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It's based on the story of an attempted assaination on the Chin emperor--sounds promising to me. Starring Jet Li and Zhang Ziyi. The director, Zhang Yimou, is an interesting choice too even though I havent watched any of his film yet.

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doug maverick
01-09-2009, 01:04 PM
i put action directing in caps so its not misconstrued as he is retiring period. according to the true legend site he may be concluding his forty some odd years in action directing and sticking fully as a director.

2008-12-01 updated

The idea of "True Legend" came during the filming of "Fearless" (2005), though it was until last year, my film producer and I finally came up with the idea of making this film. This time, my film producer has set a goal of making this film as an "ultimate tribute to martial arts legend Yuen Woo Ping", and for me, the term "martial arts legend" has been an overstatement, and I do not dare accept the "ultimate tribute" from others. However, "True Legend" comprises the meaning of "conclusion" and "forward-looking", which have inner and deeper meaning for me.

It's been 30 years since I first directed "Snake in the Eagle's Shadow" back in 1978. If my early days as stunt crew and action choreographer were also counted, that would be over 40 years. As a filmmaker, the 40 years of movie life have not been easy. The young generation may not have known that I used to be a film director, but they know that I was the martial arts director in "The Matrix" and "Kill Bill".

With an attitude of curiosity and eagerness in pursuit for exploration, I first stepped into Hollywood in 1998. I also hoped to show the Hollywood production crewmembers the "real deal" of Chinese martial arts. Chinese and westerners surely have different perspectives and ways to work on action movies. We have been going through a breaking-in period, trying to absorb and co-operate with each others, though I have never imagined that it was the creativity and sensibility of the action technology used by "The Matrix" directors, the Wachowski brothers, which have opened my eyes. The quintenseential special slow motion of "bullet time" effect is still enthralling.

In 2003, I had the privilege to have worked with famous Hollywood director Quentin Tarantino. Mr Tarantino is a well-known Asian movie fan, and he is publicly an aficionado of Hong Kong style action movie. The director did not only bring Hong Kong style action to his movies, he has successfully blended action into comic-esque characters. The character design and camera movements are refreshing while the meticulously designed settings have brought layers to the action scenes. I've benefited a lot from participating in Hollywood movies, and every film is an exciting brand new learning experience.

The 2008 "True Legend" can be seen as a little conclusion to my action- choreographing career as well as a new beginning to my film directing job. In "Drunken Master", which I directed in 1978, Su Qi Er, the beggar Su, was the martial arts master who taught Huang Fei-Hong (played by Jackie Chan) the Drunken Fist Kung Fu. Coincidentally, Su was played by my father Yuen Siu Tin in the film. Meanwhile, I directed a film also named as "Su Qi Er" ("Heroes among heroes" in English). It looks like that I have an inseparable connection with Su and we have been friends for long time. After 30 years, the film "True Legend" will bring a never-before-seen and innovative interpretation of the legendary Su Qi Er, isn't that forward-looking?

i think it should be noted that woo ping, is a legend without him there would be no donnie yen, jet li wouldnt have been as huge without him and jackie probably wouldnt have either. so here is too 8th master, may his directing be as good and memorable as his action.

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everyone has to retire sometime.

01-12-2009, 10:25 AM
What are people's thought on "Heroes Amongst Heroes"?