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09-17-2000, 03:03 PM

I live in The Netherlands and found a Shaolin Kung Fu school in my area. I went to see a training recently and was quite impressed. But since I do not have any experience in Kung Fu I might be easily impressed...
The person that teaches there is Joost Warsanis and he has been trained by Shi Xing Peng. Since my knowledge about Kung Fu is limited I would like to know if these names sound familiar to anyone. Could someone also advise me on what I have to pay attention to if I am looking for a Kung Fu school?


Kung Lek
09-17-2000, 11:31 PM

Joost has a website that pretty much covers most of what his school is all about.
The address is http://www.shaolin.nl

Other than that, keep asking questions and reading books and magazines that go into various descriptions of what Kung Fu acheivement is about.


Kung Lek