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10-18-2001, 07:08 AM
Hey gene

I have gotten good feed back for several article based on the teachers of new york.. The less know gung fu master that dont get the recognitonthey deserve. would you be interested in putting some of the articles when i am finished with the 13 or so articles..



10-18-2001, 07:49 PM
Submit the articles and we'll let you know. It's not like I can say "sure we'll publish it" without seeing it. This goes for everyone. You will find our article submission guidelines posted on our website at www.KungfuMagazine.com (http://www.KungfuMagazine.com). Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "write for kfm." After reviewing it, if you have any questions, feel free to contact our editor Martha Burr or me. Thanks for your interest and enjoy Kungfu Qigong!

And if you're going to be a writer, please work on your typing and grammer. It's the 'horse stance' of 'pen style', and so easy with all of the functions in word. This goes for everyone too.

Gene Ching
Asst. Publisher
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