View Full Version : Congratulations Shonie Cater!!!

Master Po
05-04-2001, 05:39 PM
I just wanted to publicly congraulate Shonie Carter in his win over Matt Sierra in last night's UFC. I havn't seen the fight but I believe he won via. KO from a spinning backfist of all things. What makes it even more fulfilling is that Shonie was a big time underdog in most peoples mind.

Congradulations Shonie, you make us proud.

Combat-Do Jiu-jitsu 1

Graice Jiu-jitsu 0

05-05-2001, 01:34 PM
I saw the fight, and I really thought Shonie carter would lose at first. He was just showboating a bit too much with his ring entrance attire and everything. I thought he wasn't taking the fight seriously enough.

During the match though, I was very surprised and amazed to see him not only counter Serra's submission attempts (some good ones too: Key Lock, Heel Hook, Triangle Choke), but to be able to control where he wanted the fight to be. The spinning backfist (more of a forearm) KO was a flashy finish that fit perfectly with his flashy entrance.

I tip my (silver, glittery, pimp-style) hat to Shonie Carter ;) .