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08-11-2000, 10:43 AM
I was wondering how many people out there meditate as part of their training. I study Cha'an and Taoism and meditate on a regular (sort of) basis. I hadn't thought to meditate before training, but I heard that a Red Lotus sifu in town has a mandatory meditation period for an hour before class. Anyone's teachers do that? Would there be a specific way to meditate that is conducive to training? I normally sit on a zafu with a candle in front of me and focus on my breath. I close my eyes most of the way bit I can still see the candle flame. I have experimented with reverse breathing and a Taoist meditation that traces the path of energy through to whole body in one breath, but I don't think I did either right. Anyway the thought occured to me after hearing about the Red Lotus guy...........

In all situations
be aware, be mindful, and be
Wandering aimlessly invites attack.
But if one is attacked,
retreat three times
before retaliating.

09-08-2000, 02:41 AM
After meditating and getting into a no-mind state, yes, its almost like being psychic. I don't think it just opens up the senses in order to better respond to more reactions as some have suggested. I actually think it opens up paths to other's minds.
I just thought of a good experiment to try in order to see if meditation opens up avenues in the mind more so than just being more perceptive. Have two students spar, each blindfolded with some serious ear plugs or shooting muffs. That way there is no sensory input (maybe even nose plugs, and hopefully no licking would be involved...hehe), and have one student meditate and one student do push ups or something (or nothing at all).
I would bet some serious cash on the student that meditated would win over the other that kept himself more in this world's mindset.
An interesting idea for an experiment anyways.

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09-08-2000, 03:08 AM
From my own experience I find sitting
meditation great for collecting energy. I
also practice standing Qi Gong and just apply
the principles to sitting and find it
increases my energy level. A great book on
the subject is "Tranquil Sitting
by Shi Fu Hwang, Cheney Crow (Translator)"

Hey, that's funny. Amazon says it's out of
print but maybe you can find it somewhere.

09-08-2000, 10:13 AM
We were doing the Tibetian 14 lama horse set in class tonight and during one of the stances my teacher commented that (as we were holding them for hours it seemed, but was only a few minutes), "The longer you hold these stances, and the less movement you make holding them the more energy you build up." Maybe that is a little too simplestic and basic of a concept, but I had a revelation from that: That stillness in my life is what I most seek. More importantly, to still my mind and body more. This in itself may still my life.

09-09-2000, 08:16 AM
Nice post Dragle.