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05-26-2002, 10:55 PM
I tried to do a search on this, but found no results. My querry is this:

I just saw the documentary on Bruce Lee's death called, "Death by Misadventure" after not seeing it for quite awhile.

Is it pretty much a general consensus these days (at least in the martial arts community) that Bruce Lee died from hypersensitivity to hashish? Is this common knowledge now, and the common response when someone asks, "So how did Bruce Lee die?"

Just curious and bored,

Shaolin Punk
05-28-2002, 12:08 PM
if you look at some of these bruce lee threads, people mention bruce's drug use. i'm sure more people believe bruce died from hash, but there's still a lot more people who don't believe that...especially those who worship him or make money off of him.

Design Sifu
05-29-2002, 01:48 PM
I find it hard to believe ANYONE could die from Hash!!!

Coke maybe,

Heroin... sure...

Hash? . . . I doubt it...:rolleyes:

05-29-2002, 01:59 PM
i guess that's the shady, grey area part. The 2 doctors that treated him (one doctor from HK and the other from America) both believed that it was an allergic reaction to hash...apparently he liked to chew on it. they found it in his vomit when he had that coma, and then when he died, they found it in his stomach.

whether this was the cause or not is up for debate. but why chew on hash? is that common?


05-29-2002, 02:45 PM
nope, couldn't find a discussion on it.

05-29-2002, 03:07 PM
Hey, Thanks, Stumblefist!
Would you say this is what most people believe? My main curiosity is not really on the how but more on if there has been a shift in what people believe 29 years later...

thanks again,