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06-08-2000, 03:00 PM
My dear friend,
This is Heming from Shaolin Temple, read your message which said you
have interest to know more about kung fu, that's great! So here I am.
My address in Shaolin Temple is:
Shaolin Secular Disciple's Union,
Shaolin Temple, Mt.Song, Henan 452491, P.R.China
Tel: +86(371)2749172
Fax: +1(212)98143
ICQ#: 17145752
Email: heming@shaolintemple.zzn.com http://www.topcities.com/Arts/heming/index.htm http://shaolintemple.yeah.net
My masters are Shi Heng Jun and Shi De Yang, you can find lot of
their photos on our web site and also
you are very welcome to post your questions on the FAQ board, I will
answer them for you as soon as possible.
It's my pleasure to offer a hand to you to let you know more about Shaolin Temple.
If you want to have some performance videos of my master or even a
weapon from Shaolin, let me know and I can send them by mails to you.
Many blessings with best regards!
Heming from Shaolin

Shaolin Secular Disciple's Union,
Shaolin Temple, Mt.Song, Henan 452491, P.R.China
Tel: +86(371)2749172
Fax: +1(212)98143
ICQ#: 17145752
Email: heming@shaolintemple.zzn.com

06-08-2000, 06:07 PM
Wellcome Heming!!
-Nice to see you in the forum!!
Its dena /infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif


06-08-2000, 08:46 PM
I knew we had some top guys from every field in this forum but now a shaolin monk !!! wow the internet is really something, whatever happened to spending all day dedicated to martial arts, It could get quite hectic in the temple with computer terminals around I mean you know what happens whenever you try and do a search for something I think some of those pictures you could come up with would be quite controversial.

No offence intended it was just a joke but on another note. If we came to study with you at the shaolin temple what could we expect to learn ? would we learn techniques like cosmic palm ? or forms like zui quan ?

06-09-2000, 10:29 PM

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR> It could get quite hectic in the temple with computer terminals around I mean you know what happens whenever you try and do a search for something [/quote]

I dont get your point..??

06-09-2000, 11:03 PM

06-09-2000, 11:08 PM


06-09-2000, 11:08 PM
and according to rumours, he'll be a great dancer when he leaves.

where are you from Heming, switzerland?

06-09-2000, 11:35 PM

come on..
He's okay! I've been in contact with him for a while through icq.

Dont bother /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

06-10-2000, 05:33 AM
wing chun is better than any other style

06-10-2000, 05:36 AM
Hello, everyone,Sharky, Wongsifu and dear Dena,

firstly, let you know that I am a Chinese, who speaks un poco English...hehehe...
secondly, I am using my laptop in the temple, and I am just helping master and our temple to
get back our reputation, I am so sorry that there are so many rumors flying around... as a Shaolin
disciple, it's my responsibility to defend our fame...since masters don't speak English and as a monk,
they don't quarrel with those who want to offend...so here I am!

a great dancer? the aim for kung fu training is for build up myself,to fulfill my heart with confidence.
i am learning Qi gong and traditional forms which is not looks nice but every movement has it's usage to
beat your enemy down, you never see these by your own eyes and if you call it dance according a rumor and
post it to people, do you pay responsibility to what you claim?

Master Wongsifu, what you can learn here depends on what you have learnt, and in Shaolin there are so much to study
that's why normal kung fu students pay 8 hours a day, 6 days a week and 11 months a year to study kung fu, and after 3 years,
they can call themselves Shaolin student, and after 10 years, they can call themselves Shaolin martial artist...

Oh, dear Dena, thanks for your good words and I am sorry I haven't seen you much online, I am busying to organize a seminar of
Shaolin I Ching Chin (Yi Jing Jin) in Hong Kong University in July...for my master....

Okay see you all soon and keep post your message here my friends! (after think it over, hahhahha, just kidding!)

Namo Amitabha!
Heming, Shaolin Temple

Shaolin Secular Disciple's Union,
Shaolin Temple, Mt.Song, Henan 452491, P.R.China
Tel: +86(371)2749172
Fax: +1(212)98143
ICQ#: 17145752
Email: heming@shaolintemple.zzn.com

06-10-2000, 05:44 AM
Wow, I feel a strange slightly inadequate feeling coming on.
I never thought I would feel that on the net.
Greetings Heming.


06-10-2000, 05:49 AM
Hi, Sharky,
You said Wing Chun is better than any other style...you mean "Best", huh?

In Shaolin we study different styles as well, San Shou (free style kick boxing) , traditional forms, mordern comepetition boxing, Tai Kwan Do, weapons...we choose one of them to become our profession and we can also choose others to train and experience the difference...depends on our own favor and body condition...

Master said:" Cucumber or carrot, everyone choose their own favorite."

Can you say that football if better than basketball? come on man, you must understand that it is just a way to play it...

a code suits all.
Buddha bless you!

Heming again from Shaolin Temple

Cut off the five fetters and pertaining to this shore (self-illusion, doubt, indulgence in wrongful rites and ceremonies, sense-desires and hatred), throw off the five fetters that pertain to the Further Shore (attachment to the realm of form, attachment to formless realms, conceit, restlessness and ignorance), cultivate further five faculties (confidence, energy, mindfulness, concentration and wisdom). He who has destroyed the five fetters (lust, hatred, delusion, pride and false views) is called a ``Flood Crosser''.

06-10-2000, 05:54 AM
Hi, Heming,

Here are some simple but burning questions:

*Are those monks capable fighters?

*Do they spar during the training?

*Are they able to use the traditional techniques in a real-fight situation?

Please don't see this post as an offence or something, It's just that I'm very curious to hear first-hand experiences.
I'm looking forward to your answers.
Thanks in advance!

06-10-2000, 05:55 AM
greetings heming, no disrespect was meant from my post, i hope you do not feel in anyway insulted. i look forward to hearing your views expressed on this forum, especially as you are 100% traditional, the way that i would train if i could afford it/ knew how to.

by the dance statement, i was just jesting on the fact that people say that modern shaolin is simply modern wushu (the gymnastic from, not the all encompassing expression for martial arts). you see, in the west (and also in the east i must hasten to add) there are so many exploits of kung fu It was just a joke, ignore everything i say from now on, it's just all to make people smile /infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif

however it would intrest me to ask you if there are any non chinese training with you, and what the opinions were about non chinese people joining the shaolin temple/practicing kung fu. other myths have been that not 100% of the system is taught to westerners etc.

i hope that you can clear these myths up for me.

yours humbly

Eddie S.


P.S - sorry i gotta add this bit - "I am using my laptop in the temple", hehe, brilliant stuff, made me chuckle /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

06-10-2000, 05:57 AM
hi heming, again that was just a joke,as on this forum, there are often arguments (which i keep out of i may add /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif) about which style is best.

yours humbly

Eddie S.

06-10-2000, 06:36 AM
Hello, Eddie,

I am not a born monk, and not yet... I am a secular disciple studying kung fu from monk master.
before I came to Shaolin Temple, I was working for an export company in the middle east.( I am 23 already by the way)So no wonder I have mobile, laptop, motor bike and digital camera equipt with me right by hand...hehe...stop laughing!

*Are those monks capable fighters?
Warrior monk's job is protect the temple, they are also called "Monk Solider", if they can't fight,how can they get such a title?

*Do they spar during the training?
Yes, they do spar during the training...this makes the form movement more understandable and easy to catch.

*Are they able to use the traditional techniques in a real-fight situation?
as I said, kung fu is not dancing, some of the traditional form are for body development, some of them are only
for combatting...so yes, they use techniques like lethal point punching, Qing Na (cacthing and locking the movable part of the body)...many many fatal skills...

that modern shaolin is simply modern wushu (the gymnastic from, partially it is true...Chinese government published the rules of competetion in 1984, and after that, wushu followed the designed way but not the traditional way...
right now the situation is changing back as well...but the traditional kung fu never disappeared, it is passing down by generations in the temple...

yes, there are many foreigners coming to Shaolin Temple and train here as well, from UK, US, South Africa, Germany, France, Japan, Korea,Mexico...around 20 foreigners is following their masters now in Shaolin...
Not 100% of the system is taught to westerners? ...hmm, you can say so, not 100% will be taught to those who are not Shaolin disciples...even Chinese students are the same. by the way, most of the foreigners here are just like tourist, they study kung fu for 3 month or so then they left, and come back next year...and also they can't take the tough training as other Chinese disciples...what can I say...if you do as same as other Chinesestudents did for total 3 years, you will be superb compare with other westerners who train 4 hours a week...since you trained almost 6500 hours in these 3 years...with Shaolin masters.

Your friend, Heming
Shaolin Temple

06-10-2000, 06:51 AM
many thanks for your enlightening post.

Eddie S.

06-10-2000, 09:55 PM
Heming, it is truly an honor to have someone like yourself on this site. I one day want to train at shaolin temple and am wondering if it would be possible for an american to become a live-in disciple or possibly even a monk? This is one of my dreams in life and a serious goal of mine.
one more question. Another goal of mine is that although my love for shaolin kung fu is second to none i also want to become a professional boxer is this against the temples beliefs and would i still be able to train at the temple while pursuing this goal?
I appreciate your time and have tremendous respect for you. Good luck in all you do and wish to achieve in life.

06-10-2000, 11:04 PM
Dear Nick,
Thanks for your good words, it is just so nice to know all of you.
I am so happy for knowing that there are so many people have the same dream of mine, to become a
Shaolin kung fu disciple...yes, as Master De Yang said, Shaolin Temple always open it's door to
all who wish to enter...if you wish to improve your kung fu study and Zen knowledge, welcome to come
to Shaolin Temple!

You asked that if to becoming a professional boxer is against the temple beliefs...don't worry, Shaolin is the
Big vehicle, anyone has karma can take a ride... but in Shaolin nobody will teach you the boxing skill,
can you teach yourself?

Wish Buddha bring us together here in Shaolin Temple one day!

Shaolin Temple before 1984 and after 1984 http://www.topcities.com/Arts/heming/index.thm
Disciple: Oh wise and all knowing one, show me the place of perfect peace.

Master: If I show it to you, it will no longer be peaceful.

06-11-2000, 12:10 AM
I have a question that you may be able to help me with. I have studied both Xiao Hong Quan and Dah Hong Quan. Some people tell me that these are the only 2 forms in the Hong system. I have heard once though, that there are maybe 2-3 other forms. Is this true? I know that many people confuse the Hong Quan with Hong Jia so it may all be a mistake but perhaps you could clear that up for me. Thank you...

