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06-25-2001, 06:46 PM
Gene (and other BSL'ers)-

I was curious as to how other folks due row # 9 of Tan Tui 12...
We do it as follows:
Basically doing exactly as row #1, until both fists shoot out (1 fwd, 1 side) - here they shoot out as willow palms. Then they do a hook inward and then a "fajing-like" short strike into the fists. Then finishes up just as row #1.

Can't wait to hear.
The reason I ask this, is that I generally have a little bit of difficulty in generating the short power, as it's not a very common thing in the system obviously.

(Craig S. Kiessling)

06-25-2001, 08:17 PM
Our school doesn't do the 12 and I don't know it. Sorry.

Gene Ching
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06-25-2001, 08:37 PM
The 12 version is done by the Chin Woo Association as well as others with a Shaolin base. The BSL schools do the 10 road (i believe) and it is a moslem set.

I think the movement your asking about is called the rolling fist. Loosely translated Row # 9 is called colliding Lock or stick & lock. We learn first to use it as a sucking in block (using the forearm) then slide it out as a straight punch. a secondary application is a circling catch/lock against the arm or leg.

Tan Tui is a really great set, too bad most people think it only a beginner set.

eric Hargrove

06-26-2001, 04:20 AM

The 12 row Tam T'ui is standard throughout Chingwu schools and if the student does not perform it correctly in their routine exams, they do not pass to the next level and cannot continue to learn. Very strict standards with a complete assessment criteria and that's why the 12 row Tam T'ui is performed exactly the same way, no matter where the set is taught. If you want to pass the exam and learn more, you're not going to fool around and experiment with the form.

You stated:
'Then they do a hook inward and then a "fajing-like" short strike into the fists.'

and then stated:
'..difficulty in generating the short power,..'

Your perception of the how to apply the application of the technique may need clarification. The technique is a follow up technique that is used when your opponent grabs your wrist after your initial attack fails. The technique is a quick twisting action of your wrist & forearm downwards causing your opponent to loose his grip on your wrist. As soon as the opponent's grip is loose, you quickly flip your forearm back allowing your back hand fist to strike a vital spot (your choice) on his hand which is the easiest and closest target, wrist or head if you have the reach. Since it is a short distance strike, the target has to be a soft spot so you do not have to generate a large amount of power. This counter-strike is only to stun your opponent for a moment and allows you to set up for your next attack. :) :cool: