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04-03-2002, 05:50 AM
I was introduced to Dragon Gate Qigong a few months ago and it was great. Qi was running from my head to my toes. Anyone experience any Dragon Gate Qigong. I am interested in it and would like to learn more. Train well.


04-03-2002, 09:30 AM
Were you required to read Opening the Dragon Gate along with learning it?

What qi gong patterns or meditations did you do to build up to that one?

I'm interested in the cirriculum used in other places! Great to hear it's giving you some chi sensations!

- Nexus

04-03-2002, 09:49 AM
The Dragon Gate Qigong appeared to be more of a meditative Qigong than a moving one. It reminded me of Weiqi 18 where you are moving the body but staying in wuji. There is one exercise at the end where you bend and thats it.

The Qigong was done in 3 levels; 1st level covered the hands/forearms; 2nd level covered the rest of the upper body; and the 3rd level covered the entire/lower body. When I put all three levels together I actually felt my toes/feet tingle. Usually, they either sweat/are warm but with this Qigong my feet get numb and tingle.

As far as meditating, I do in/out thru the nose. I tried reverse breathing and it was okay. I noticed that with this Qigong you have to concentrate more on the breath than anything else.