06-11-2000, 02:31 AM

You wrote, "that modern shaolin is simply modern wushu (the gymnastic from, partially it is true...Chinese government published the rules of competetion in 1984, and after that, wushu followed the designed way but not the traditional way...right now the situation is changing back as well...but the traditional kung fu never disappeared, it is passing down by generations in the temple..."

It is my understanding that when the temple was destroyed around 1928. It wasn't completely destroyed but most of the monks died or fled the area to other parts of China. A few remained and maintained the temple as best as they good given their limited means. Those monks that remained were NOT warrior monks. Also, those elderly monks currently reside at the temple were children at the time of the destruction of the destruction of the temple. They were not trained in traditional wushu. In order to bring back traditional wushu to the temple, traditional wushu masters from outside of the temple were brought back to the temple to teach.

What is your understanding of traditional wushu at the Shaolin Temple and how lineage remained intact if it did?


06-11-2000, 02:50 AM

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>
I am busying to organize a seminar of
Shaolin I Ching Chin (Yi Jing Jin) in Hong Kong University in July...for my master....

Will there be some photos available online?

laughing tiger
06-11-2000, 02:58 AM
Heming, what a joy it is to have you here! You make me laugh...but there again, I am a laughing tiger, you know! That's what we do :-) <<<see! What is your opinion of the wu shu taught at the surounding schools, like Tagou? Is there more emphasis on modern wu shu than on the traditional type of arts taught at the temple? Is there any improvement in the difficulty in getting hot water for bathing in town? Now that finances have dramatically picked up for the temple, what changes, if any, do you see for the temple grounds or the staff? Keep laughing, my friend! :-)

laughing tiger
06-11-2000, 03:01 AM
sorry...one more question for you, if I may. Are any Mantis arts being taught within the temple, or just mostly in another provence? Many thanks! :-)

06-11-2000, 03:53 AM
Heming thank you for taking the time to answer my question. You are the most helpful person i have met on this computer and everyone seems to like you. I think you should start your own site called "Ask Heming." I think what i will do is when i am an active pro be a secular disciple such as yourself and then become a full time monk after i retire. I hope this would be okay. your friend,(and hopefully student one day)


06-11-2000, 04:04 AM
to Dena and Laughing tiger,
I will post photos of this seminar to you after the 2nd of July dear Dena, or I will put in a history section of our web site... http://www.topcities.com/Arts/heming/index.htm

Hey laughing tiger, here is a Zen story about laughing for you!Zen story: "Worse than a clown"

There was a young monk in China who was a very serious practitioner of the Dharma.

Once, this monk came across something he did not understand, so he went to ask the master. When the master heard the question, he kept laughing. The master then stood up and walked away, still laughing.

The young monk was very disturbed by the master's reaction. For the next 3 days, he could not eat, sleep nor think properly. At the end of 3 days, he went back to the master and told the master how disturbed he had felt.

When the master heard this, he said, "Monk, do u know what your problem is? Your problem is that YOU ARE WORSE THAN A CLOWN!"

The monk was shocked to hear that, "Venerable Sir, how can you say such a thing?! How can I be worse than a clown?"

The master explained, "A clown enjoys seeing people laugh. You? You feel disturbed because another person laughed. Tell me, are u not worse than a clown?"

When the monk heard this, he began to laugh. He was enlightened.

06-11-2000, 05:13 AM
Hi everybody,

Hey Heming, nice website. Right now looking at the Dragon Form II. A nice form to learn along with my other forms. I'm currently learning wushu.

I've been thinking of going to china and learn kungfu over there. But I'm not sure if the lesson is harder over there. I assume it would. I'm chinese and I know how chinese people are trained over there... hard..very hard... uh..scary...kinda. /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif My sifu is from Taiwan. And his training is hard. But we got used to it after awhile.

Nice to know that people from Shaolin is using Internet. This is cool. /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

06-11-2000, 07:55 AM
Tae Kwan Do in the Shaolin Temple?!?

06-11-2000, 08:16 AM
Tai Kwan Do at the Shaolin temple? Is that the same as Tae Kwon Do?
Hmmm, maybe kung fu was brought to the temple by Koreans in the 1950s. /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

laughing tiger
06-11-2000, 01:54 PM
(laughing, as usual) Very good story, Heming! I just love Zen stories and teachings! Of the writings of famous Zen masters, do you have a favorite? or a favorite Zen master? :-)

Kung Lek
06-11-2000, 08:29 PM
Hi all, welcome Heming.

May I ask what you will specialize in while training at Shaolin?
I mean, system wise, is there a particular offering that suits you best?

Also, do you study in the temple proper or are you in the outside schools?

I am also curious about the state of Kung Fu/Wu Shu at the temple and am curious of the modern curricullum and what is involved,
if it is not too much to ask could you give us a synopsis of the offerings at Shaolin.

I currently am an instructor of Shaolin Kung Fu.
I am under tutalage of a master and am allowed to instruct in his kwoon under his direction.
Our school offers Northern and Southern Shaolin styles as well as Original Five Animals (Hay Say Fu Hong Pai), Ching Lung Pa Kua Chang and Lion dance.

The Northen system is Tams style Bak Sil Lum and the Southern is Hak Fu Pai (very similar in flavour to fu jow Pai and Hung Ga).

I am looking for ward to hearing from you.
If you would like more information on our school and its offerings please check my profile and the schools online information site link is available there.


Kung Lek

06-11-2000, 08:35 PM
Hello hemming its nice to know we have somebody who is in shaolin temple with us.
By the way there is no need to called me master wongsifu. I am just a student not even good at that. Wong sifu is just the name i use.
If i came to the temple and stayed there for a month or so would the monks teach me drunken style ? or the basics of it ??

06-11-2000, 09:09 PM
i cant believe that we can actually talk to a shoalin monk no matter what anyone says we all just like to joke around but can you tell me how long you train each day

06-14-2000, 06:07 AM
Dear Eight_Triagram_Boxer,
Xiao Hong Quan and Da Hong Quan of Shaolin Temple are not the same "Hong" of Hong Family System,
but means "Grand", and Hong Jia means "A family surnamed HONG", that's not the same,
dear friend.

Xiao Hong Quan --- Small Grand Form
Da Hong Quan --- Great Grand Form
Hong Kong --- Fragrant Port

Dear J,
Nothing can be completely destroyed...it was just a fire set by the warlord Shi You San in 1928,
at present there are still many antiques of Shaolin remained...the stone lions at the front gate
offered by emperor, the fresco in White robe hall painted 200 years ago...the "Shaolin Temple" board
written by the Emperor 300 more years ago...all the stone monuments in the Bamboo Court...
the same as Shaolin traditional kung fu and warrior monk masters, what the fire can burn is the books and
sutras and the buildings, but not the kung fu existed in Shaolin for thousands years...
of course the old generation masters in the temple are very young in 1928, but Shaolin Temple was not a
kindergarten that time, don't you think the kung fu will be pass down by old masters that time?
many times in the history kung fu was been banned and claimed illegal to train in the temple,
but nothing can kill the martial spirit of Shaolin, and I wish all of us can do our best to prompt Shaolin
kung fu and make it exist and spread forever.

Laughing Tiger,
Yes, Praying Mantis is taught in Shaolin, two of the most famous ten Shaolin forms are Shaolin Praying Mantis and
Shaolin Seven Star Praying Mantis...I don't know where in "another province" you can study Shaolin Mantis,
but if you know, I would like to check it for you...keep writing.

Dear Nick-Wu,
Thanks for your warm words, Master Shi De Yang said when we had lunch yesterday with Richard Russell and Fabien Sena,
he said there are many people thought Shaolin Temple doen't accept students, that's wrong, Shaolin Temple do
accept student, and if Shaolin Temple don't accept student, he will accept students...hehehehe...you are welcome to visit
us or study with us and nothing can not be achieved, dear friend.

Dear KJoker,
I am so glad that you love our web site, we need develop it very soon...
Yes. the training here in Shaolin is very hard, but...if the 7 years kid can afford it, why can't you?
if all of other Chinese students can do, I think just overcome your fear in the heart and the burden of the
body, you can release yourself throught the tough training and realize a new self...
wish you all the very best!

Dear MoQ and rogue,
Tae Kwan Do is training here not in the temple and in the schools around the Shaolin villige,
of course kung fu is not brought to the temple by Koreans...the purpose to train it here is for participate the
International Tae Kwan Do competetion. Master Shi De Yang said he wish to learn all styles kung fu in the world but
he never have time and chance...we should open our eyes and not only sitting in the bottom of a well and think we
are always the best, am I right my friends?

Heming from Shaolin Secular Disciple's Union http://www.topcities.com/Arts/heming/index.htm

06-14-2000, 06:12 AM
Dear friend Wongsifu (Master Wong, hahaha) and Benny,
We train here 7 to 8 hours a day in Shaolin, and if you wish to study drunken style here
or just the basic, of course you can, I would like to introduce you to the master and
let him to teach you. Master will be happy to have more students who love Shaolin Kung Fu
and willing to improve themselves.

Heming, Shaolin Temple

06-14-2000, 06:35 AM
Dear Kung Lek,

I am a disciple of Master Shi Heng Jun and Shi De Yang, I am studying a lot from my masters and mainly I specialized in the traditional forms of Shaolin Temple and Qi Gong (Chi Kung).
Both masters have their own training schools near Shaolin Temple and at present I am training in Master Heng Jun's school.
there are hundreds of students like me wish to study kung fu in the temple and then masters opened a school for us...

The synopsis is practising here in the school, for those kung fu students studying here normal for 3 years.
but we are disciples studying only with masters, so we don't have a schedule since masters have too much to teach and
guess we should spend our life here to learn them all, hehehe...

I am sorry that I don't understand what is Original Five Animals (Hay Say Fu Hong Pai), Ching Lung Pa Kua Chang and Lion dance.
do you mean that the original five animals is the one we called Wu Xin Ba Fa (Five animal styles eight movements) or it is the Wu Xing Quan, the Five animal form? (Dragon, Tiger, Crane, Snake and Lepord).We never have Lion Dance in the history of Shaolin temple,is your master from Hong Kong or Canton province?

Bak Sil Lum is definitely Cantonese pronoucitation of "North Shaolin" by the way...
sure I would like to learn more from you and your school, or may if one day we can meet it will be excellent, we can compare our styles and learn from each other face to face then.

Thanks for your message and I wish to hear from you more, dear friend!

Many greetings!
Heming, Shaolin Temple

06-14-2000, 08:53 AM
Thanks for the response Heming...but you did not answer my question at all! All you did was reiterate what I had already said. I know that Hong Quan and Hong Jia are not the same...there was no reason to state that...if you go back and re-read my post you'll see that I am asking if there are any other forms in the Hong Quan series other than Dah Hong Quan and Xiao Hong Quan....

