View Full Version : Twin-Broadsword forms

04-05-2000, 07:09 PM
I know that repeating might be annoying, but because I didn't get any answer for my old question while ago, I would like to repeat it on this board: Are there any good video tapes or books that guide the using of Twin Broadswords (I have with Wu Shu blades) ?
My sifu would start my sword forms after half year, but I'm (unfortunately) already gone during that time... to other side of world... *sob*... so if someone could give some advice?

Kung Lek
04-05-2000, 09:57 PM
Check out TC media or Panther productions.

Those guys have a ton of video material on martial arts including many forms and weapons forms available by various teachers around the world.

Lots of hype but hey that's marketing for you.
Anyway, i'm sure they have a few tapes for you to look at with double darn daos.


Kung Lek