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10-05-2001, 02:21 AM
I was told that you shouldn't practice Qi Gong if there is any likelihood of thunder and lightning.

My first thought was "B0llocks!".

Then I thought about it a bit more - thunder/lightning = storage and release of large quantities of energy.

Qi Gong = storage and release of energy

Maybe there's something in this - what do you think?

Are there other weather conditions that might affect Qi Gong?

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10-05-2001, 04:03 AM
I think that you are thinking about it too much. Maybe you should try practicing qi gong during thunder and lightning, and tell us what happens.

What if for instance, your qi gong class, which is once a week, which is taught by the "great taiji master" is during a thunder/lightning storm. Would you decide not to go, or do you think once you arrived your teacher would tell you, "Go home, the weather does not permit qi gong today."


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10-05-2001, 07:15 AM
I heard that when there is lightning, there is too much Yang energy.

Since in Qigong you have to balance the energies, too much Yang can be harmful.

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10-06-2001, 01:52 AM

I'm not thinking too much about it at all (as we don't get a lot of thunder and lightning and I don't do an awful lot of Qi Gong at the moment).

It was just something I was told and was a bit curious about.

I like these odd bits of information that crop up now and again.

"We had a thing to settle so I did him"
Tamai, 43, was quoted by Police as saying.

10-06-2001, 03:08 AM
While doing Qi gong you are struck by a bolt of lightning from the sky. Instantly, you are a taiji master :)

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10-09-2001, 05:44 AM
I have also heard it is bad to practice qigong in the rain and by stagnant water,ie. lakes,ponds, etc. The ideal place is under trees and by running water(river,waterfall)on a sunny day with no inclement weather

kungfu cowboy
10-09-2001, 09:39 AM
No, no, I think that has to do with vampires.

10-09-2001, 11:51 AM
So that's why we have all those stake techniques and we use holy jow.

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