06-14-2000, 09:30 AM
There is no "Hong Quan series" in Shaolin, since Da Hong Quan and Xiao Hong Quan are totally different two forms, and except these two "Hong" forms, in Shaolin there is no other forms called " something Hong something".


06-14-2000, 04:13 PM
Why do Shaolin Buddhist monks stay inside the temple instead of going forth into the world?

I am not talking about going on forays to spread Shaolin knowledge; I'm talking about applying the Shaolin knowledge to mundane living on an everyday basis OUTSIDE the temple.

06-14-2000, 04:31 PM
Dear HuangKaiVun,

As a secular disciple of my Shaolin master, I wish to do something for our master and Shaolin Temple as well...

As a temple, Shaolin is master's home, and the place for them to practise Buddhism and training kung fu...they stay in the temple is just because that they don't want to leave their home... but actually some of the masters from Shaolin already went out of the temple and became secular people again,but to me, they are still my respectful Shaolin masters.

06-14-2000, 05:41 PM
Do you know of Grandmaster Sin Kwang The'
and how would you compare what he teaches here to what is taught there,besides the obvious difference in time spent studying?

06-15-2000, 01:40 AM
Dear Grasshopper,

You mean Shaolin Do people?
I talked with many masters who know their background and here I refuse to compare Shaolin with these people.

Heming, Shaolin Temple

laughing tiger
06-15-2000, 03:59 AM
Heming, you did it again (laughing, as usual). You are funny! How is Shaolin's new Abbot doing? Is his health well? I am sure he has so much to do. What is Shi Heng Jun's favorite styles or forms? :-) keep laughing!

06-15-2000, 08:00 AM
hi Heming,

ah developing the website? cool!

Question about the Dragon Form II. The pictures and the text instructions are somewhat different. For example on the text instruction it said to create a right forward lunge...but on the picture...it's a left forward lunge. So just follow the text, right?

Let me know if you need help on the website. I'm a web developer. Would be glad to help in any way.

06-15-2000, 05:17 PM
I don't understand your reply.please e-mail me at revnwo@hotmail.com and explain.good or bad I'm very interested in your input. peace be unto you, rev.Bill

06-15-2000, 06:48 PM
Dear Laughing Tiger,

the Shaolin new Abbot Shi Yong Xin is very busy...I met him yesterday
I begged him to offer me the discipleship...he was meeting the ex-president
of South Korea King Win San yesterday in Shaolin Temple...

My master's favorite style? Dharma Yi Jing Jin and Arhat eighteen hands movement...
and his long wepon like the monk's spade is best in the temple...

Smile from Heming

06-15-2000, 07:05 PM
Thanks dear KJoker,

I am sorry about the mistake you found, actually master said one can never
learn the kung fu from a book or a video, the form there is only for you
to have some idea about Shaolin style and it's feature...you can really feel the
speed and the power in the dragon form?
Yes we do need your help and support, I wish to express our appreciation in
advance, thanks for your offering and may Buddha bless you!

Best regards from Heming,
Shaoling Temple

Dear Grasshopper,
Did you heard about a fairytale called "the New Suit of Emperor"?
did you see the "monkey" grandmaster of them?
did you checked their master's history? what are they doing before 1985?
they are training Karate that time and nowadays these people made
"Shaolin Do" up and telling people their grandmaster is a money wearing suit came
from Shaolin Temple of China...I am so sad that such a crap can really convince
so many people who are still blind...

Heming, Shaolin Temple

06-15-2000, 07:32 PM
dear heming,
I am seeking truth ,I spent 3 years in a school claimng to have shaolin roots that did not,I don't want to do that again.I am under the impression that the lineage of the art passed from Grandmasters Su Kong Tai Jin through Ie Chang Ming to Sin Kwang The'.and that on June 22,1992 at your Henon Temple under the 13th gen.chief abbot Su Xi a stone tablet was erected commemorating Master The's visit and verifying this lineage.

seeking the way

06-15-2000, 07:54 PM
Dear Heming,

I visited your site and looked at your Dragon Form. What is the history of this form? I know the same form.

You may respond by email if you prefer:


06-15-2000, 07:57 PM
Dear Grasshopper,
I don't know why these people use Shaolin as their name...maybe their
teaching and pholosiphy is really good, but I must say very clearly here,
they are FAKE Shaolin!

Master Shi Su Xi is the 30th warrior monk of Shaolin Temple(I saw him today after dinner), he is our
grand master and the last one of the 30th generation, he charged the temple's
affair and be called the honor abbot, but not the real abbot titled by the emperor or
the government...in Shaolin temple the stone tablet you mentioned is there,
but on it it's written, "for memory of American Martial Arts Assn.'s visiting to Shaolin Temple",
the members of this delegation are...." we never said they are the lineage of Shaolin Temple!

if they are the real lineage, how come they never back to their origin again
after they got the photos with this stone and master Su Xi? since they already got "proofed", what a trick!!!

hahaha, maybe they are busying to making money right now and laughing at
such an issue, how easy it is to get the fake fame...

Heming, Shaolin Temple

06-15-2000, 08:04 PM

Through research, I have heard of a two-man set of this Dragon Form. Does this exist?

I will be performing this form (Longquan) at a national tournament next month.

Thanks for your help.

06-15-2000, 08:05 PM
Dear Long Quan,
I wish to show you another style of Dragon form from Shaolin Temple, but right
now I don't have time to publish it...maybe later I will video my master
if he would like to show me, and I will let you know if I got it on tape...
Kung Fu as a dragon!

06-15-2000, 08:08 PM
thank you Heming

seeking the way

06-15-2000, 08:32 PM
******End of the discussion of "Shaolin Do"***********

The stone tablet of "Shaolin grandmaster Sin Kwang the'", I have sent the
photoed details to a friend named Golden Tiger "JinHu1@aol.com" last week,
and I don't want to talk about this group of people anymore, if they keep
doing their stupid tricks using the name of Shaolin Temple, tomorrow I will
ask Master Shi Su Xi and his disciples to remove this advertisement-oriented stone
tablet in our temple and throw it away...

"Shaolin Do" people, if you see this message here, please do pay some respect
to the temple and kung fu you are trying to copy, at least teach some real Shaolin
kung fu but not those made up by you or your monkey grandmaster...also from Songshan
mountain of Shaolin Temple maybe, hehehe...

********End of the discussion of "Shaolin Do"*************

Heming, Shaolin Temple
heming@shaolintemple.zzn.com http://www.topcities.com/Arts/heming/index.htm

Dear Long Quan,
I will ask master about your question and let you know tomorrow, it's already 23:36 and I must offline soon...

06-15-2000, 08:39 PM

Thanks for your help. This is the first time I have seen this form on the web. It is my favorite form, hence my username, Longquan.

06-15-2000, 08:43 PM
Dear all Shaolin friends,

I wish to arrange my masters to do Shaolin kung fu seminars around the world and through this activity I wish more people can find out the true Shaolin kung fu by their own eyes, and also have a chance to learn the real thing from the real Shaolin warrior monks...

If you wish to discuss with me and arrange the seminar for your place, pleae let me know, thanks very much and I wish one day you can point the Emperor and tell people what a new clothes he is wearing...

Namo Amitabha!
Heming, Shaolin Temple

Email: heming@shaolintemple.zzn.com

06-15-2000, 10:17 PM
Dear Mr.B,

Thanks for your email so much, and it's my honor to discuss more about the Shaolin Do story with you here.

There is big debate here about whether more than one Shaolin temple existed.
Some say as many as 7 existed. According to Sin Kwang The', there were
numerous temples which were part of what he calls the "Shaolin Order", but
the other temples did not use the name Shaolin. He claims that these other
temples trained in martial arts, and traded marital knowledge with the
temple in Shaolin, but that some of these temples were actually Taoist.

I agree with this, but we can't call all those temples in the world which practise kung fu
"Shaolin Temple", right? According to Sin Kwang The', at least half of the temples in China
is "Shaolin Do Temple" then.

According to The', his lineage descends from the Fukien temple which he says
was destroyed around the time of the turn of the century. He claims that a
master with a genetic disorder (Su Kong T'ai Djin) never left the temple
because of his appearance and dedicated himself to studying martial arts.
When the temple was destroyed he fled to the mountains and taught there.
Master Ie Chang Ming was one of his students who studied under him at the
temple, and then followed him into the mountains.

My friend has this guy Sin Kwang's photo when he was young and training in his Karate course,
how come suddenly he became a disciple of a monkey from a Shaolin temple which is not exist anymore?

Shaolin-Do uses many Japanese terms, uniforms, rankings, etc. According to
The', Shaolin-Do was masked in Japanese cosmetics by Ie Chang Ming in
Indonesia because of anti-Chinese sentiment in Indonesia during that time.

so why don't they change their uniforms back today? maybe that will hide their background much better,
when did you see Shaolin monks doing Japanese style training?

I hate people telling lies!!!!!!

In any case, The' claims to teach what Ie Chang Ming taught him in Indonesia
which descends from a destroyed temple in Fukien. He does not claim to have
studied in China, let alone in the Shaolin temple.

so the conclusion is, The' never studied Shaolin in China till now, and his grandmaster
is just a photo of hairy monkey face, and they training in Japanese karate and using Japanese terms , uniforms and ranking...
from the beginning to now...the only thing they did is went to Shaolin and donated money and get master
to have photo together with a stone which carved the words they prepared...
then they called themselves "Shaolin Do".

Mr. V M my dear friend,

I am sorry if I said something hurting your feeling on the message board...

Sin Kwang The is not a Grandmaster of the Shaolin art trancing his lineage to the Fukien Temple,
this is a truth, I am not lying...and you said somebody's chop also on the tablet, tell you what,
I just photoed this stone for my friend Golden Tiger days before, you can ask for the photo from him,
(his email can be found on the message board), the truth is : the chop on the stone belongs the
artist who designed this stone, means the chop is not belong to Master David's and Master Sharon,
since it's written "Designed by Song Su Fan (Chop) , carved by Xue Zhan Chao".

I have had the the tablet translated by a disinterested party. The translatio
n presented in Master David's and Master Sharon's manual was essentially
the same(their chops are also on the tablet). As far as expense goes,
I pay a total of USD$900 a year for aproximately 800 hours of direct
instruction. Master David and Master Sharon are not wealthy Americans.
They drive old cars and live in modest home. It is less expensive for
me to stay in Colorado than to come to the Shaolin Temple in China. Who's
making money? You have the VISA header on your web page!? Please explain
your harsh words.

