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don bohrer
11-01-2001, 02:42 AM
I have read material that Soke Durbin has put on his site and purchased a kenpo book he wrote. This man seems like he is competent. Has anyone trained with him? He has penned many articles on kenpo and japanes arts.
Soke Burbin articles and site link (http://kempo.4mg.com/sokeart.html)

11-01-2001, 03:34 AM

Has some information.

don bohrer
11-01-2001, 03:48 AM
Kinda makes you go hmm. I think I will try to email him to hear his side. You just never know. I like his articles but will check the facts when possible.

Piccolo Junior
11-02-2001, 05:33 PM
A non Japanese person cannot possibly be the Soke of any style. A Soke is the hereditary inheirator of a Japanese style, so any non-Japanese claiming that title is ridiculous.

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