View Full Version : Compatible Qigong?

02-07-2002, 04:54 AM
I've heard that some types of Qi gong don't mix well.

Anybody know whether this is the case for Zhan Zhuang and Lifting the Sky, as detailed in Wong Kiew Kit's The Art Of Shaolin Kung Fu?


I don't want to blow up my kidneys or some **** like that.:D

02-07-2002, 02:00 PM
in general i wouldnt advise doing excercises that take the energy in different directions one after the other especially if you cant control the energy well enough to direct it ....

For example if you do horse stance and gather a lot of energy in the dan tien , and then you do lifting the sky and your intent is still downwards and you focus it upwards for lifting the sky , all the energy you have gained in your lower dan tien will start to rise , since that is a lot more energy than most people are trained to accomodate rising upwards , its dangerous , a friend of mine actually started spitting out blood after making this kind of mistake.

Another example , is doing an exercise to pack the throat with energy right after one to pack the kidneys with energy, you disperse the energy to 2 diff directions and you dont have enough in your dan tien.

A good routine for example may be , lifting the sky to open all the meridians, then horse stance to fill up the dan tien.

or first do horse stance , then circle the waist to open the dai mai meridian around the waist, and then finish up by storing the energy in your kidneys.....