I am sorry for them still didn't make a fortune...still, why they are using Shaolin Temple as their
tool to sell their kung fu?
About my Visa header on my site, it's not put by me but the web host who provide me the free website...

What is the story? I am a trusting person, and I am really conflicted.
I have enjoyed my studies with Master Sharon Soard and Master David Soard
who were part of the group that traveled to the Shaolin Temple in 1992.
Their names and chops are also on the tablet alongside The's. They have
been operating their own school in Denver and Boulder, Colorado since
1980 as the Chinese Shaolin Center. They are about to embark on the bi-annual
China trip on Saturday the 17th. I believe they have been back to Shaolin
twice. I have never met The', but my perception of Master David and Master
Sharon is that they are quality human beings.

I believe you, dear friend, and I believe that Master David and Sharon are good masters and
quality people, but this can't be an excuse to disfame a holy temple which had no relation with them....

Sad for Shaolin Do people in the world...

Buddha bless you all and wish this issue will be an eye-opener for you!

Heming,Shaolin Temple

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06-15-2000, 10:46 PM
Oh, forgot to tell you that:
In America, there are many fake Chinese restaurants running by people from nowhere...where serve mixed Japanese and Indonesian food, if you want the original Chinese dish, don't go there!

Boulder Student
06-16-2000, 03:14 AM
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Heming:
Oh, forgot to tell you that:
In America, there are many fake Chinese restaurants running by people from nowhere...where serve mixed Japanese and Indonesian food, if you want the original Chinese dish, don't go there! [/quote]


As an Irish Jew American (Jewish mother and Irish father) and a student of Master David and Master Sharon, I take offense. True, we have nothing that is truly American. That is what makes us strong. We take the Indonesian and the Chinese, mix 'em up, and check the result. In the case of the Chinese Shaolin Center in Colorado, you have to add a couple of Americans. The result is good and inexpensive - a helluva a lot less than you charge at the Temple by a factor of ten.

Your comments could easily be construed as the official story as propagated by the same truth tellers that have subjugated Tibet and deny the massacre at Tienamen Square ever happened. I gave you the benefit of the doubt until your last few posts. You appear to be an angry little man with an agenda(not a comment on your stature... I'm talking about spirit.) Your intentions are dark. Take a bavarian king's advice: Erleichda!!!!

No more Chinese Mouth Boxing for me. I am not as gifted as the the other mouth boxers and my keyboard is tired. /infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif

06-16-2000, 03:44 AM
Hello Heming, i have been reading your posts.
i do not wish to discuss the stone tablet at the shaolin temple to commemorate Grandmaster Sin The's visit. that is obsolete
to me. It still seems to me that no-one, even YOU has any hard proof disclaiming Sin The' and what he teaches. You have expressed your opinions about the subject, and where you might actually be in the shaolin temple in china, but i question the validity of a COMMUNIST REGIME THAT DESTROYED THOSES PRACTICES LONG AGO. Sure, you guys have the wushu team and i am sure that you guys do alot of head shaving and dress up as monks to bag the tourists who come there, it is a great money making scheme,,,just like us right? even though your opinions are more intelligent than most of the guys in here who trash GMSin The' but still your information is SUPERFICIAL AT BEST. REMEMBER YOUR ALLS' SAVIOUR MAO "RELIGION IS POISON". I dont believe that your countries' communist regime has changed ANYTHING or allowed the ressurection of the shaolin temple to take place. Just my opinion HEMING. /infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif

Look,it cannot be seen-it is beyond form. Listen,it cannot be heard-it is beyond sound.
Grasp,it cannot be held-it is intangible. These three are indefinable:Therefore they are joined as one.

06-16-2000, 03:51 AM
I don't care about how people say about my intention, actually it is my personal willing to help Shaolin to recover from the bad reputation, since I am one of the Shaolin Disciple...
again, please change your misused "Shaolin" name, don't let people be told they are learning Shaolin kung fu, okay?

As a Chinese who experienced many things happened in China, we have many disputes...now you mentioned the problem of Tibet and the Tiananmen Sq. stuff...don't you get your information from US media and the story made up by politiciana who wish to beat down all communist countries...

Let us shut up and let the facts tell the truth...

06-16-2000, 04:03 AM Wise blind elephants

Six wise, blind elephants were discussing what humans were like. Failing to agree, they decided to determine what humans were like by direct experience.
The first wise, blind elephant felt the human, and declared, "Humans are flat."

The other wise, blind elephants, after similarly feeling the human, agreed.

/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif then they start to talk about "Shaolin" and "Communist China". /infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif

06-16-2000, 04:46 AM
i started mt day very disturbed by this ,but after long consideration,I've come to the same conclusion you posted last.thank you ,rev.bill

seeking the way

06-16-2000, 05:06 AM
your not searching for the way your searching for someone to pat your back and say no johnny your teachers not really a phony. What would Hemming have to gain from lying? What would Drunken ostritch have to gain? oh yah Drunken ostritch has a school, doesnt he.? you dont have to take either parties words ask to see copies of GM The's
rank papers and compare the dates and time frames with the book. He couldnt even keep his lies straight.. or you can just blame it on those commies and there dark agenda. The truth is often a bitter pill

06-16-2000, 06:22 AM
Hi Heming,

What's the schedule for the seminar? I think my sifu would like this. I have to ask him though. And he might ask the date. I think it would be awesome for most of us over here.

06-16-2000, 06:44 AM
>>...now you mentioned the problem of Tibet and the Tiananmen Sq. stuff...don't you get your information from US media and the story made up by politiciana who wish to beat down all communist countries...

Let us shut up and let the facts tell the truth...<<

Please enlighten us with the facts. How is the US media misleading us regarding Tibet and Tiananmen Square? Inquiring minds want to know...

06-16-2000, 06:57 AM
KIDS- Lay off Heming!

He was asked a question and he answered...perhaps abit emotionally... but if you were in his position, what would you do, sugarcoat your answer? Okay, you got the word from the Temple...

Now, maybe your "grandmaster" needs to answer some questions!

And remember, the Communists are the Government and the crimes were against the People... you armchair political pundits!

[This message has been edited by MoQ (edited 06-16-2000).]

06-16-2000, 07:05 AM
this will be MY last post on this subject because it has become a clusterf# of childmindedness saying {i'm better than you are like a bunch of 2nd graders on a playground.my original question asked only if heming could tell me the likeness and differences between my style and what he learns there,thats all...the answer became irrelevant and I really don't even care now.
as for what this subject became ,thats irrelevant now too.I only know 3 things now,the first 2 I knew already 1 shaolin-do is the most comprhensiv art I've found in the years I've looked 2 GMsin the' {after spending time w/him in class and at dinner}is one of the nicest and sincerest men I've ever met.and 3 my new lesson for today,this forum has more "racism" between styles than the bulls!@#t we have to deal w/in our daily lives as human beings.
heming,I haven't meant to offend you from the begining and I still don't,you have offended me to some degree but I can let it go ,it doesn't matter.{and I think your site is pretty cool regardless if we see eye to eye on everything or not.
ironspirit:thanks for your input and the method which you chose to pesent it I appriciate it.
ostrich,kfkid,and other members of our style,
I had no idea the can of worms I inadvertantly opened,I apologize to you all
with a hand overfist bow.
cometfist:for one I don't care ,Ive come to the coclusion that sin the is a great man and HIS style fits me from 1st hand experience.for 2 that was never in question on my end ,my original question was about style not people.and 3 you don't know me or anything about me so don't tell me what I'm looking for,it sure wasn't your smart ass response.
I'm done with this subject.

06-16-2000, 07:29 AM
I am so sorry to Grasshopper...

the topic was "Shaolin Temple greetings"...
Master said not only Shaolin kung fu will be good to the people, all kung fu style has
their own advantage...I am sure there are is a style much better than Shaolin style in the world,
definitely Shaolin kung fu is not the best kung fu in the world...

maybe we should concentrate on kung fu more but not these "true" or "false" craps...
and also I won't lead this topic to the "communist political stuffs",or maybe
we can talk about these in another topic in the future...

I will pay my best respect to grasshopper and his masters...and wish one day you
will learn the true Shaolin and get benifit from what you learnt.

Your sincerely friend,
Heming, Shaolin Temple

06-16-2000, 07:44 AM
Mr. Hemming, why wont you answer my question? Is the US media not telling the truth about human rights abuses and the oppressive nature of the Communist Chinese government? Also, is it illegal for the average person to practice Kung Fu in China?

06-16-2000, 07:49 AM
thank you ,blessings to you and yours.I will admit my knowledge of your surroundings are limited,but what I do know is that the Shaolin were an awsome force,physicallyu and mentally,something I strive to achive someday.also I was raised wiyh either no religion or all christian based religions,
when I got older I started looking at all the religions of the world and marvelled at thier liknesses in most cases.I am now highly interested in Buddhism.I don't have an official opinion formed on who or what god is at this point in my life .I do know that the wisdom of the buddist and the principles they teach seem very solid to me .I don't know what you belive in ,if your into religion or not but maybe you could share your knowledge of these things with me.

seeking the way

06-16-2000, 07:53 AM
speaking as one who has been under fire of media power,I have to say the media rarely if ever tells the truth about anything.

06-16-2000, 08:14 AM
Dear JJJ,

US media are telling too much human rights abuses and the oppressive nature of
the Communist Chinese government, sometimes sounds very funny to us Chinese people since
all of Chinese people are happy with our government but the US politicians don't...

Sure it is legal for all of us to practise Kung Fu here in China, also we have
students from US and UK can help me to proof this truth...also we have 10000
kung fu students in Shaolin to proof this truth as well...(or maybe we are studying Communist Quan, (Chairman Mao's Fist) from Shaolin monks and we don't know, !!!)

maybe next time you will ask me that if it is legal to read newspaper and watch TV here
in China, tell you in advance yes, it is legal, not only that, I can also watch Taiwanese TV news, Hong Kong news and CNN news on TV at the time I was at home...

I wish to tell you more about China, dear friend...

Next time let US media tell us more about what we Chinese people are suffering from the ruling of Communist Party, please enlighten us by your advanced Captialism system...thanks in advance.

Heming who living under the shadow of Communist government...

06-16-2000, 08:31 AM
Sorry, but they dont look too happy in these pictures:


The deceitful, capitalist US media needs to quit spreading lies. /infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif

06-16-2000, 08:48 AM
I am so honored to meet my friends Richard Russell from U.S. and Fabien Sena from Japan here in Shaolin Temple days before,
(Webmaster of http://www.russbo.com
and ALMA http://www.spheral.com/alma/index2u.html)
Please do visit their website...

