been workin on smoother/stronger shen fa for the past month since we've been inside. this video is right on time. short and to the point, explains principles of Yin & Yang in practice. Also highlighting the significance o the taijutu symbol as a moving wheel.

sidenote: Some people like to associate the Taijutu symbol with WuDang arts and method and say Shaolin doesn't incorporate the principles of yin and yang in their arts, which is terribly wrong the balance is interwoven into every aspect of Shaolin arts as well, and in some cases Shaolin and Wudang also express the principles in taolu, wugong and qigong, in a very similar way, in other (most) cases, the schools retain and express their unique essences while demonstrating a profound application and understanding of the yin yang principles in seamless motion.

the wheel of Dharma and Taijutu rotate as one at the peak level of comprehension.