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01-19-2002, 01:31 AM

I bought Shou-Yu Liang's Qigong Empowerment a while ago, and after reading the book I got very interested in the Nine Esoteric Seals Qigong. Now, there are instructions on how to perform this kind of Qigong in the book, but I found it quite insufficient to learn from the short text and few pictures.

Now, I know that one should really try to find a good teacher when learning Qigong. But until I find a good master that knows the Nine Esoteric Seals, I want to do some research myself. My question is: Does anyone of you know anything about this kind of Qigong or where I can find more information about it? Books, or even better, videos maybe?



01-22-2002, 06:54 PM

I gather there are some sort of "visualisation" of deities ? Is this right ? Could you give a little more (but no more than required) detail so that I can make sure it is exactly what I have in mind.

Awaiting your response.

01-23-2002, 09:43 AM
Hello prana,

Thank you for replying! There are visualizations of deities in the Nine Esoteric Seals (Jiuzi Miling in Chinese), in the way Master Liang teaches them. There are, for an example, visualization of the Wrathful Meditation Deity and the Vajrasattva at certain points. The whole Qigong set consists of movements, visualizations and mantras.

Is this of any help?



01-23-2002, 03:14 PM
Yes I do practise this technique. It is from Vajrayana, at the time of Shakyamuni, he saw eons ago that certain beings made promises out of their compassion to help those who call upon them.

Vajrasattva is the Lord that provides forgiveness. He helps you remove your karma by practising the sadhanas as mentioned in your book. Although these can be practised widely, certain deities cannot be practised without empowerment. Practising the yogas "wrathful" deities Without empowerment promotes rebirth in the underworld, and practise will have no attainment. Lama Tsongkhapa said centuries ago that it is like squeezing blood out of rock.

These practises emphasises readily upon the Sambogakaya, of which is the world of the Boddhisattvas.

Actually I would take that book with a grain of salt as holder of the wrathful meditational deities do not usually reveal information openly to non-initiates, it needs to be transmitted orally in order to be effective. Hope that helps...