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07-12-2001, 08:40 PM

What do the Taoists say about the transparent fluid (so-called "pre-cum") from Cowper's (bolbourethral) glands. I once read a brief article about it, but the subject wasn't well covered and it was a long time ago.
Western literature doesn't say much about it. Some people don't have it at all and some have it a lot. The amount depends on age and health. Is the loss of this liquid similarly exhausting to the body (without an ejaculation) to the loss of semen during ejacualtion?

Any ideas? Any materials on this?

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07-14-2001, 07:58 PM
I would say no... it is impossible to hold this fluid back as it is produced by mere thoughts and without any sort of physical stimulation whatsoever.

07-15-2001, 04:34 AM
I noticed that in the Daoist and Tantric books, too. You of course train to hold in ejaculate, but how much of the pre-ejaculate leaks out? Pre-ejaculate most definitely contains sperm(I got an A in Human Sexuality in college, hehe), so I hope that people don't believe that you can't cause a pregnancy by holding back. I have noticed that when I do practice those techniques(holding back), there doesn't seem to be any fluid that leaks out. Then again, I don't know a whole lot about it, maybe there is somebody out there who teaches this stuff?

kungfu cowboy
08-01-2001, 03:47 AM
I read that it is also "affectionately known as dogwater". :confused:

08-01-2001, 11:52 AM
Dogwater? Where did you see that?

kungfu cowboy
08-01-2001, 11:22 PM
It was in a book on human sexuality that I read when I was 12.