I introduced them to my master and many other excellent masters in Shaolin Temple and out of Shaolin Temple, so later you will see more information on their great web site about Shaolin and I wish all people can be like them, see the great Shaolin Temple by the right attitude and let more people enlightened...

I am just a little potato here and my voice is weak, but if more and more people who willing to study the excellent kung fu of Shaolin Temple and it's Zen pholosiphy can do something for the temple and the masters, I will see the day people find the truth and appreciate the heritage our ancestors grant us...

Heming, Shaolin Temple

06-16-2000, 09:28 AM
The traditional Shaolin training for waist and wrist...and the footwork.

Stir the water by a cottoned staff for 200 circles clockwise and another 200 anti-clockwise,
in a horse stance posture which require the back keep straight and keeping balance on the blossom

My master Shi Heng Jun and my Shaolin brother Jimmy from Korea is in this photo, taken in the afternoon on the 6th of June, 2000.
Shaolin Temple Secular Disciple's Union

06-16-2000, 10:40 PM
Dear J,
What did Shaolin Temple do for attract the flood of tourists?
it is tourists like you and me who commercialized Shaolin Temple but not itself...
is Shaolin coke made by the temple? and who is buying it and drinking it? Just like the same Shaolin Do Re Mi
did, people love the title of "Shaolin" and use it everywhere in their life...Shaolin bus, Shaolin sausage, Shaolin
Pancake, Shaolin sport shoes...
and luckly, Shaolin Temple survived...
but what will Shaolin's future will be...if we don't step out and defend our temple now?

Disciple: Oh wise and all knowing one, show me the place of perfect peace.

Master: If I show it to you, it will know longer be peaceful.

About the dark ages in Chinese history, and the affair of Tiananmen Square...
I appreciate that Chinese government controlled the situation at the right time and
did not let China become a big mess again...and after 11 years, we can see the
development of the whole country is made under the leading of Communist Party of China...
did they do it wrong to bring Chinese people a peaceful life?
if such a history event repeat again, I will still support the government to keep the country in order
at such a chaos moment...and people's life didn't been influenced that time... we appreciate the peace
and don't want to live in a country which is full of political turbulences...

Heming one of the millions common Chinese youths

laughing tiger
06-17-2000, 03:11 AM
Wow! The sparks start to fly! LOL I would ask that we grant Heming his beingness, and allow him to actually (God forbid) have a different opinion than each of us. Also, please take note... try to understand that his world is very different from ours. He is very busy being a student of Shaolin, Zen...and life. Also, it might not be in the best of spirits to put him on the spot ...making him answer for his government. I certainly wouldn't want to if I was living there. Thank goodness Shaolin is allowed to remain. While I deplore what has happened in Tibet, it does remind me of Western Samoa, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, Puerto Rico,,,not to mention the people of Bikini (I think they still glow in the dark). I choose to be friends with my true Shaolin wushu and zen brother...and to take advantage of the very special opportunity to share experiences with him...and most of all, learn from him.

...those who only seek win/win situations in life enhance the lives of everyone...including themselves...

My Sifu, master Cheung

...in the choice between laughter and being "right", I'm as wrong as one can be...

-me (giggling) :-)

06-17-2000, 03:30 AM
Laughin Tiger,

I agree!
May his political judgement be what it is.

Would you start arguing about the racist-problems in Denmark with me, just because they're present?
- my oppinion on that subject might not be (but I think it is) what you would like to hear, but it still has nothing to do with this forum.

Discussions on political interference may not be suitable for this forum.

If you get my point...

So if you want to discuss stuff non related to kungfu, please make it private.
Use the email-system.

No offence, but if politics were to be in this forum, there would be that category to choose from.

Pretty peace!

06-17-2000, 08:10 AM
I have some interesting information for all of you regarding HEMING AND this political thing. this is in reference to my last post,
go and read it again and then read this /infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif
Recently Chinese human rights (or the lack thereof) have come into the spotlight with the free trade agreement thing. Some of its proponents have said that the Chinese are freer than ever before since they now have access to the internet. What many people don't realize is that the Chinese people don't have free, unimpeded access to the internet. The reason for this is that all of the internet access companies in China are of course controlled by the State, which employs"websense"-style softwares to limit access to "questionable" websites. That is to say, any web sites that do not meet with the approval of the communist censors. HEMING accuses Americans of having a biased view of China influenced by the Western media. But what about the thousands of Chinese who endenture themselves and risk their lives to flee China? Are they all lying too? Our friend HEMING claims to be a "disciple" at the Shaolin "temple" in China, and China's government does not abide religion, therefore it seems far more likely that his motives for volunteering what he calls the "facts" might be less than pure. After all, anyone can stay at the Shaolin temple to train, that is, if they have the money, and if they don't rock the communist boat. Might not all of HEMING's posturing be an attempt to attract more "disciples" to spend thier money in China, rather than here in the United States? Believe me when i tell all of you that HEMINGS story sounds a bit fishy to me, in light of all the FACTS. /infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif

06-17-2000, 09:31 AM
Dear drunkenostrich,

By spending money in US you think you can buy any commodity you want...and you might also believe that you can bring your money and come to Shaolin Temple and buy our kung fu, right?
(today is the last day of Shaolin kung fu special offer, tell me how much kungfu you want, I will keep it for you.)

You just said that " anyone can stay at the Shaolin temple to train, that is, if they have the money"...
You must be a pretty rich guy in US, am I right? (hehehe...my eyes is glowing!)

then why should we spend years here to study from master in the mountain? why don't we just sign
him a cheque and get our "kung fu" packed handy?

and, how do you know that our internet access is controlled by government?
anybody has internet knoweledge will know it is impossible to controll one's
internet access to any website... right now I am in Shaolin Temple using my
PC, and I am free to visit any sites if I want to...and now I am talking with you online...

and about the thousands of Chinese who endenture themselves and risk their lives to flee China, actually they are
not flee China but they are trying to enter US...hehehe...in China anybody
can easily get a passport in 25 working days, but US rarely give the visa, that's
why people who dreaming about rich American life want to enter US illegally to
become an "American"...I pay respect to them since they are seeking for a better life...
this is their "human rights", hehehe...

After all, anyone can stay at the Shaolin temple to train, that is true, and as a kung fu student
they should pay tuition and the cost of food and accomandation, that's also true.
and as a Chinese we love our country and we satisfy with our government, so we won't rock this peaceful boat, of course...
if you have extra energy and time, you can rock your own boat and ask your own government to improve a little bit at ... , but not teach
us Chinese people (who you will never understand) what to do with our country and government( which you will never understand as well)
...what is the fun for you to rock our "Communist Boat"? would you tell us more about you by the way?

What a relaxtion to tell fishy story here on the board, hehe /infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif
Heming in Shaolin Temple

[This message has been edited by Heming (edited 06-18-2000).]

06-17-2000, 05:58 PM
hum... We have our own very dark history as well as current problems in the US dont we?

Hi Heming I have really enjoyed your posts.


Boulder Student
06-17-2000, 06:30 PM
Everywhere the humans go there is trouble. /infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif

06-17-2000, 06:39 PM
MY posts still stands HEMING, the fact that you deny all of this proves my point exactly.
Every one here is so quick t bow down to you, because you are a "DIsciple" at the Shaolin Temple in China, and that you are Chinese. All of the friends that i have known who have visited there say it is nothing but a TOURIST ATTRACTION(TRAP) The WUSHU TEAM shaves thier heads and dresses up like monks and goes out there while the tourists take snapshots of you guys running up the mountain. And i have heard of the prices you guys have to stay there for us foreigners and i must say that i wish i were rich, so i could go there myself and partake in all the fun, We have great actors here in America that would love the opportunity to play SHAOLIN MONK for a while and live out a fantasy. YOU may have all the poaple in here fooled but not me. YOUR COUNTRY IS COMMUNIST.
I am sure that what you say in response to these things are controlled if not watched very closely by your government. As far as my school is concerned. YOU CAN TRASH IT ALL YOU WANT< the fact remains that what we have here in the good ole USA is just as good and
LESS EXPENSIVE, YOU guys cater to a small percentage of PEOPLE here in the USA who want to "LIVE" the shaolin life. We have modernized so that we can be successful in our buisiness. We dont go around wearing monks robes or silk pajamas because the majority of the people here would run for the door if they had to wear all that stuff that went out with the 1800's and before.
A CULT we are not! A SCAM WE ARE DEFINATELY NOT. I am sure that when our school goes to visit you guys in 2001, you all will put on a great show for us.
To all others who are just loving this guy and thinking "WOW! i am fortunate to
have a direct communique with the "TEMPLE" on this forum, remember what his grand motive is in all of this,,the seminars and the spread of the "SHAOLIN" way and that is
MONEY MONEY MONEY. HOW's the economy over there HEMING? REAL GOOD HUH? YEAH I BET. You know it is also convienient that HEMING would want to compete with us Shaolin-Do folks and trash us. HEMING has an advantage,
he is at the temple in China. But we are here
and we are FREE and we are also AFFORDABLE.

06-17-2000, 07:00 PM
D.O. if your thoughts of China are so low why is your school going on a tour of China in 2001? just wondering again......

Heming, I do think its way cool that I can post something on this forum that you in China may read. I hope the Chat is up soon, I have met many people there from all over. I even chatted with a man in Hong Kong while he was watching the international Wushu Championships live. I am not sure why your economic system is drawing so much attention here when its that free enterprise at Shaolin that is bothering folks. There are so many things I do not understand. Well I hope if I keep visiting this forum I can continue to learn the answers to my questions. Thank you again for your presence here Heming. (you too D.O.)

06-17-2000, 07:09 PM
Oh please give me a break.

Go on drunkenostrich,
Your only fooling yourself. Shoalin Do is a bunch of cr@p.

06-17-2000, 07:12 PM
my thoughts on china arent low, in fact i respect them as a culture, very much so,,,i just dont agree with communist politics, never have and never will, they have such a
grapple hold on things there that i doubt it if anyone can truly speak thier mind there with out serious consequences. we go there to visit the birth place of what once was, not to visit the temple gift shop. we are also going to tibet to visit the last remaining buddhist city of lhasa, maybe it wont be as commercial there. i wouldnt call what the "TEMPLE" is doing there as FREE enterprise. i am through with the subject, on to better things,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Look,it cannot be seen-it is beyond form. Listen,it cannot be heard-it is beyond sound.
Grasp,it cannot be held-it is intangible. These three are indefinable:Therefore they are joined as one.

06-17-2000, 07:58 PM
To dear drunkenostrich again,

You really think people likes my words just because I am a Shaolin disciple?
hehehe...then I will participate the next state election then...

