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03-28-2000, 06:07 AM
I was asking about Mantis stances before because I don't have any resources out of class time once a week and I forget them so it's hard to practice the stances. Are the stances the same in 8step as 7star? I found some stances at the site below.

03-28-2000, 09:57 AM
They are not to far off from ours but if you want a reference book buy lee kam wings secrets of the seven star praying mantis it will help you when you forget your basic strikes stances and so forth


Very Ignorant Mantis
03-28-2000, 10:02 AM
The ones I'm familiar with are:

The fighting stance
The seven star stance
The horse stance
The cat stance
The crane stance
The bow and arrow stance
The REVERSE bow and arrow stance
The twist stance
The kneeling stance
The "T" stance

Humbly / IM

03-28-2000, 11:23 AM
thanks for the replies! I'll look for that book. I think I tried to get it through an interlibrary loan by the other library wouldn't give it up! LOL


03-28-2000, 11:17 PM

I got Lee Kam Wing's book on the seven star style. I can go ahead and let you borrow it if you want. One thing is, in the book, much of the stances are different then ours (in ways of positioning the hands). But I am sure you will find the placements of the foot the same. Also some of the names of the stances are different (a lot of them are in cantonese, whereas we use mandarin terms). Unfortunately I can't make it on Saturdays since I have religious obligations, but I can leave it at the school for you to pick up. Just let me know if this is cool.

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03-29-2000, 02:52 AM
Thanks Baji-fist that would be great. I'd like to take a look at it. Let me know where you are going to leave it I guess or with whom you will leave it. You can e-mail me about it if you want.