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Thread: Choy Li Fut

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    Paul Skrypichayko Guest

    Choy Li Fut

    Hi, I'm interested in Choy Li Fut.

    Does anybody here know of any Choy Li Fut masters that are on par, or have more skill/knowledge than Wong Ha?

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    chuang tzu Guest
    There's Lai Hung, but he's Bak Sing Choy Lay Fut.

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    Paul Skrypichayko Guest
    Thanks, I've heard good things about Lai Hung as well.

    Does anybody know what branch of Choy Li Fut Wong Ha practices?

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    premier Guest


    Who is Wong Ha?

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    Sow Choy Guest
    Master Li Siu Hung is considered an authority in Choy Lay Fut. Master Tat Mau Wong also.

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    Fu-Pow Guest

    Or my sifu

    Or my Sifu, Mak Hin Fai, he is Tat Mau Wong and Liu Siu Hung's classmate. Also, Michael Punsche in Germany. All these people are Lee Koon Hung's students. I don't know where you are located so can't give you anything real specific.


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    Fu-Pow Guest

    Who is Wong Ha?

    I also don't know who Wong Ha is?


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    Paul Skrypichayko Guest
    From what I've heard from other Choy Li Fut people, Wong Ha is one of the top people in Choy Li Fut in North America. He lives in Vancouver, and I think he's in his late 80's.

    Does anybody know of any masters around his age, and around his skill level, or higher? Perhaps Lee Koon Hung's masters or kung fu uncles.

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    Fu-Pow Guest


    I'm pretty sure that Lee Koon Hung's Sifu is still around (or one of them). His name is Poon Sing. I'm pretty sure he came down to our school but unfortunately I wasn't there at the time. I have no idea where he lives or even if he is still teaching. If you want to see our whole lineage go to . It is strange that I have never heard of Wong Ha when I live in Seattle? My Sifu has never mentioned him either. Are you certain that he is Hung Sing. And if so what branch of the family?


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    CLFNole Guest
    Wong Ha is from the Hung Sing branch of Choy Lay Fut and is the sifu of Hilbert Yu. I really wouldn't get caught up in how old or what generation a particular master is. CLF is a fast moving style, so there are some draw backs of learning from a sifu was is rather advanced in age.

    Find a sifu, see if he is good and check his lineage if you like. The most important thing is, is his kung fu good.

    By the way none of Lee Koon Hung's main CLF sifu's are still alive.


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    WinnipegDragon Guest

    Not sure...

    Where would Doc Fai Wong rate in this comparison? Almost half of the articles/books I have ever seen have been authored or co-authored by him...


    I said to her, "For you who are so old but forever young I have many questions."

    She said to me, "And I have but one answer - you must be a silhouette of the dragon against the moon."

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    Fu-Pow Guest

    Doc Fai Wong

    Doc Fai Wong does Choy Lay Fut at Tai Chi speed.
    CLFNole is right about having an old teacher.
    Nuff said.


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    doc fai wong

    doc fai wong...hahahaha. now that's funny.

    why don't you just call up jane hallander and study from her? (cough).

    if i wanted you to know me, you'd know me.

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    Ben Gash Guest
    Doc Fai Wong is strange. I've seen footage of him and his students and they've never looked like they could fight their way out of a wet paper bag. However, I once met Gini Lau's (Faan Tze Ying Jow Pai) husband who is one of his top students, and he certainly knows his stuff.
    If I had to find a CLF master in North America I'd probably go to Paul Chan in Toronto (Hong Luck Kung Fu School)

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    the wise use them only when they have no choice"
    Lao Tzu

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    WongFeHung Guest
    Don't be too quick to write off Doc Fai-Wong, he has alot more than he shows. He was the youngest Sifu to open up in San Francisco's Chinatown, at about 18, and took on all comers in doing so. He is well respected in the Chinatown community. As far as not learning from an older Sifu, I think longevity speaks for itself.

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