All of your friend visited Shaolin told you Shaolin is nothing but a Tourist Trap,
I believe you, but...all of your friends just came as tourists and they were
dealing with travel agency but not the local people and did they ever met and talked with
a real monk master in the temple? or they just paid money to tourist guides to lead them to
the expensive restaurants and souvenir shops around the temple...?

and the tour guide lead them to some local wushu schools to watch a performance called "Shaolin real kung fu"
done by a group of young skin head kid...maybe they also had some photo with these "monks" and
then when they back to home, they felt to be cheated...

I just ask you one question, how long did your friend stayed here before?
guess the longest won't be more than one month...isn't it? and you call this is the training in Shaolin Temple?

What can we do about this? please tell me.

the price for a foreigner to train with a Shaolin master is around 400 US dollars per month,
included the tuition and the food and a single room. you call this expensive?

some "Wushu Guan" charges 800 dollars a month, but most of the money went to the "warm heart guide" who brought you
to there...there are always bad people in the world...

as a fact, all of my friend came to Shaolin Temple love this place and do appciate the Buddha brought them here,
they are from US, UK, South Africa, France, Germany, Mexico, Swiss, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia...everywhere from the
world, how come they didn't feel be trapped?

and, please! STOP talk about MY COUNTRY!!!
YES, MY COUNTRY IS COMMUNIST, and I am PROUD of our country and our government, they brought we Chinese people a peaceful
and good life! I appreciate Communist Party are doing good to us...just like your government is doing good to you as well,
if you have a sense of fear against Communist, that's your problem. Please don't disturb me with your anti-China words anymore, thank you very much!

You are sure my activity is controlled by Chinese government? How sure are you? hehehe....
I don't want to bother my UK and US Shaolin brothers to help me to proof my words, but believe or not, I am as free as you do in your
advanced country...my friend. tell me what you can do there which is can't be done here?
we can't do drugs and go gambling...since we don't have drug dealer and casino here...heheheh...

about the local economy, the average monthly income of local people is USD 50 per month. and the yearly tuition
for local kung fu students is USD 300. some of the students are from poor family living in romote mountain areas, so master charge them
nothing for study kung fu with him...business is bad, ai... >:-(

I hope my master can be very rich and we can build a nice kung fu school with clean toilet and big classroom for kids...

dear friend, please just relax when you post your message here, if you can't control your anger, just try to express yourself clearly,
you said so much but I still can't catch what do you trying to say, can you say it in one sentense?

You mean..."Shaolin Do" is good and the original Shaolin is not as good as "Shaolin Do" since you can't afford it and it is not in America,
and because it is located in the Communist China, so it is bad and it is not a real Shaolin as real as your "Shaolin Do", right?

06-17-2000, 08:01 PM
Dear qy,

thanks so much for your post, you are very nice to us!
you mentioned the international Wushu Championships helded in Hong Kong last year, actually my master went there as well,
and his monk brother is teaching as a coach for the National Wushu Team of USA and he brought his team to Hong Kong to participate, they met each other that time...(end of 1999).
and I wish I can attend such an championship one day as well, hehehe...
we can talk about anything about kung fu and Shaolin here in this "Shaolin greetings" topic, and if you wish you can also email with me!

I am happy to know you and many other friends who sending me the support throught email, many of them don't want to mention their name on the board for different reasons, but I feel
just so appreciate for allow me to tell some truths here, may Buddha bless you!

Sincerely yours,

Shaolin Secular Disciple's Union,
Shaolin Temple, Mt.Song, Henan 452491, P.R.China
Tel: +86(371)2749172
Fax: +1(212)98143
ICQ#: 17145752
Email: heming@shaolintemple.zzn.com

06-17-2000, 08:09 PM
Drunkenostritch you got your head stuck in something but it aint the sand. You sound like those Miami cubans turning everything into a plot from fidel.I love the fact that if they dont agree with you they are proving your point. what kind of garbage is that?? You are they perfect example of what the world calls the ugly american,you and your fast food martial art, your phoney teacher and your total disrespect for the birthplace of the true shaolin arts. That derrogatory chinese accent stuff at the end is ridiculous
but at least shows everyone on this forum what kind of a person you are..........

06-17-2000, 08:17 PM
Dear Drunken Ostrich,
I am happy that you respect our culture, even you believe we Chinese always tell lies since we are
afraid of our government, I don't blame you...you are just having a hard head with the wrong thoughts...
format it and re-install your system please.
Guess in your great country, you have an more open mind than we communist
brain-washed Chinese, don't proof that I am wrong...

Also, if you had prejudged the places you are going to visit are just a "terrible" tourist place, you will have no fun to do the trip then, and also, ;p your coming will just make the places have more tourists and make it a larger crowds...ai...

06-18-2000, 12:41 AM

When it all comes down to it, what does it really matter? You're wasting your energy trying to convert someone else's train of thought. There are thousands of Shaolin disciples and thousands of Shaolin Do students. So, unless we put one of those groups on a boat, sail it to the middle of the Pacific, and sink it, neither one is going to go away....accept it! With that being said, why don't we try to embrace each other instead? Our art is the same. The presentation is the only thing that is different. Regardless if I spend $5 on one hot dog in Yankee Stadium or $2.99 for a pack of ten in a supermarket, I'm still getting a hot dog. Do you see the point? But, I do applaud the Shaolin Do practitioners for defending their own. Any of us would do the same if our art was challenged. Heming, if you are genuine, where's the humility and compassion that is characteristic of a Shaolin monk (disciple)? Chose your words carefully...it sounds as though you are defending a personal pride rather than the pride of your system. I hope we can all end this useless bickering soon!

Peace and Good Fortune to everyone,

Screaming Dragon

06-18-2000, 01:22 AM
The problem with your analogy is if I pay for a Kosher all beef and end up getting
oscar meyer then something's wrong. Would you go to a Doctor with phony credentials? If a person signs up for classes wanting to be a part of Shaolins glorious history then thats what they should be getting. More then anything I feel sorry for these guys who have spent years of there lives studying a style that is not what it seems.
This disciple as far as Im concerned is only defending Shaolin from pretenders and I think the Shaolin monks who came before him would be proud. If a person is thinking of signing up with shaolin-do reads these posts at least they will have some things to ponder before they decide, wont they..

06-18-2000, 01:36 AM
I have to agree with heming and whirlwind. If you are claiming to teach shaolin kung fu then you should teach shaolin kung fu not fake shaolin."shaolin do","Shaolin sausage","shaolin hot dog",Shaolin kosher""shaolin oscar meyer","Shaolin do." Why do people claim to teach things they dont know. This is why some think kung fu is useless. too many "Shaolin do hot dog sausage" I think i just created new shaolin style now i can open up "shaolin sausage dog" school.

06-18-2000, 02:21 AM
Greetings Heming! Thankyou for maintaining contact with us in spite of our lower sense of self!

[[You mean..."Shaolin Do" is good and the original Shaolin is not as good as "Shaolin Do" since you can't afford it and it is not in America, and because it is located in the Communist China, so it is bad and it is not a real Shaolin as real as your "Shaolin Do", right?]]

YEP, that seems to be what he's saying!
Crazy , huh?
Again, I must apologize for our emptyheaded arrogance! This ostrich is drunk alright!
Actually, he's showing everyone the mastery of internal styles in shaolin-dough!
Now THAT'S worth some real money! hehehe

Pretending Shaolin and then attacking it...sadly folks, this attitude advertises more than you know, BUT NOT WHAT YOU THINK!!!

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06-18-2000, 02:54 AM
I REST MY CASE, HEMING. to whirlwind and all the rest,,i am tired,,,very tired,,not enough training. whew! i will leave all of you with some words from the TAO. THInk HARD ON THESE WORDS OF WISDOM.
FAME OR SELF: Which matters more?
SELF or WEALTH; Which is more precious?
GAIN or LOSS: Which is more pianful?
He who is attached to things will suffer much. He who saves will suffer heavy loss. A contented man is never dissapointed.
he who knows when to stop does not find himself in trouble. He will stay forever safe.
The five colors blind the eye.
The five tones deafen the ear.
The five flavors dull the taste.
Racing and hunting madden the mind.
Precious things lead one astray.
Therefore the sage is guided by what he FEELS and not what he SEES. He lets go of that and choses this.

THE Seeker and the Blind man;
SEEKER: how long have you been blind?
BLIND MAN: How long have YOU been blind?
SEEKER: I am not blind.
SEEKER: WHY do you always answer a question with a question?
BLIND MAN: WHy do you question every answer?
SEEKER: AWWW talkin' to you is like talkin' to a wall!!
BLIND MAN: BUDDAH once sat by a wall,and when he arose he was enlightened.
SEEKER: Do YOU compare yourself with BUDDHA??!!
BLINDMAN: No only to the wall.

SO long everyone, this is my last post.
i hope that all will be understanding in the coming years about SHAOLIN-DO. THose who continue to hate us, so be it. NOthing that we can do about it except exist and enlighten those who come to our school with questions and training. I have come to the conclusion that no matter what is said or done, people believe what they want to; so in conclusion my last proverb and word of wisdom to you all is this:
HAve fun all!!!!! ......JASON

Look,it cannot be seen-it is beyond form. Listen,it cannot be heard-it is beyond sound.
Grasp,it cannot be held-it is intangible. These three are indefinable:Therefore they are joined as one.

laughing tiger
06-18-2000, 03:31 AM
hmmm....this is getting very complex for a simple tiger like me. Some points...If the L.A. Dodgers say so-and-so never played on their team, that's all there is to it.Period. If I were a Shaolin deciple, keeping in mind what ocurred many times in Shaolin's history...the most recent incident only 30 odd years ago, I would say anything to preserve the temple. Wouldn't you? This is the cradle of Zen and Shaolin kung fu. Try taking all things into account. Please be smart...............
Heming's politics are irrelavent, here. As are mine and yours. Petty, hurtful racial quips.....this needs no comment.

Bottom line, my friends...
I am here to learn more, so that I may be a better martial artist and PERSON. Why are you here? :-)

06-18-2000, 03:35 AM

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06-18-2000, 03:37 AM
Dear Jason the Drunken Ostrich...
I am sorry that the conversation between us made you tired...just relax , please, we are not fighting...

as I said, it supposed to be a great fun that having a place to express
the viewpoint of myself( /infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif thank God Communist Party can't control me anymore.)
and please don't simply say no to the truth...can you just keep on write us here
when you have free time? Don't act as a real ostrich, okay?

you think I hate you and Shaolin Do?
Not at all, I don't even know you before...Yes, I was upset when I read your adverisement and the www.shaolindo.com (http://www.shaolindo.com) website with those fake "masters" photos which looks like a dog boy or a master's photo suppose to be the original Chinese look old man painted there...and actually I read the history of your Shaolin Do and showed the photos of your "master" to Grand Master Suxi...he said he doesn't know that your organization is like this when your master visited him 8 years before...and the stone tablet written " Pilgrim the Shaolin Temple" so he tought they were just worship Shaolin and wish to express the feeling and he said he didn't know there will be such a big planned story happened later with photo him together......he said "let them be...and just let the illusion exist there...if you plant a melon seed, you will have a melon and now you are planting a bean
seed, at the end you will only get a bean...and the deeds will be judged one day...".
Will you tell grand master Suxi about your history again next year when you are here?
maybe another stone tablet and some more donations to the temple?

