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07-24-2000, 05:37 AM
Some people claim that he is one of the best Tai Chi Praying Mantis instructors there is. Others claim that his books are a waste of money. Who is right?

07-24-2000, 06:50 AM
I have never read any of Paul Eng's books.
I have never met the man.

What I do know is this: He studied under the late Tai Chi Praying Mantis Grandmaster Chiu Chuk-Kai in Vietnam.

I study under Master Yen Hoa Ly, a member of Chuk-Kai's "Top 12". Chosen ones of the late Grandmaster and among the oldest living disciples. These Chosen Ones were handpicked to carry on the Traditions, teaching the style--regardles of financial gain, as long as they lived and were able tocontinue. Sifu Ly keeps a low profile these days, but from personal expirience, I can tell you that he is without a doubt one of the greatest to practice Tai Chi Praying Mantis, if not THE greatest martial artist I have ever seen. Master Ly recognizes Sifu Eng as one of his peers. While this may not say much to those who do not know Sifu Ly, or of the character of Chuk-Kai, it speaks volumes to me and those who do.

At last Sunday's "Sifu Day" gathering, Master Ly described the founders of Tai Chi Praying Mantis as being straightforward and honest people. He also said that all who practice Tai Chi Praying Mantis need to strive to live up to those ideals.

Though there may be political issues, the fact remains. In my opinion, anyone who proved himself to Chuk-Kai, during his prime in Vietnam, is worthy of the highest respect.


Laughing Buddha
07-24-2000, 11:11 AM
Ummm...I don't think you realise this but you're referring to Grandmaster Chiu by his given name. His surname (or last name)is "Chiu" and his given name is "Chuk-Kai". In Chinese tradition, only VERY close friends address each other by their given names. Even peers do not address each other by their given names. FYI.

A "Laughing Budda" or "Dai Tao Fut" is usually found cavorting in front of and leading the lion(s) in a Southern Lion Dance troupe.

* I speak for myself and not for my Si Fu nor kwoon, so any errors I make are mine alone.

07-24-2000, 07:09 PM
Obviously there was no disrespect intended for the late grandmaster implied in my post. I am researching him for a magazine article at present and this is how he has been referred to in 90% of my findings and conversations.
If I offended you then I apologize, but understand that Sigung is held with the highest regard and respect in my Kung Fu family.
Besides the post was intended to help "curious" understand Paul Eng and his background, not anything more, not anything less.
Again if I offended I apologize.


07-24-2000, 07:26 PM
According to my resarch Granmaster Chiu's given name is Tsu Tse (Chao Chu Chi), and "Chuk-Kai" was the name he was known by. This came from him defeating a notorious bandit and skilled fighter in hand to hand combat at the "Bamboo River" (Chuk-Kai). This is How Sigung was referred by many (tho likely not in person) in conversation.


07-24-2000, 10:42 PM
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by curious:
Some people claim that he is one of the best Tai Chi Praying Mantis instructors there is. Others claim that his books are a waste of money. Who is right?[/quote]

I guess that would be depending on your needs, background, expectations. Books are subjective. One man's heaven...
Most I have heard from, think his books are well done. As do I. If you are looking for a book to replace personel instruction, forget it. They can serve as a guide and aid. Depending on your background.
As for who is right...which is better Ford or Chevy, Mac or PC's, Taekwondo or Shotokan, Hung Gar or White Crane...
whatever fills your need, opens your mind, answers your questions, works for you, is the best.

As for Eng Shifu as a teacher, I have been on and off with him since 87 some of my Sihing's much much longer. There is always something to learn from him, some perspective that is different, some little detail that opens up another view. He is up there with the best. Do not be missled by his low profile, some of those in the lime light fall far short of his knowledge and willness to share. His demeaner as many who have studied with Sigung does honor to the Grandmaster.

my opinion


07-24-2000, 11:16 PM
Well Said Shaolin.

07-25-2000, 01:46 AM
Thanks a bunch, guys!