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04-08-2001, 03:43 PM

I just found your inquiry at the end of the "crosstrained/specialized" thread. Thought I'd start a new one, since we've changed topics a bit.

Disclaimer: Please understand that what I'm about to describe isn't a slight to taekwondo. It's just a description of my experience. Any shortcomings described were either in my own training or the instruction at my particular school. I'm also not suggesting that eskrima has a monopoly on the ideas I'm describing.

I'm actually a big fan of taekwondo.

When I studied taekwondo exclusively, we practiced <u>no</u> footwork whatsoever. Even the stances were done almost solely within the hyung (forms).

Now, when my friend Matt (who came up in the same school) teaches taekwondo, he does teach quite a bit of footwork. But it tends to be predominantly linear. Advancing, retreating, switch stepping, etc.

Eskrima's footwork, based on the triangle, provides a model for advancing and retreating without keeping you on that single line of engagement. Most taekwondoka that I've known have had a good stiff sidekick or a similar linear technique that makes trying to close on that line of engagement bloody miserable. It often means that the guy with the longer legs (or an exceptionally fast person) will be able to keep a shorter person at bay.

I often hear short fighters groan when they're paired with taller fighters. I often did myself, when I was younger. (I was, and am, 6'1" and yet still not the tallest guy in class.)

So the footwork gave me a model for entering past good still linear techniques, getting behind an opponent, zoning away from swinging kicks, ridgehands, etc., and stepping into (snuffing) those same swinging strikes.

It changed the model from trying to be the fastest guy up the middle to playing with different angles of entry, getting myself in the right place at the right time, and so forth.

I know that's not a very good description. Mea culpa. If there's anything specific you were wondering about, fire away.



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Thanks for the reply apoweyn. I've seen a bunch of TKD guys that fight along a line, usually from a side horse stance. I off angle a lot but I've yet to use my escrima footwork. I'm going to brush it off and try it out this week.