I don't hate you and your Shaolin Do, I can't judge your Shaolin Do is good or not by the kung fu
you are teaching since I never knows what kind of kung fu you are really teaching...I respect your
masters since you said they are good people, and I believe you!

but I deny that you are Shaolin.
since the Shaolin history of your school and your grandmasters' photo is definitely fake.

Thanks for the words of wisedom, but it can't make a fairytale become a real history...

It...is...time to wake up!

Your friend, Heming

06-18-2000, 03:39 AM

Actually, it's http://www.shaolin-do.com

Say, how come master dave and master sharon's and students pix are accidentally omitted? curious...
Shoot, a whole lotta "masters"...WOW

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laughing tiger
06-18-2000, 03:41 AM
Heming....hello! :-) I would like to ask you a question (yes...a WUSHU question! ha ha!). Are you familiar with the cartoon character, Buggs Bunny? I am sure you are. Anyhoo, I find it interesting that Buggs chooses to go against a shotgun...with a carrot! And Buggs is always victorious! I am being serious. Elmer Fudd, with a shotgun vs. Buggs Bunny, with a carrot. I have my opinions on this matter, but I would much prefer to hear yours, since you are very wise. Also, could you discuss the importance of "Jing Shan" in kungfu (wushu). Best wishes to you and Shi Heng Jun! :-)

06-18-2000, 04:32 AM
Thanks ScreamingDragon,
The art of Shaolin Do and Shaolin Temple suppose to be the same...I hope so,
as they said they are teaching the real Shaolin, Hsing-I and Bagua---the most
"famous" Chinese kung fu there...in Japanese style...sounds like a joke...

I am defending for my master and the Shaolin Temple, and I am one member of the temple,
so you can say that I am trying to protect myself as well, that's ture.

but...seems Drunken Ostrich doesn't like to send his message here anymore so don't worry,
peace comes at last...and I don't like to talk about Shaolin Do anymore...
later i will post some of Shaolin monk's article in English about kung fu...

Heming, Shaolin Temple

06-18-2000, 05:10 AM
Dear whirlwind and Nick-Wu,
MoQ and laughing tiger,

I was just did some effort to protect the reputation of Shaolin Temple, and I think I won't give
more words, as Screaming Dragon said, we were just wasting our energy...

I prefer to translate some kungfu artiles of warrior monks and post them here rather than talk with
someone claims that they are also from Shaolin...in next round, let us compare our kungfu and knowledge.

Thanks for always support me and appreciation to your all!

Heming, Shaolin Temple

06-18-2000, 05:15 AM
To Laughing Tiger,
Hehehe, I am not very wise at most of the time...maybe I should just learn from you of your
laughing style, what a optimised life attitude!
my masters they are wise...and that's why I came to Shaolin to spend my life here
with Shaolin masters...

about the carrot vs. shotgun story, my friend Fabien of ALMA site always say "Knowledge is Power",
it is not alway the stronger wins...Buggs Bunny has brain and this bunny always stands for the wise
and good people...isn't it? the director wishes let good people win so they win in the cartoons...
but in the real life...I don't think the good people always win...That's my opinion.
What is "Jing Shan" of kung fu? sounds like "Golden Mountain"...can you explain to me?

I showed your message to master Shi Heng Jun and he ask me to send you greetings from him.

Thanks for your laughing and made this world sunny!

laughing tiger
06-18-2000, 12:19 PM
Thank you for your reply, Heming :-) I saw the picture of your brother from Korea...he is very strong! But you know what I keep looking at in the picture? The body posture (humble) and the face of master Shi Heng Jun! Look at his face! ...well, you get to see his face a lot, I only get to see his face in photographs! Ha Ha!!! What patience and wisdom! It is easy to see. You are so fortunate to have a master to learn from such as him. I have a very special Sifu, too. Master "duke" Cheung, from Shandong. He is a very peaceful and wise man. And he likes me to make him laugh! :-)He teaches real Shaolin wushu...LongFist as well as Plum Blossom, 7 star and 8 step Praying Mantis. Was dropped off at a temple at the age of 5 years old. He also studied Taijiquan (Yang and Chen, his family's style). He studied Baguazhang, but wont teach it, because he says he cant find an american who will walk the circle long enough not to get sleepy...Ha Ha!
Anyhoooooo, regardless of the stress here, lately, we all appreciate you being here very much! Please keep visiting so that we may learn some of Shi Heng Jun's wisdom, as well as yours, too!

I wish great peace and good health to your abbot, masters and you.

laughing tiger
06-18-2000, 12:22 PM
Heming, my Sifu comes from the north, too. He said that he ate a lot more noodles and buns than rice. Is this true for those at Shaolin? Do you eat much protein, such as pork? Just curious! :-)

06-18-2000, 07:16 PM
OK It's flav with the scorecard.
Earlier on in the thread we had Heming of the Shoalin Temple(insert quick courtesy here) dissin my main man's "drunkenostrich" art of Shaolin Do claimin' it was a phhhhoeoeoeooeeennnnnnnnnnny. This was penalty points against Shoalin Do.
NEXT we had strikes which confused the crowd a little and took away a drew loose few supporters away from the Shoalin Temple (insert quick courtesy here) was the drawing of the attention that we are dealing with a country that, according to international media, murders anyone who opposses it's plans. hhmmmmmm In other words raising doubt in "so called truths". We then heard "read" the defense of the Shoalin Temple(insert quick courtesy here) about happiness within this country or "misleading us for fear of the loss of life."
Most people thought that martial arts had not THAT much to do with it but others agrue that yes it does. For a communist country it must have the best reputation cause face is everything.for everything they do. OK I see their point. Drunkenostrich (insert quick courtesy here for a lightning speech and multiple faceted question) ,MMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNN you learnt that, thats amaeaeaeaeaeaaazzzziiinng.
MAN please don't go, I'm begging you to stay hey hey....whoops sorry, I get a little carried away sometimes.
A good honest Kungfuonline way keyboard bashing and will consist of a quiz.
These questions will ne asked by me and any other board members who want to ask a question must ask by email through me at flavour54@yahoo.com (since it's my idea)and I will try to give them out in an orderly fashion giving ALL of us enough time to judge the best answer.
I'd hate to say it guys about you 2, but you are both in here in your defence of your art so let the games begin.
OR Aren't you man enough to go into battle.
QUESTION 1 When you fight what parts of an opponent do you look at?
You are the ones upholding your names, and I mean the both of you so all cr@p asside this is the way to get real respect from us as artists.

"take the pebble from my hand"

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Tranquil Tiger Lilly
06-18-2000, 07:38 PM
My dear friend Heming,
Can you tell me about Wang Long and how he created Tiger Lilly style? I'm sure you'll agree he was one of the greatest Shaolin masters who ever lived! Peace be with you!

06-18-2000, 07:44 PM

Exaclty what is the cost to stay at Shaolin?? Do you know??

06-18-2000, 08:47 PM
I havent been on for a while and i missed all this fuss and im sorry to say drunken ostrich was talking out of his beeehind, anyway I think its nice to have someone from the temple with us and we should ask as much as we can to find out lots.
Thanks for posting those pictures of the person stirring the water with on the moi fah stakes.
I was just wondering I know you say the monks are skilled fighters but are they skilled san shou or traditional fighters?, If i came to learn drunken kung fu would I learn the wushu form only or would i learn to fight using the techniques ? The problem is most schools nowadays show you the form but when people spar it is like kikcboxing.
Also do any of the monks have skills like single finger hand stand or knocking the bull from over the hill ??

06-18-2000, 09:09 PM
This post gives me the creeps. I can't believe how many people here buy into someones rap about Shaolin without question.
Questions, how many people in Communist China have a PC with an internet connection and how do they go about purchasing it? I have a hard time believing that Hemming is just a little secular Shaolin monk just spreading good will from the temple. Well Hemming how did you come by a PC with internet access?

06-18-2000, 09:27 PM
rogue he explained it on page 1 he even has a digital camera and a motorbike cos he used to work for a middle eastern company and then went to the S.T

06-18-2000, 11:07 PM
Traquil Tiger Lilly:

Don't start your stupid S@^%t on this forum!!
We are all serious, with serious questions!
WangLang and a tiger lilly style.... get a life!

YES says, "You, yourself are your only Teacher."


Tranquil Tiger Lilly
06-18-2000, 11:15 PM
A special message for my friend YES:


You are #1!

Have a nice day!

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06-18-2000, 11:19 PM

It's good to see you on the Kungfuonline forum! I enjoy the pictures of your training and friends...keep posting them.

You really should'nt waste your time writing back to some of these idiots! After all,
they wont listen to your posts, they'll just keep spewing nonsense from there mouth!

DrunkenOstrich was very racist with one of his posts "Shaorin Tshirt, Shaorin Tempol"
I believe he should appologize to Heming and everyone else for this stupid mockery of chinese accent! (I'm sure every1 agrees...Right You Guys!)

AnyWay Amitabha

YES says, "You, yourself are your only Teacher."


06-18-2000, 11:24 PM

Not so tranquil now are we! Childish obscenity!


Boulder Student
06-19-2000, 12:14 AM

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laughing tiger
06-19-2000, 12:24 AM
The amount of disrespect that some pay to others and the violent, angry, immature and overly hurtful way they communicate shows what absolutely amaturish and LOUSY martial artists they are, in their own styles. I would LOVE to see the faces of their teachers when they see their posts...and the faces of their parents, too. If you are a lousy person, you are a lousy martial artist. THAT is why the nice and cool people on the boards are the better and much more knowledgable martial artists. We have different areas on this site...why not start a BJJ/groundfighting area, where all of the guys who are intellectualy retarded and emotionally immature can go...there they can dramatize all of their insecurities and weaknesses. I don't think they want that...their whole reason for being here is not to learn anything, share or enhance things here in anyway. Their purpose, their ONLY purpose is to destroy. They can only feel good about themselves by trying to ruin the enjoyment of others here.How ...pathetic.
I am saddened by the fact that there are people who hate themselves so much, that all they are capable of is hate and ruin. Thank goodness they are lousy martial artists, and will never allow enough learning in their already full heads to actually teach others. By the way, I would like to see adult, experienced non emotionally retarded BJJ practitioners on this site, so that we can actually learn more about that awsome art! I would love to copy some of the posts on this site and show them to Hoyce. Actually, I would never do that...I would never shame such a great man that way...I have far to much respect for him and his very honorable family. :-) ...try smiling...it's cool

06-19-2000, 12:32 AM
Amen! Finally some maturity.


