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Sam Wiley
02-06-2001, 09:26 PM
This is to the guys here who put the magazine together.

I think you guys do great work, put together a real quality publication each month, and maintain a standard other magazines do not.

However, I would like to see more quality content in each publication. The magazine just feels small with the tremendous amount of space given to advertisements.

I'm not saying to cut down on the number of ads (I know that a certain amount of them are necessary), I'm just asking if there is a way to increase the volume contentwise around the ads. I would simply like to read more of the great writing you guys publish each month.

Also, I would like to see a little more variety. I'm not saying that you need to jump on the NHB bandwagon and present only that material, but I think every now and then a deviation from the main theme is refreshing. Sometimes reading about nothing but Kung Fu can be boring. Little things like the recipes section etc, are good, but I don't think they stray far enough from the path to present any real variety. I'm sure you guys get a lot of mail to the contrary, from people fed up with other magazines, saying you need to focus more on KF. Bu I still think a little more variety couldn't hurt. If you can expand the magazine a bit to present more each month, this would be an excellent addition I feel. Perhaps a small section to deal with things only loosely related to KF.

Also, I am hoping you guys will keep a closer eye on the tournaments and events list. I have noticed that sometimes the list contains events after they have happened. And sometimes the list does not show all the events or tournaments that are happening. I'd just like to see a more up-to-date list that is more comprehensive. I realize that it is not your fault if you do not know an event is going to happen, but I hope there is something that can be done.

Other than that, I think you guys are doing a great job. :)

"To enter is to be born, to retreat is to die."
-An Old Taijiquan Saying

Design Sifu
02-06-2001, 10:56 PM
As the KFQ Magazine's Senior Designer I don't have Too much input about it's editorial content. My job is to insure an accessable & asteticly pleasing end product. My crew & I knock ourselves out each month trying to make each article more than just something to read.

It ain't always easy.

On the topic of ads:

well I hate to admit it But that's what's paying our rent. You see the money you actually shell out to purchase the magazine goes to Our distributers & retailers. We really don't see any of that. What we DO see are the stats on how each issue sells, and it's those stats that are uses to sell advertising space.

Now I'm speaking in very general terms here, so bare with me.

As I understand it, the better we sell (newstand wise) then the more money we can make from selling adspace, thus the "value" of each page goes up. The result is the ability to make more space available for articles as the individual ads are paying for more of the magazine . . . did that make any sence?

Anyway, we do our best to keep a balance between the amount/quality of the information we are giving and the amount of advertising we are asking our readers to be exposed to.

In the mean time, we've got our e-Zine posted For FREE (not even banner ads!!! :D) with More articles packed into it than any given issue of our publication.

On tournaments & postings:
The probelem with posting tournaments in the magazine is time. Right NOW we are working on the issue that won't hit the newstands until around MAY. If some one wants to promote a tournament happening in say June, they have to let us know NOW . . . in 2 weeks it will be too late. For many event planners it often IS too late, though they thought otherwise.

Of course we don't have a staff large enough to track down what's happening where, so we do what we can & wait till the LAST possible minute to get that sort of info out.

Now with our resources section at KFM.com
we can update our calendar of event almost daily & up to the last minute . . . check it out . . .


Sam Wiley
02-07-2001, 05:35 AM
Thanx for the reply, man. And I have been through the online issue. Great work there also. Gene Ching's article on the trip to Wudang Shan was excellent. I have read other articles on trips to Shaolin and such, but this was by far the best I have read. I suppose I may be a little biased, though, being a fan of the Wu anyway. :D

I completely understand about the ads, though. Many of the ads I see in your magazine are for revelant things, and it's only a few I feel are out of place. Personally, I am willing to pay a higher price for better quality content. There are some magazines I refuse to buy, even though they are cheaper, because their content is poor. But thereare others I consider to be pretty much gems. I'm perfectly willing to pay more for them, and often do.

Don't worry, though. You're not going to lose this reader just because of he thinks there's not enough reading to balance against the ads. I'm not that shallow.

