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06-06-2001, 06:58 PM
Hello. my dad started to teach me some chinese style when i was 11 and he stoped teaching me because he "retiered" from practicing the arts. he left me hanging. I was wondering if someone could help me identify it and maybe find someone to finish guiding me. thank you. :confused:

06-06-2001, 07:15 PM
It was a style that had 5 animals. Also it had a lot to do with chi and using your chi to block or stop your oponents circle of energy.It dealt with the four seasons as applied to 24 hours. pretty much it was the opposite of accupuncture. I know a little bit of tai chi chuan , and chi kung was mixed in but the were also animal like movements. He used to have me thrust my hands into a bucket of rice and i would punch wood many times for ten to fifteen minutes. I also would put my hands in to a "tiger claw" and swipe it across thetrunk of a tree. I've read many books and talked to many people to try to identify the exact style but to no avail. through my search i have gained pieces of knowledge from other arts and i have read some interesting books.Like "the book of 5 rings" and hagakure" "the tao of jeet kune do" but recently i've decided to start over and continue to learn what my father started to teach me. he learned from a very old chinese man in a park in 1974.
My dad told to finish the searh on my own without his help. Please d'ont think i'm some dumb kid who watched one too many movies, I'm honestly in seach of true knowledge. I'll even trade some of my knowledge if you all would like. thank you all very much for your time. :confused:

06-12-2001, 01:42 PM
Sounds like a style that one could call shaolin kung fu. Shaolin is a external style with internal aspects, that would explain the external training of hardening your hands and the internal training of chi kung and tai chi. The main animals of shaolin are tiger, snake, crane, leopard and dragon (some schools might have exceptions). I train shaolin and the first of the animals that we trained was tiger with the tiger claw. It would help alot if you would tell us how long you trained and a bit more of the basic techniques like stances, footwork and such.

06-13-2001, 06:41 AM
Generically speaking-ish there are only three Systems with merely five animals. Shao-lin, Hueng Kuen, and Choy-Li-Fut.

Choy-Li-Fut learns dragon tiger snake crane leopard.

Heung (?Hung) Kuen, Shao-Lin learns tiger leopard dragon snake crane

I think that someone learns dragon snake tiger leopard crane.

The opposite of accupuncture might be referred to as Dim Mak. amoung otherthings, depending on the temperature as to hot warm cool and cold one hits certain points on the body, some are doubledyou might have gotten that one can cause deafness dizziness, paralysis or death with a certain number of points which one is not supposed to hit...

The rice thing is a part of Dim Mak--penetrating strength, there is knocking strength and far-reaching strength+.

The clawing thingie indicates a Tiger stle school.

If the animal movements have animal names in them and look pretty much like what the name says It seems as though it could be a Hung Family boxing, with accentuations on developing a Tiger's claw.

McLisa Enterprises (Inc.) might have two books to continue your strength training for using Hitting points and for what points where cause what damage at which times~

Very some such,perhaps might have been, likely say some, some not.

wisdom mind
06-13-2001, 11:24 PM
if you know the country or territory of origin that would help....i think it could be hsing-i...
ask peeps on the internal board!
it could even be pa gua as there are 8 animals in lion style pa gua......