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10-04-2000, 04:49 PM
I did Northern Praying Mantis style Kung Fu for 4 years in Victoria before moving basically a continent away to Queensland. I cant find any Northern Praying Mantis dojo's about.. could anyone help me or point me in the right direction?

- Rhys

10-04-2000, 06:12 PM
There is a Tai Chi Mantis Master in Australia. One of the 12 seniors. I will need to check where he is, unless someone else has an answer for you.

10-04-2000, 07:16 PM

email me and I will foward it to a couple of Austrailan practitioners.


Sifu Carl

10-04-2000, 07:19 PM
http://www.authentickungfu.com has an extesive listing of schools from all over the world.
I hope you find what you are looking for!
here is the listing of schools shown there at the moment:

"Ever dance with the Devil in the pale moonlight?"

10-17-2000, 06:14 AM
The tcpm sifu is in melbourne.He is one of the original 12 handpicked students of chui chu kai.I believe his school is called"Ta's martial arts academy, Tai chi praying mantis".

11-02-2000, 09:04 AM
Does the school in Victoria happen to be the one in Brighton which charges $40AUD a lesson?


11-20-2000, 05:29 AM
Well, like the title says....

if you ever move to Sydney, I'll put you in contact with one of the best fighters I've ever seen. (and I've seen a lot!)

The Force will be with you...always

11-20-2000, 08:54 AM
If you cant find a mantis school, very compatible styles include Xing Yi and Ba Gua.

The Force will be with you...always

11-25-2000, 11:00 AM
I'm new here and I've been dabbling in martial arts for a little while now. I've done a bit of everything... I done some southern styles: Choy Li Fut and Wing Chun .Now, I want to try some Nothern styles and see what they can offer.

Seeing that this is a thread on schools in Sydney, any body know any good places. I study at Macquarie university and one of my friends say told me there is a Northern school at the gym there. Theres also a few other schools around...which ones are good and which ones are nonsense? Can you guys tell me?

Obiwan, you said you know some schools in Sydney...where are they?

Shaolin Master
11-25-2000, 11:40 PM
So What do you want to learn.
Obiwan's Teacher is
Northern Praying Mantis - Paul Beach - Kings Langley/Castle Hill. They Train Tues Thurs Sat & Sun.

Wushu is taught in a few places etc...

..you let me know.


Shi Chan Long

11-27-2000, 12:10 PM
Due to laziness, I watched the class as Macquarie uni...it looks O.k...but I want your opinions. Is it a good style? Tong Bei is suppose to be part of the Mantis style of fighting...I just want to compare styles before I choose one. The guy at Macquarie seems to know what he's doing but acts a bit disorganised....anyone taken this class yet?

I might check out Paul Beach in the holidays when I have more free time (exams at the moment). Thanks for for the reply.

11-27-2000, 01:55 PM
Come along to both classes. That's what I do. 1st class is free. I'll be at Tong Bei on Friday (7:30pm start) and I'll tell you about Mantis then. The instruction is first class. The styles are compatible. Great people, great training.
See you then.

Shaolin Master
11-27-2000, 11:57 PM
So Who else teaches TongbeiQuan in Australia.

Do they Teach Pikuazhang & Bajiquan also?

Is it Wushu based ?

I have a student who learned Tongbei in North Sydney it was terrible, He learned the form but didn't even have the necessary basics to conduct the simple rolling, extending or whipping palms. Not too mention the lack of proper stepping methods. Hope that one is better, I'll go and check it myself. So whereabouts in Macq Uni is it?

Tongbei & Tanglang are not necessarily compatible it depends on the Tanglang in question and the practical aspects of the Tongbei Learned.

Tongbei, Pigua, Baji & Pakua are a perfect combination each lending their own spice and touch of life.

The Tien Zheng Tui are excellent kicking routine that could also link up skills with Chuo Jiao.


Shi Chan Long

11-28-2000, 05:34 AM
Tong Bei is in the gym at Macquarie. We train in one of the squash courts.

It is very practically based. There is a lot of sparring. The class has been going for approximately 8 months. The instructor's name is Jack Li. He is from Shanghai. He is also trained in Xing Yi.

I have a question... Do you know anything about the Shaolin staff class at Macquarie Uni? I saw some guys there on Sunday.

Also, what martial arts are practised at other universities? Macquarie's list is quite long.


11-28-2000, 02:03 PM
Hello all,

Yes the Macq Uni Tongbei Quan class is quite good IMHO (in my humble opinion). The teacher doesn't teach any forms, only techniques which are expressions of specific way of power generation and how to link up the various basic techniques in different combinations and their variations. And the class does quite abit of sparring practise using sanda/ san shou rules mainly though however sometimes for fun he uses NHB rules. All in all, one of the best teacher and class in Sydney I have seen and been in.

There are a couple of other Tongbei and Pigua teachers around Sydney. I dont know the North Sydney one u mention though. Who is this? In Chinatown there is a teacher who teaches Pigua Tongbei as one of his main styles (other main styles he teach is Tang Lang, Xingyi and various Chang Quan type styles). In Ultimo there is a female teacher who teaches Tongbei but she is a wushu teacher. In West Ryde there is a Xingyi/ Bagua teacher who also knows Tongbei Quan but he doesnt teach in in the general class, maybe only in private if you request it. Also lastly in Surry hills there is another mainly Xingui/ Bagua teacher who I think knows Pigua and Baji Quan. Again I don't think it's part of their general class curriculum.

By the way Shaolinmaster, I will contact u sometimes this week about seeing your class if dats ok?

02-20-2001, 03:28 PM
northern praying mantis is the only style that is worthy of the word kung fu. all other MA styles suck!!!

5star praying mantis

02-24-2001, 02:37 PM
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02-25-2001, 11:32 PM
Jimmy Tsui is a contemporary of, and brother in law to, Lee kam Wing. I went and watched a class, demostrated our version of bung bo. Here is there web site http://bajoran.upnaway.com/~chewcm/

03-04-2001, 03:23 AM
SHAOLIN WUCHU CHUAN,at NORTH ROCKS.They teach practical kungfu ,refer to CARE OF DUTY section,It sure will give you an insight of it's e
AND i dont need to give you any further details.