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Thread: Choy Li Fut

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    premier Guest

    sow choy

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR> Master Li Siu Hung is considered an authority in Choy Lay Fut. Master Tat Mau Wong also. [/quote]

    Don't forget Chan Yong Fa, the head of Chan family Choy lee fut. There is life outside north america, you know ;)

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    alecM Guest
    As premier said there is life outside of North America, my sifu is the European representative of the Hong Kong Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu Association here in the UK. I don’t think they would have appointed him to that position if he didn’t have the skill or knowledge.

    PS I believe Sifu Poon Shing is alive and living in Hong Kong and is still playing a major role with the Hong Kong Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu Association.

    Saying is not boasting at all

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    Ben Gash Guest
    alecM, are you one of Edmund Ng's students?

    "Weapons are the embodiments of fear,
    the wise use them only when they have no choice"
    Lao Tzu

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    alecM Guest

    Ben Gash

    Yes I am one of Sifu Ng’s senior students

    Saying is not boasting at all

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    Choy Li Fut

    Doc Fai Wong is one of the, if not THE foremost authority on Choy Li Fut in the United States. His students could not fight out of a wet paper bag??? It is truly amazing the ignorance of some of the people that post topics on here.....

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    Fu-Pow Guest
    Or is it the insight that people have on here....
    Doc Fai Wong is a joke. All talk and no substance.....authority my ass.

    "If you are talking about sport that is one thing. But when you are talking about combat-as it is-well then, baby, you'd better train every part of your body" - Bruce Lee

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    cha kuen Guest
    Frank Primicias knows his choy lay fut very well. He teaches in San Diego and is one of the 4 competent instructors that I know of. I have met him, his students and seen his class. He knows how to use the applications of CLF and also knows the internal aspects about the chi circulating through the meridians. Check out

    Chen Yong Fa is coming to San Diego in May for a seminar also.

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    cha kuen Guest
    I'd like to add that I'm not a student of Frank Primicias. Just so you guys don't see me as biased.

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    mo di kuen Guest

    Fu-Pow vs. Doc-Fai Wong

    Fu-Pow - You should be more respectful of your elders! According to your profile you have only trained for 4 years and only 3 of those in Choy Li Fut. I'm sure your sifu doesn't need to bash others in order to make himself look good and he would probably chastise you for disrespecting other promenant masters of Choy Li Fut.
    If you truly believe that your Kung Fu is better - ask your sifu for permission to go and challenge Grandmaster Wong to a fight and see if he will agree.

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    Fu-Pow Guest

    Yeah sure...

    Yeah sure...OK...whatever you say...


    "If you are talking about sport that is one thing. But when you are talking about combat-as it is-well then, baby, you'd better train every part of your body" - Bruce Lee

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    bryandavis Guest


    My sifu is Fu Hang Ing.

    He is extremly knowledgable, and a very respectfull man.

    The founder of Choy Lee Fut was Chan Heung ( 1806 - 1875 ). Chan Heung had two sons, On Pak and Koon Pak. Chan Koon Pak also had two sons, Man Bun and Yiu Chi. Chan Yiu Chi had two sons (Wan Hon and Sun Chu ) and a daughter, Kit Fong. Mr. Chan Yiu Chi passed away in 1965. Sifu Ng, Fu Hang is the son of Chan Kit Fong and hence the grandson of Mr. Chan Yiu Chi. Sifu Ng, Fu Hang studied under his grandfather and hence is a 4 th. generation practitioner of Choy lee Fut.

    The first couple of months I studied with Frank Pimicias' son, Wes Primicias. He was also very knowledgable in clf.

    Alot of differences though.

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    bryandavis Guest


    In my haste I mistyped the last name of my sifu. In pinyin it in Ng not Ing.

    I felt weird when I saw that.

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    ngokfei Guest


    A Sifu Wong Yee Mun from Toi San is here in NYC for a short time and is giving seminars.

    the 1st will be on June 1st at 7pm at
    Yee's Hung Ga Kung Fu Academy - Chelsea Branch
    150 West 28th Street - 6th Floor
    Topic: Form and applications & theory.
    Cost Just $20
    For Information call: 212-366-6569

    For future Seminar dates and locations or Private Instruction call:
    212-366-6569 or 212 673-1436

    :) :)

    eric Hargrove

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    ngokfei Guest

    I think the sifu is from the Hung Sing branch

    and also, my mistake. $20 for Yee's students and $50 for outsiders.

    eric Hargrove

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    Wah Guest


    Does ur sku also train in clf? and if you do...u should try gettin grandmaster chan yong fa out there to give a seminar...its worth it. check out his students and it'll explain a little more bout him :D

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