View Full Version : Anyone seen 5 Superfighters (Shaw Bros)?

09-07-2001, 03:39 AM
I like this movie

Some real bad dubbing/ sets / script etc (aren't they all) but some of the fights - especially the pole / spear fight toward the end of the film are really good.

It stars Hou Chao Sheng, Hsung Kang, Hui Tien Chi, Kuan Tung and Wu Yuan Chun.

The guy who does the pole fighting is good - anyone know if he featured in any other films?


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09-08-2001, 05:04 AM
I actually like this film a lot, even though it's extra-simplistic.

The guy who played the villain with the retractable spear was in a few movies with the Venoms (Flag of Iron, etc.). He also had a part in another Shaw film, The Kid From Kwangtung, as a good guy's father who was destroyed by Hwang Jang Lee.

The young guy who learned the pole I've seen as a villain against Casanova Wong in an old MA movie filmed in Korea, I think called Dragon From Shaolin(?).

Hou Chou-Sheng, who was the drunken monkey master, was a villain in 2 Billy Chong movies, Super Power, and Sun Dragon. I've seen him and the villain of 5 Superfighters in another film (probably by the same director and probably filmed at the same time) where they fought each other as well, forget the name of it. He is a bit awkward but seemed like he was in some good entertaining movies.

Wan Ma Kai
09-09-2001, 02:53 AM
Hey Jim, that young guy that was learning the pole in that movie is Kara hui Ying Hung's brother. "Kara" is the girl from legendary weapons of kung fu and she is the lead in a movie called My Young Auntie. If you havent seen this movie, you must!!!

09-10-2001, 12:43 AM
Wan Ma Kai:
I did not know he was her brother...but now that I think about it, there is enough of a sibling resemblance between the two!

Yes, I have seen My Young Auntie in a movie theater shortly after it was filmed. There is another great film with the same people and director, called The Lady is the Boss...basically a modern-day reversal of My Young Auntie. I have not seen that one on video, I hope it will be made available soon.