View Full Version : 7* Praying Mantis closed footwork or open footwork?

seung ga faat
10-21-2000, 04:36 PM
Is your 7*step open or closed and why? Is mantis catches cicada aka mantis embraces immortality done in diu mah or kwa fuh and why? I am interested in how other mantis schools perform these steps and positions and why? This to create dialogue and to network with other pm styles not to find out who can win in a p*ssin' contest. /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

Sifu Thomas

10-22-2000, 04:56 PM
Dear Sifu Thomas

I didn't quite understand what you are asking
concerning whether or not the 7 star step
stance is open or closed and why ?

If you are referring to the forward foot's
position - then I can provide a better reply
to this question.

As to the second part of your info request,
I think it may depend on the different
styles / systems of mantis although
from what I've learned from two WHF lineage teachers, the Mantis Catches the Cicada is
done with the Tiger Riding Stance
- re: Kwa Fuh Bo.

seung ga faat
10-22-2000, 06:40 PM
Ericsepishii, Thanks for responding. What I mean by open footwork is the heel or toe position(forward foot) as it relates to the rear foot. The the body and legs facing forward on a 45 degree angle and in a 7* step the forward heel is in alignment with the rear toe thus, it closed to a direct forward attack. When the heels are aligned in a 7* step it is open to a direct forward attack also, the use of the closed 45 degree angle aids in tripping,leg trapping ect... In Kwa fuh the position is open heel ( rear) align more or less with the forward toe. In diu mah(hang horse)a toes aligned position is used so, that in mantis catches cicada both hands and feet can capture the prey high and low (this common to the monkey style when it comes to footwork).

Sifu Thomas

10-23-2000, 08:55 AM
Thomas, Sifu

Thanks for the clarification concerning the
7 Star stance.

I have learned this stance differently than
what you have described from 2 different
WHF lineage Sifus. Both taught me basically
the same thing concerning the 7 star stance.

#1 The distancing between your legs is 3/4's of
that of a Mountain Ascension Stance
aka = Gung Sic

#2 The forward foot's positioning is not as
you have described it as being:
"foward heel alinged to the rear toe"
but rather the foward foot's heel is
alined to the cup of the rear foot
and the toes of the forward foot is
pointed roughly at a 45 degree angle,
while the back foot is perpendicular
to the line and your body is somewhat
linear in nature especially when doing a
related linear hand movement such as a
Dieu Sao or a Bo Choi - re: Lt leg forward &
Lt hand Dieu Sao or Rt leg foward & Rt side
Bo Choi. Note: If you check one of the
WHF Books which shows WHF doing the motions
and study the related photos - you'll notice
that his body positioning is more linear
than that of a 45 degree angle.

#3 Usage of the 7 star stance
I have been taught the following:
Hook step for tripping;
stop step,
step on the opponent's forward foot
to stop the person from retreating,

opponent's forward foot,


10-23-2000, 09:06 AM
Sorry but I ended up pressing some wrong keys
again and sent the message before I was finished.

# 3 ( Utilizing the 7 Star Stance )

Hooking step for tripping;

Stop step (on your opponent's forward foot)
to stop your opponent's forward motion;

Step of your opponent's forward foot
to stop your opponent from retreating;

Heel stomp (as found in Sa Bat Sao)
to attack the opponent's forward foot;
(also if being done after a high / mid level
kick - can be used to clear out the
opponent's arms)

Low level kick for opponent's
foward leg's shin area or lower.

seung ga faat
10-23-2000, 03:53 PM
Eric(sorry for shortening your name), The foot and body positions you mentioned are familiar to me I have few friends from WHF lineage. The steps are also present in southern styles; they also use a bubbling well( cup of foot alignment) aligment as well. BUt here is something for you to consider: when you are attacking upper, mid and low gates from the outside-in try cutting thru the center line not just stopping at the center( For example 7*step/waist palm) ending with 45degree angles going in opposing directions legs and body. This can help your throwing, striking and locking/breaking applications of this and many other movements. Once again much thanks for your response. Your post was enlightening and I hope I was also helpful.

Sifu Thomas