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Mr. Nemo
11-02-2001, 06:01 AM

Roberto Traven defeats Frank Mir by armbar

Evan Tanner defeats Homer Moore by armbar

Lindland defeats Baroni by judges' decision

Televised Events:

Josh Barnett defeats Bobby Hoffman by submission in the second round (Hoffman tapped out from strikes from the back mount. Barnett is the #1 heavyweight contender now in my opinion, he looked very good in this fight, came close to an armbar in the first round too.)

BJ Penn defeats Coal Uno by TKO (ref stoppage from strikes) in the first round (very fast TKO - Uno launched a big flying kick, Penn responds with a flurry - amazing victory for Penn, beating Uno so fast. He should get a title shot now, if you ask me. Big John may have stopped the fight a little early, but better that than the other way around. I'm a little irritated, I wanted Uno to win, and I at least wanted a longer fight...oh well.)

Matt Hughes defeats Carlos Newton in the second round - he KO'd Newton with a slam as Newton was attempting a triangle. (We have a new Welterweight champ - I wonder if Pat Militech will fight his own student? Or will he move up to Middle, which is a more natural weight for him? Before the slam, Newton looked real good on the ground. He swept Hughes into a full mount in the first round)

Ricco Rodriguez defeats Pete Williams by TKO (ref stoppage - strikes from back mount) in the second round. (Ricco looks good - Team Punishment is scary. I felt that this was also an early stoppage by Yamasaki, but I should stop whining. Ricco could fight the title too, after Barnett. UFC's heavyweight division is really shaping up nicely)

Couture defeats Rizzo in the third round by TKO (ref stoppage from strikes. Randy looked good striking, Rizzo just looked off. It's the same old story with him, not aggressive enough. I think I saw Mo Smith in Couture's corner...I didn't know they trained together - do they? Any way, randy kicks a$$)

On a related note, I've discovered paltalk - and will be listening to the pride play by play on it. If you want to too, go to www.paltalk.com, (http://www.paltalk.com,) download it, sign up, go to the sports/recreation group, click "show adult groups" and click on "pride 17." The room isn't up yet as I'm posting this, but it should be up later tonight.

Overall, this UFC kicked a$$. Much more exciting than the last one. Rizzo/Couture was a good fight, and it was the worst fight of the night.

I will probably be among the first with pride results too. Pride starts in a little over 3 hours!

Edited: They're showing the prelims now, since they have extra time.

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11-02-2001, 06:41 AM
Pat is going up to the next weight class.

Mr. Nemo
11-02-2001, 06:58 AM
New news: There may some controversy over the Hughes win. Hughes may have been out from the triangle before he slammed Newton (the slam may have just come from Hughes passing out from the choke). I couldn't tell when I watched it.

Also, the slam may have been a "spike" - that is, a head-first slam, illegal in UFC. Only body slams are legal. It may become a no contest fight.

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Mr. Nemo
11-02-2001, 07:05 AM
Attention! I screwed up the prelim results. Frank Mir beat Traven by armbar, not the other way round.

11-02-2001, 07:24 PM
Holy ****, Randy beat him by TKO. Was it from standing punches or mount? I really didn't think he had the tools to beat Rizzo but he proved me wrong. Randy is one of the smartest fighters out there and just knows how to win

11-02-2001, 08:04 PM
"...amazing victory for Penn, beating Uno so fast. He should get a title shot now, if you ask me."

Before that match, they did say that the winner between Penn and Uno will be fighting Jens Pulver for the title.

BTW: I thought Penn was a BJJ black belt? So far he's won all (or at least most) of his MMA matches by KO/TKO from strikes. ;)

I think the Hughes/Newton decision should stand. I thought the slam looked controlled (like he was still conscious when he did it). It also didn't look like a spike because Newton's back hit first,followed by his head (like whiplash).

I believe Couture did train with Smith before the fight (I saw an article about Couture in Ultimate Athlete magazine), and it really showed. His strikes were very much improved, and he paced himself well for the duration of the fight. He didn't punch himself out this time, so he was still strong right to the end. He deserved that win, and it looked like he wanted it more.

Thumbs up for that UFC. The only thing missing was a Shoney "Mr. International" Carter spinning pimp-slap KO. :)

Martial Joe
11-02-2001, 08:13 PM

I want to order it!

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11-02-2001, 08:15 PM
Couture won by pinning Rizzo to the fence and dropping the bombs from in the guard. Alot more controlled than last time though, because he didn't run out of gas after round 1 like their first match.

Couture has really stepped up his striking ability, and IMO all he needs now is some more submissions in his arsenal.

I don't think we'll be making fun of his "sissy" punching anymore after last night.