06-19-2000, 01:29 AM

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06-19-2000, 01:56 AM
I wonder what people think about the USA's own Shaolin Temple?

www.shaolintemple.com (http://www.usashaolintemple.org/default.html)

06-19-2000, 02:18 AM

The sh#t about paying for your food is your
undoing,the (SHAOLIN),temple,monks,and anyone
involved should through your ass out as fast as they can the (TEMPLE) is self sufficiant
the monks,diciples,and warriors work for each other each has a chore and dose this with the utmost respect to the others because if one person fails their duty all suffer.You talk of old ways and truth and custom, you mean your way lies and costume.SHAOILN flead because of people like you.You say others are useing the SHAOLIN name for profit and falsely then what the he]] do you think you are doing"hello i am heming from the temple i am orginizing seminars jump in my webb and i'll take your money and all wite the word shaolin because that is what my gov. tells me to do. GO JUMP OFF YOUR MOTOR BIKE AND TAKE YOUR LAPTOP WITH YOU. HEY EVERY ONE THERE IS A FOX IN THE HEN HOUSE RUN!!!!!!!!!!!

I will answer what you ask me to the best my wisdom and knowledge will allow.

06-19-2000, 02:50 AM
Hemming, in case you havent figured it out yet this kisang boob is affiliated with shaolin-do. Just ignore these little insects.
How much stance training do you guys do? How much stretching? Thanks for staying with us
your a true asset to the board..
your friend Whirlwind

Boulder Student
06-19-2000, 02:54 AM
I believe that energy began to be wasted in earnest after these two posts(see below) on the second page of Hemings Post. First, Heming I would suggest that you start your post again. It may rescue the content. Without the crap, it has been a great thread. If you are truly a disciple of Shaolin, nothing that I have written or Grasshopper had written should have provoked such an emotional response. Your emotional response is why Grasshopper ended up studying at Shaolin Do. Was that your intent? A follower of Buddha responding with so much force and vitriol?

D.O. I can understand, he is focused on arts developed at Wutang, a Taoist Temple. Taoists come in so many flavors its hard to keep track - 360 or something. Remember? water babbles to stone, but stone does not answer.

I have found some of the exchanges quite useful, but the Chinese Mouth Boxing (coined by Master Cheng Man-ch'ing in the 60s) needs to stop. I believe everyone here is truly interested in Chinese Martial Arts and that is why they have logged on. Disagreements are fine, but the animosity displayed by ALL parties should cease. D.O has left the building. His none Shaolin-Do posts were pretty interesting... was that the goal?

Lighten up and live well.

I apologize to all participants for my part in escalating the hostilities.

Best Regards,

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Heming:
Oh, forgot to tell you that:
In America, there are many fake Chinese restaurants running by people from nowhere...where serve mixed Japanese and Indonesian food, if you want the original Chinese dish, don't go there!

Originally posted by Boulder Student:


As an Irish Jew American (Jewish mother and Irish father) and a student of Master David and Master Sharon, I take offense. True, we have nothing that is truly American. That is what makes us strong. We take the Indonesian and the Chinese, mix 'em up, and check the result. In the case of the Chinese Shaolin Center in Colorado, you have to add a couple of Americans. The result is good and inexpensive - a helluva a lot less than you charge at the Temple by a factor of ten.

Your comments could easily be construed as the official story as propagated by the same truth tellers that have subjugated Tibet and deny the massacre at Tienamen Square ever happened. I gave you the benefit of the doubt until your last few posts. You appear to be an angry little man with an agenda(not a comment on your stature... I'm talking about spirit.) Your intentions are dark. Take a bavarian king's advice: Erleichda!!!!

No more Chinese Mouth Boxing for me. I am not as gifted as the the other mouth boxers and my keyboard is tired.


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06-19-2000, 03:32 AM
<font size=3>CHEESUS!</font>

This is gettin abit out of hands.
Could you guys please just stop this?

Get back to what your hearts really burn for!



06-19-2000, 05:09 AM
It's all in his darn intro! Hey!!!!here i am !!!!I have pictures here are my teacher's....
you have been waiting for me.

I will answer what you ask me to the best my wisdom and knowledge will allow.

laughing tiger
06-19-2000, 05:16 AM
Dena...I hope you are learning a lot about people. :-)

laughing tiger
06-21-2000, 02:41 AM
Heming, I hope you don't let the anger of others keep you from returning here :-(

06-21-2000, 05:14 AM
He's probably just busy he hasnt been posting on his own site either, lots of great info there too

laughing tiger
06-21-2000, 12:16 PM
Thank you, Whirlwind :-)

06-21-2000, 12:52 PM
Thanks everyone who posted messages here,
I couldn't post messages here due to the power failure in Shaolin Temple for these days...
I am still quite busying to training and help my friends here out since most of them speak no Chinese. I will post messages to answr all the questions later, thank all of you who pay attention on our Shaolin Temple and wish all of you a nice training day!

Heming will write soon here,
Shaolin Temple

Shaolin Secular Disciple's Union,
Shaolin Temple, Mt.Song, Henan 452491, P.R.China
Tel: +86(371)2749172
Fax: +1(212)98143
ICQ#: 17145752
Email: heming@shaolintemple.zzn.com

06-21-2000, 01:31 PM

Glad to see your back!!! We were starting to get a little worried. /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif
Also, check your website forum....I posted something there for you. See you soon!


06-21-2000, 10:21 PM
Heard that so called "Shaolin-XX" people will come to Shaolin Temple in
2001, I wish have a competetion between Shaolin Temple disciples (be called
dancers by fake "Shaolin"people), we can compare our kung fu to each other, and
the loser should make 500 videos of the competetion and distribute it free of
charge to the "Kung Fu On-Line" members...

the aim is for clearify the confusion and stop the mouth boxing...

anybody agree with this idea?


Shaolin Secular Disciple's Union,
Shaolin Temple, Mt.Song, Henan 452491, P.R.China
Tel: +86(371)2749172
Fax: +1(212)98143
ICQ#: 17145752
Email: heming@shaolintemple.zzn.com

06-21-2000, 11:10 PM
Content aside people, heming's fake chinese accented writing style is a dead give a way that he is probably not chinese and its doubtful that he is currently in china. I cant believe that anyone actually truthfully believes his stories. . .

06-21-2000, 11:40 PM
Li Mao Dou,

I was born in China and my family is in China and I am staying in Shaolin Temple of China...I told you my phone numbers and mailing address, and I showed you my photos with friends and masters in Shaolin Temple,
why you trying to telling people I am a "fake Chinese", anyway I am happy to hear such a doubt since as I know, many Chinese fell shame since they are Chinese and they went to America and became "American" and let their children became ABC...

What else you need me to proof my nationality...my passport?

Sounds like you have a Chinese name, can you tell people who are you, where are you from, what is your mailing address and your email?
and show us your photos?

Chinese Heming,
Shaolin Temple

Shaolin Student
06-22-2000, 12:57 AM
Dear Kung Fu Online Roundtable,

Greetings (Hi Heming!). My name is Adam and a student of Shaolin Kung Fu. My Masters are Shi Xing Hao and Shi De Shan, both descendants of the Shaolin Temple in China. My masters have a temple here in Houston Texas USA were we train and train hard. I have read the 4 pages of the topic "Shaolin greetings". It first seemed that everyone met and was exchanging good views about Shaolin Kung Fu. Then it turned into "mouth boxing". I do not plan to enter a mouth boxing match with anyone, but if it is to defend the name of Shaolin so be it. To help clear up some bad mis-conceptions of Shaoling Kung Fu that we (westeners & Americans)have please keep reading:

First of all, many of us towards the west watch way too much TV. All the Kung Fu movies, shows etc, are pure none sense. It's just plain entertainment. It is through sitting down watching countless hours of TV is how the majority of the people mold their views and opinions without doing their own research.

Secondly, many focus their attention on the physical side of Kung Fu and martial arts. Shaolin Kung Fu trains the body, but also trains the mind mentally and spiritually.
It is through this process that some receive enlightenment.

I have read the attacks against my friend Heming from the Shaolin Temple. What we all miss is that we can actually learn from Heming being that he is a disciple and is training at Shaolin right now. I can't think of a better source to learn and share ideas than from him. After I read the postings it is clear and evident that many westerners and Americans know very little about Shaolin Kung Fu.

Currently there are only 5 monks from Shaolin here in the United States that promote Shaolin Kung Fu. Shi Guolin, Shi Yan Ming, and Shi Yan Chang are in New York. My masters Shi Xing Hao and Shi De Shan are here in Texas. To help clear up some mis understanding about Heming, his Master trained mine and know of each other. Please, I hope this clears up the mis-understandings. We should put aside the attitudes, train hard and help one another. Thank you for your time. Amituofo.

PS: Please come by and visit the Houston Shaolin Temple and meet the masters if your close!!!!

06-22-2000, 01:37 AM
Hey Shaolin Student:

That's cool that your training under Shi Xing Hao and Shi De Shan!!! I met them at the Taiji Legacy Tournament 1999! They both are very nice people! Very very very talented!!!!!!!
Please tell Shi Xing Hao and Shi De ShanI said hi! They might remember me from that tournament as the guy who asked for their autograph on the book "Three Shaolin Tigers from Shaolin"!LOL Please tell me how they teach and how the classes are conducted..I hope to go and take a few classes just for fun!HEHEHE
Hey also look on the forum title "Picture?"
on this site....It's a picture with me and you Shih-Fu! Enjoy!


06-22-2000, 03:01 AM
Hello Hemming I am new to the forum and have read some of your post. I hope that you can continue to inlighten us all with your knowledge. And try not to become to upset with the antagonistic ways of some of the people on this forum.


08-23-2001, 02:14 PM
Ni ha ma, Heming -

With your permission I would like to ask a question or two;

Is the Iorn Palm still practiced in the temple? If so, do you use the direct/indirect method? Do you have any manuals/books written in English that explain advanced Iron Palm training/techniques. ALso I am very interested in Qigong exercises that enhance chi circulation. I perform many Qigong exercises but I am always looking to train smarter and harder. Thank you for your time Heming.