"To enter is to be born, to retreat is to die."
-An Old Taijiquan Saying

bean curd
02-07-2001, 10:32 AM
whats the criteria for articles to be published in these mags.

lets not get into, well some like them and some don't.

i'm refering too for example the one written by donald hamby about hung gar in the march edition.

some of the stuff he has written is pure fancy on his part, so how come things like this can be published without substantiation.

regarding hung gar there are enough lineages in the u.s.a. to clarify such dripple so like i said, whats the criterea for articles

02-15-2001, 02:37 AM
Just my opinion, but I actually prefer Wushu/Kung Fu Magazine to keep to featuring Chinese martial arts only. Because Inside Kung-Fu, for example, has TOO MANY non-kung fu articles, to the point where it seems kung fu systems are sometimes almost an after-thought.

The market has tons of magazines on NHB, kickboxing, TKD, karate, kali, JKD, kenpo, etc., etc. Also a lot on taiji.

Of course, what gets printed will depend on how many quality articles of whatever art is received and approved. I think Wushu/Kung Fu is currently the best Chinese-style magazine. I think Inside Kung-Fu was a good magazine in the '70s and '80s but has gone downhill, though I still read it.

Design Sifu
03-01-2001, 01:20 AM
For any of you all curious about how & why KFMagazine publishes the articles they do . . .

check out:


you're of course welcome to submit articles as well


Design Sifu
04-03-2001, 10:18 PM
have any of you all gotten around to putting some of your Cool-ass ideas/theory into an article kind of form?

Would love to be reading some of these rants in a full form. :p

06-14-2006, 10:56 AM
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06-14-2006, 01:32 PM
How long have you been staring at this 5 year old thread, IronLawHorn67? :rolleyes:

06-14-2006, 02:05 PM
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06-14-2006, 02:29 PM
And this Mr. Davenport is one of the members above, is he? None of these people have posted in a long time, except for Design Sifu, and I know his name's not Davenport.

Citong Shifu
06-15-2006, 11:25 AM
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Sifu Ron Davenport.

Citong Shifu
06-15-2006, 11:48 AM
I do apologize for Iron Law Horn's attitude on this matter. This has been going on since the early 90's, lol. This guy has insulted almost evey teacher in town with his lack of Wu De. He talks so much about Wah Lum, but if You call Wah Lum Temple (Orlando) Sifu Chan or Sigung Chan will tell you out right that they do not even know a Dean McBride, etc.
He did indeed train for a short time with Sean Cochran, but received NO real rank within the system, just what he has fabricated since stealing Wah Lum Rank Certificates.

As far as the style Wu Xian Guan Northern 12 Animal Style, this isn't even a real style. Of course, I'm sure that this is evident....

Anyway, Hopefully he's done throwing his fit, lol. If you have any questions on this matter, I will be more than happy to fill in the gaps.

Citong Shifu
Shifu Ron Davenport

Citong Shifu
06-15-2006, 12:00 PM
Hey bud, you really need to work on that spelling. You know, there is spell check. It's hard trying to BullSh_T others when you cant even spell what your trying to say, lol.

What an embarrassment.

Oh, since your the master of wu xian Guan, could you be so kind to let all of us know your styles LINEAGE? Don't forget to include you teacher or yourslef? If we dont hear from you soon then I guess there's a good reason, huh, lol.

Shifu Ron Davenport.
U.S. Chinese Martial Arts Team Member 06
Regional Team Captain USACMAT / USAWKF

06-15-2006, 01:17 PM
I'm only confused about why this thread and why now? I'm guessing that IronLawHorn67 mistook Design Sifu for Citong Shifu. Design and Citong have the same amount of letters. There's a big difference otherwise, but I'm just trying to fathom IronLawHorn67 strategy here. Again I'm just guessing. Perhaps I shouldn't bother.

Anyway, whatever your beefs are, please take them elsewhere. Taiji Legacy might be good (http://ezine.kungfumagazine.com/forum/showthread.php?t=41744). I'll look forward to seeing you there, Ron.

Citong Shifu
06-15-2006, 01:22 PM
Once again, sorry. I'm pretty much done with matter. I look forward to seeing you at the Taiji Legacy as well. We are putting together a nice little article on Shaolin Di Shu for the Mag. I hope you will find it unique.

See You.
Citong Shifu

Design Sifu
06-15-2006, 03:33 PM
Why I autta . .

. . .well but . . .

I . . . um, er . . .

oh nevermind.

Citong Shifu
06-15-2006, 06:38 PM
LOL! Sorry about that Design Sifu. Have a good day.

Shifu Ron.

David Jamieson
06-16-2006, 07:41 AM
Maybe DS could change his name to "Ravenport".

Hilarity will ensue, I'm confident.