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09-08-2000, 11:17 AM
We have been able to convince Master Chui Luen to consider doing a couple seminar in the future.

We would like to know what topics people would like see covered in such a event? The seminar would be for two day, on a weekend.

Master Chiu would not be doing the forms himself, because of his health. Different ones of his senior students would perform and show anything covered. Sifu would then coach and correct afterwards.

Moreover, if you are interest in this seminar please e-mail me at: nathan@digitalavatar.org

thank you for your time

09-08-2000, 09:58 PM
Hi Nathan,

I would like to add that Chiu Leun Sifu's Dit Da Jow is now available on my site. Two different types. Check the link to 4 sale on my site


By the way, the guestbook raffle on the site has a video as prize for the next two month.

Please give serious thought to what Nathan has said. Chiu Leun Sifu is really a wealth of knowledge. He has been teaching since 1964 and is the nephew of Chiu Chi Man. Chiu Leun retired in 1982, so this is a rare chance.

Sifu Carl

09-09-2000, 01:12 AM
Sifu Carl and Nathan,
I would be interested in coming up for the seminar(s), and I'm sure some of my students would as well.
It is great to hear the the Jow is available as well, I will get some from you in a couple of weeks.
Please feel free to contact me directly to keep me informed of the status of the up and coming seminars.
Brian (Roch7StarMantis@AOL.com)

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09-09-2000, 06:11 AM
What would be a great topic.....

The kicking forms ...or the discussion of the 12 key forumals related to bung bo
mantis fighting tactics
iron palm topic
or even the wong long poem as related to the mantis forms...

or advance forms

Just a few ideas...