildAidís efforts to save tigers in the wild. A variety of premium prizes were donated for the top six placers, along with a gift bag of Karate Kid souvenirs, cruelty-free Dit Da Jow liniment from CDIA, and the December 1998 issue (the previous year of the tiger) of World of Martial Arts featuring Jackie Chanís work to save tigers. The timing of TCKFMCII was auspicious as it was also the opening weekend for Jackieís remake of The Karate Kid. KungFuMagazine.com arranged for a special screening of The Karate Kid for TCKFMCII volunteers week prior to tournament. Sony sent a lobby standee for the film along with plenty of cool Karate Kid collectables like souvenir posters, bandanas, temporary tattoos and even chopsticks. These were distributed at the WildAid booth.

The competition was intense and intimate, held on the main stage during the afternoon. The most important thing was that WildAidís message was spread. Some Traditional Chinese Medicine uses tiger products and that has to stop. For more information on WildAid and how you can help their worthy cause, visit wildaid.org.

For more about the Tiger Claw Foundation, visit TigerClawFoundation.org

The WildAid Tiger Champion 2010: Yuan Long

WildAid Tiger Champion Yuan Long3-Day Ocean Cruise for Two, Back Cover showcase in the September October 2010 issue, Custom Tiger Trophy

2nd place: Alfred Hsing

Tom Tom ONE 130S GPS

3rd place: Li Shu Lun

$100 Gift Certificate for TigerClaw.com

4th place: Adryanne Angat

Antique Chinese Bronze Vase Replica

5th place: Kyle Loehr

Diamond SKAGEN Wrist Time Piece

6th place: Case Glieden

SKAGEN Wrist Time Piece

Additional Competitors: Aaron Arnold, Jonathan Chang, Ashley Churchill, Robbie Coffey, Colton Gabertan, Joshua Lam, Justin Lam, Wes Letioa, Andre Magnum, Amanda Pavell
Judges: Angelito Claudio, Tony Chen, He Tao, Carlos Navarro, Zhao Ke

WildAid representative: Jason McArthur
WildAid volunteers: Tara Ching, Stacy Day, Lucie Jay

WildAid Tiger Champion contributors

CDIA Supplies
Selena Lu
The Karate Kid
USA Tai Chi Culture Association
Tony and Theresa Kattengell
Tiger Claw

Join WildAid in Saving the Tiger

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